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Emo Boy Love

Ok so Bella is a tomboy and Edward is emo and they are complete opposites. Or that was what they thought...


2. Cliff Diving and Atomic Bombs!

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I just stared at her like she was crazy “Uhhhh…. I was concerned when you jumped off the cliff so I came down here to see if you were okay and then the big guy grabbed me. So can you explain why you were jumping off the cliff.” I asked with accusing eyes.

“Oh my god, you have to be kidding me,” She was now completely dropping the pirate façade “JAKE GET IN HERE AND BRING ME A,” She apprased me for a moment “SMALL BLACK SWIMSUIT!”

I looked at her like she was insane. “What are we going to do?” I asked in a cautious voice.

She looked at me like I was crazy “ Silly we’re going cliff diving.” She said and returned the look I was giving her. Just then the giant came climbing in with the swimsuit with a questioning look on his face.

“Dude, what are we doing?” He asked as he looked me up and down.

Then she looked me up and down for the first time and asked me the question that I was wondering if she was going to ask. “Are you emo or Goth or something?”

“Yes,” I tell her very proudly “Now can you explain again what we are doing?” There she goes again with the crazy look.

“ The title pretty much explains it. We are diving off of cliffs.” The goddess tells me in a slow voice, like I’m challenged or something.

Then everything was black.

When I woke up I realized I had fainted. And the fact that I wasn’t wearing a shirt and that I could hear the waves near me didn’t help me try to stand up. I wonder if I play dead like a possum they will let me leave? As I pondered that something grabbed my feet and someone else grabbed my wrists. The hands at my feet were obviously man hands by the size and the roughness. And the hands at my wrists were obviously women hand because of the size and the softness.

Then my eyes flew open because they were counting down and swinging me side to side.

“THREE…TWO…ONE!” and that’s when a scream that sounded like a girl came from my mouth. Maybe two seconds later I hit the water. You see, the reason I fainted is because first: this is freaking SCARY and second: because I have never been a good swimmer.

I was thrashing around in the water when I felt giant hand in my hair pulling up. Then I broke the surface gasping.

Out of nowhere an atomic bomb size explosion came out of the water. Me and the giant where knocked out of the water and against the cliff wall.

Then the goddess came up from the water with an amazed and amused expression. She swam to shore and yelled "DUDE, DID YOU SEE THAT?!"