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A Freaky Imprint

Jacob loses. Bella chooses Edward and runs away with the rest of the Cullens to whatever secluded, cloudy town they choose to move to. And they leave Jacob in La Push, trying as hard as he can to get over her. But then he realizes he's out of peanut butter. And so it all begins. The whole pack imprints on one girl. A girl who happens to be a vampire. Marie is running from something, and chooses Forks of all places to make her 'normal' life as a supermarket employee. But that idea is destroyed when the weird wolf guys come in and screws everything up. The pack is on the verge of falling apart over Marie. Only Sam seems to realize that she's not right at all. Can he possibly stop them from killing each other over something they are created to destroy? I'm sorry, I can't help but make it crack-ficish. Rated 'T' for language.


13. Chapter 13: Blame Game

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Chapter 13:

Blame Game

Jacob’s POV

I banged on Leah’s door for the fifteenth time that day, but it stayed closed. She didn’t even tell me to go away. Something was really wrong with her.

“Leah, open the door!” Embry yelled from next to me, then started throwing pebbles at her bedroom window.

“That’s not going to help, Em.” Jared sulked next to the car. He had been crying about Kim and Marie until three in the morning the night before, even though that whole drama was all his fault for being a jackass to his imprint.

I ignored him and banged harder. Embry grabbed a big rock that lined the sidewalk and threw it at the window, which, consequently, busted.

“Damn.” he said, before dashing towards the woods and then phasing, just as Leah came to the window.

“Who busted it?” she asked in an unnaturally high voice. You could see where the tear tracks had lined her face, and her eyes were puffy and red.

“Embry.” Jared said, not looking up at Leah, but down at the car where he was pealing some of the paint off with his fingernail.

“I’m going to kill that damn son of a-” I cut her off before she could go any further, and then phase in her bedroom and then jump out of the second floor window.

“Yeah, he’s stupid, but, Leah, we’ve all been worried about you.” I told her, looking straight into her tired eyes.

“No, Sam is and he sent you all to convince me to come out. But, hey, I’m not. I don’t wanna talk.” She started to turn away from the window.

“No! Well, he did send us, but we wanted to come! You need to talk, Leah!”

“I don’t need anything. And I sure as hell don’t want to, either. Now go away before I throw this goddamn rock at your head.” I saw her reach down for the rock, and I took a few precautious steps backwards.

“I would like to see him with a rock in his brain.” Jared commented emotionlessly from the car.

“Shut the hell up, Jared. Stop being such a asshole. Leah, you need some help. Talk to someone. You’ve been crying all night, haven’t you? You need to talk.” I tried to sound soothing (after calling Jared an asshole, of course), but she didn’t seem to buy it. Instead, she put the rock on the edge of the window. Her hand was the only thing keeping it from falling on my car, and, more importantly, my head.

She stared around thoughtfully for a moment. “I’m sure all you want to do is help me, Jake.” Leah said, her voice thick with sarcasm. “But, honestly, I don’t want it. In fact, your help is making me really pissed. And you know what I do when I’m pissed? I throw rocks at people.” And with that, she pushed the rock off the ledge and it came hurtling down to Earth and my face.

“Oh, damn!” I shouted, before turning and running to the car, opening the door fast and speeding away, leaving Jared standing in the middle of the driveway with a heavy rock on his foot.