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A Freaky Imprint

Jacob loses. Bella chooses Edward and runs away with the rest of the Cullens to whatever secluded, cloudy town they choose to move to. And they leave Jacob in La Push, trying as hard as he can to get over her. But then he realizes he's out of peanut butter. And so it all begins. The whole pack imprints on one girl. A girl who happens to be a vampire. Marie is running from something, and chooses Forks of all places to make her 'normal' life as a supermarket employee. But that idea is destroyed when the weird wolf guys come in and screws everything up. The pack is on the verge of falling apart over Marie. Only Sam seems to realize that she's not right at all. Can he possibly stop them from killing each other over something they are created to destroy? I'm sorry, I can't help but make it crack-ficish. Rated 'T' for language.


2. Chapter 2: Embry Meets Marie

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Chapter 2: Embry Meets Marie

The phone woke me up.

“Ugh. HAILEY!” I yelled upstairs to my sister.

“WHAT?” she yelled back over the radio that was blasting the Jonas Brothers. I seriously need to meet them so I can rip their heads off. If I hear their gay selves crying over some retarded Disney girl in song again, I will personally teach them and their song-writer what’s going down.


“ANSWER IT YOURSELF!” she shouted back, then turned up the radio.

“Ugh.” Women.

I walked over to the phone, “Hullo?”

“EMBRY! GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED!” Jacob screamed in my ear.

“Dude, it’s to early.” I said, staring at the clock. Wait, it was five p.m. Oops.


“Wait, what?” I asked, waking up.


“I heard. On who?”

“This beautiful, amazing girl at Winn-Dixie!”

“We have a Winn-Dixie?”

“In Forks.”

“Didn’t those, like, disappear in the 90s?”


“Did you tell Sam?”

“Not yet.”

“Do that.”

“Okay.” I heard him hang up.

I put the phone down on the counter, then walked to the pantry.

“Dammit. No peanut butter.” I murmured.

“HAILEY! I’M GOING TO GET SOME PEANUT BUTTER!” I yelled up the stairs.

I ran towards my car then drove to the Winn-Dixie in Forks.


I whistled as I walked towards the peanut butter.

Where’s the Peter Pan…aha! I found it.

I grabbed the nearest jar, then realized it was crunchy.

“Dammit.” I said to myself, then looked to the nearest employee for assistance.

“Uh, lady?” I asked a blondie stacking soup jars at the end of the aisle.

“Yes?” she asked, facing me.

I think my heart stopped.


“Oh, not again.” she sighed.

“Um, creamy, um, peanut butter, please?” I hoped I didn’t sound completely retarded.

She rolled her eyes and picked up her walkie-talkie. “Bobby, we need more creamy Peter Pan peanut butter.”

“Again?” a male voice said on the other line.

“Just bring some to aisle 5.”

“I’m on it.”

Blondie put the walkie-talkie back into her apron.

“So…” I started.



Awkward silence.

“I’m Embry.”


Marie, perfect name.

“Sup, Marie.”

“Sup, Embry.”

Did she not no any other words?

“So…” I tried again.

“You need peanut butter?”

“Yeah, it’s…essential for PB&J’s.” I informed her.


“I know.”


Well, isn’t this weird….

“You look a lot like-” she got cut off by the arrival of the person I could only guess was Bobby.

“Here’s your peanut butter.” he said, handing me the jar.

“Uh, dude, this is crunchy.” I pointed out.

“Oh, it is?” he asked. I handed him the jar. “Dammit, it is.”

“Yeah.” I said, trying hard to make him sound more retarded than I had.

“Well, I’ll be back with the creamy stuff.” and then he walked off towards the destination.

“What were you saying?” I asked Marie once Bobby was gone.


“You were saying that I looked a lot like someone.” I reminded her.

“Oh, yeah. You look a lot like someone-” she got cut off by my cell phone ringing.

“I’ve gotta take this,” I pressed talk, “Hullo?”

“Um Embry, we’ve got vamp issues.” Jared said from the other line.

“Dammit. I’ll be there soon. I’ve got news, too.”


“It’ll have to wait. I’ll be there soon.”


I hung up just in time for Bobby to come back with the jar of peanut butter.

“Thanks, dude, but I’ve gotta go.” I told him, then jogged out of the store to meet the guys.