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A Freaky Imprint

Jacob loses. Bella chooses Edward and runs away with the rest of the Cullens to whatever secluded, cloudy town they choose to move to. And they leave Jacob in La Push, trying as hard as he can to get over her. But then he realizes he's out of peanut butter. And so it all begins. The whole pack imprints on one girl. A girl who happens to be a vampire. Marie is running from something, and chooses Forks of all places to make her 'normal' life as a supermarket employee. But that idea is destroyed when the weird wolf guys come in and screws everything up. The pack is on the verge of falling apart over Marie. Only Sam seems to realize that she's not right at all. Can he possibly stop them from killing each other over something they are created to destroy? I'm sorry, I can't help but make it crack-ficish. Rated 'T' for language.


6. Chapter 6: You Can Always Count On Sam

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Chapter 6:

You Can Always Count On Sam

Jacob’s POV

“Okay, now what are we going to do?” I asked Jared.

He shook his head, not looking away from the road.

“Did you imprint on her too, Jared?” Embry asked softly from the backseat.

Jared nodded slowly.

“What about Kim?” I asked slowly.

He shook his head and shrugged.

“Do you…y’know…like Marie better?” I phrased carefully.

Jared started shaking.

“Calm down,” Embry warned.

Jared pulled over. “What am I going to do?” he whispered.

“What are any of us going to do?” It seemed a little selfish to me that he cared more about what he was going to do before his two friends who hadn’t gotten the privilege to imprint yet.

“We need to talk to Sam.” he decided, then started driving again.

“What will Sam know? It isn’t like this happened before.” Embry pointed out.

“He might have an idea.”

“Yeah, like making us stay away from her for the rest of our lives. Oh, and probably to stop phasing.” I muttered.

Jared knocked his head against the steering wheel, as if to make the whole day disappear. The horn blasted and the person in front of us flipped us off.

“Are we not going to tell Sam, then?” Embry asked as Jared repeated the message to the driver, mouthing ‘F You’.

“He’d find out eventually. Unless we stopped phasing anyway.” I responded as the driver threw a full coffee cup at the car.

“So we have to tell him?”

“Suppose so.” I sighed.

“What if…what if that was her power?” he suggested.


“What if she could make us think we were imprinting on her, so we wouldn’t kill her. She couldn’t take three at a time.”

“But then why didn’t she before? When it was just you? Or just me?”

“Too many witnesses? Maybe she wasn’t experienced in killing wolves? She could be new.”

I nodded. “That does make some sense. Still some loops, but it makes sense.”

We pulled up in front of Sam’s house. He was standing in the doorway with is arm wrapped around Emily’s waist. I suddenly thought of me standing there with my arms around Marie. I was glad they couldn’t hear what I was thinking yet, Embry and Jared might’ve gotten defensive. I know I would.

We got out of the car, and I headed for Sam while Jared and Embry lingered behind.

“What is it?” he asked me.

“Is the rest of the pack here?” I said instead of answering Sam’s question.

“All except Collin. He’s going to a wedding.”

I nodded. “Good, good.”

“Are you going to tell me why you need them here?”

Emily slipped into the house so we could talk about our wolf stuff in private.

“Is Kim there?” I suddenly remembered her. Neither of them should know about this ‘issue’.

“Yep. Kim was waiting for Jared.”

“Can you…y’know…get her to leave? With Emily?” I doubted it, but I asked anyway.

“Why? They are allowed to know what we know.”

“I’m not sure they’d want to in this case.” I muttered.

Sam looked at me strangely, but surprisingly agreed.

“I’ll drive them to Kim’s or something. Wait here.” He ran off.

“What’s going on?” Jared walked up to me, seeing Sam leave.

“I don’t think Kim needs to know right now. And Emily might as well not know either. For all we know, Sam could also imprint on her.”

“Oh. Thanks, Jake.”

I nodded. “No problem.”

“Are we going to tell all of them?”

“They’ll all figure it out eventually. Anyway, you don’t keep secrets from your family.”

Jared managed a small smile. “Better tell Embry that….”

I tried to smile as Emily and Kim walked through the doorway towards Sam’s car. Kim stopped in front of Jared, seeing the conflict on his face.

“Are you okay?” she whispered to him, stopping to wrap her arms around him.

He managed a somewhat convincing smile. “Never better.”

She smiled back and planted a soft kiss on his lips before following Emily to the old Jeep.

Once they had pulled out of sight, Jared turned to me. “Is it right to feel disgusted?” His face was filled with guilt.

I shrugged, wishing he’d just leave me out of his issues.

He sighed and walked into the house, with me following shortly.

“So, what the hell is going on that’s making you all so friggin tense?” Sam asked, getting back into his grumpy attitude that always seemed to hang around him when Emily wasn’t there. I hoped that wasn’t going to be me with Marie before remembering that there most likely wasn’t going to be a ‘Marie and I’.

“We’ve got an imprinting…issue.” Embry stated.

“Care to elaborate on that?” the very smart ass Leah asked.

“Well…er…the three of us…we’ve all imprinted on a vampire.” I struggled to explain.

“A vampire?” Quil exclaimed.

“The same vampire?” Seth shrieked.

Jared nodded solemnly.

“Jared too?” Leah (yes, Leah) gasped. For some reason she loved Jared and Kim together.

Jared nodded again.

“What the hell!” Brady laughed, though it was far from funny.

Sam stared at us with dark eyes, challenging us to see if it was some kind of joke.

I shook my head as if to answer his unspoken question. He sighed. Damn, he looked pissed.

“Who is it, exactly?” he asked, obviously meaning ‘was it one of the Cullens’.

“We have no clue. Never seen her before. All I know is that she works at Winn Dixie.” Embry replied.

“Winn Dixie.” Paul laughed.

“Know her name?” Sam said, after eyeing Paul.

“Marie.” I said, sounding elated and somewhat high, which made Paul laugh harder.

Sam eyed Paul again, and he tried to stop giggling.

Sam looked at me, seemed to think about something for a minute.

“I’m going to go meet her.” he concluded.