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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


10. Fairbanks

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I watched the ‘welcome to forks’ sign disappear into the distance as we drove. We were driving to Alaska a place where the Cullen’s could be out most of the time during the day. I fought with the tears that filled my eyes.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry. Crying would only make this worse. Edward put a comforting arm around me, and I managed to hold in the tears. He kissed my forehead and I laid my head on his shoulder, breathing in deeply. His sent soothed me more than anything and it helped me almost forget the people

I was leaving behind. “Everything will be alright, my love.” He whispered. We drove on and on the trees whizzing past us and me taking a lot of bathroom breaks. We were headed to Fairbanks, Alaska. Everyone had been up earlier to pick out a house and take the stuff up (including my truck). We had also moved in most of the stuff with ,of course, Edward's grand piano.

So, now we had a few small bags in the trunk of Edward's silver volvo and each other. The house we had picked out was beautifull a perfect place to raise a child. The driveway was about 12 feet long leading to the egg colored garage. A green and lush lawn laid out before the house slanting with stony cobblestones leading from the driveway to the wooden stairs that was connected to a new wooden porch.

A bay window was in the center of the house, plus it was a nice cream color, and was two stories up with a basement. The house was nestled in the woods with a stream a block away. Five giant evergreen trees were in the backyard and it was fenced in by a cute little white fence.

When we finally arrived at Fairbanks ,Alaska we drove straight to our house. "We're finally home." I sighed. Edward just laughed and lifted me out of the seat. He carried me to the door and with one swift movement he grabbed the keys out of his pocket and opened the door before I could even blink. Then he carried me up to our room and laid me down on the bed.

It was so nice to think of it as our room. Edward covered me with the blankets and then laid next to me. "How is the baby?" He asked. "Good." He softly put his ear up to my stomach and listened. I was now nearly 6 months pregnant and he could hear the babies heartbeat and movement very clearly. He smiled up at me and kissed my lips very carefully.

Mabye it was the drive, mabye it was the just the irrestistable smell he was putting off, but whatever the reason I latched on to him grabbing his hair firmly in my hands parting my lips.He was just a blur as he jumped off of me. Then he stood next to the bed panting. "Bella, you know better." He said sternly, "I could have killed you. You know that right."

"Yeah. I know." I answered glumly. I knew that all too well.