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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


11. Sledding

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I sat in the lazy-boy. A gallon of ice cream resting on my very pregnant stomach. I had been pregnant for 8 and 1/2 months now. Edward was out hunting with Emmett. So, I sat on the couch, reading. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I jumped knocking the ice cream to the floor. I soon recovered myself and went to answer the door.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, sweetheart." Relief washed over me and I let out a long sigh. Edward pulled me to his ice, hard chest. My heartbeat slowed as well as my breathing. Everything was okay now. "You just need to relax." He breathed, making my head spin.

I snuggled in closer to his body breathing in the sweet scent heavily. He kissed my head and ran his fingers down my hair. Even though I had been with Edward for a long time everytime we kissed it felt just as good as the first time. Everytime he touched me it sent electric sparks through my body and sped up my heart (or stopped it completely).

If anything this love had gotten sweeter over time."Have you ever been sledding?" He asked suddenly, his perfect white teeth showing. "Uh uh." I answered my brain still recovering from his delicious scent. He left for a few seconds and returned with my snow stuff. I slipped them on (Edward helping with the boots because of my gigantic belly).

Then we walked out to his volvo and sped off to a nerby hill. I stood at the top of the hill watching the blur of Edward speed down the hill. He returned as if he came from nowhere and handed me the sled. "Okay now it's your turn." He smiled. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" I asked laughing. "It could be the end of me. Then all the work you've done saving me will have been for nothing."

"Well, mabye on second thought..." He teased, pulling the sled away from me. I snatched it out of his hands and placed it on the ground. Edward held it securley to the ground so it wouldn't slip and guided me onto it, pretty much lifting me. "Okay," He announced. "Are you ready?" "Yep." I anwered smiling.

He pushed me down the hill with one swift movement. The cold wind whipped against my face and my stomach dropped as I flew down the hill. I screamed with axillaration and then I felt something that had nothing to do with the axillaration. Water filled the sled and I yelped in surprise.

I was so caught off gaurd that I crahed into a pile of snow landing softly in the powder. My pants were soaked making me shake. I was freezing! It took me only about a second to realize what had happened. My water had broke!