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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


13. Forever and For Always

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I sat rocking Ava, softly singing a lullaby my mother had once sung to me. Edward sat across from me on the couch watching the baby a smile on his perfect lips. Alice was coming to see Ava today. But if she ever would lay a finger on Ava was a mystery to me. Edward was so protective of the newborn baby, that so far only Carlisle had seen her.

Alice was supposed to be back from hunting any minute now (Edward made sure that all of his family members had to hunt before they held the baby) and then she would hopefully get to hold Ava. Ava was just a normal newborn baby now, but Carlisle told us that she would begin to have vampire qualities. And until those vampire qualities Edward was forbidding Jasper to even be in the same room as Ava.

Soon, I heard a soft knock on the door. "May I come in?" Alice asked. Edward was at the door in a second and he twisted the doorknob slowly. He opened the door halfway and stood there for a minute, probably seeing what affect the baby’s blood had on her. Then he opened the door and Alice walked in. "How much did you hunt?" He asked. She laughed and rolled her eyes at her brother.

"I'm not going to hurt the baby." She said putting both her hands up. Then she walked over to me and smiled down at Ava. "Ohhhhhh!" She gushed happily. "She's beautiful!" I smiled and started to hand her to Alice. Edward stopped me, concentrated on Alice for a second, and then nodded.Alice and I both rolled our eyes as I handed her the baby. She cooed softly to Ava and cradled her gently back and forth. "She is so sweet." She smiled.

I smiled proudly and when I took a peek at Edward's expression he was smiling proudly as well. His defensiveness had died down a little and he looked friendlier. Alice stayed for a while telling us about the Cullen’s' frustration toward Edward. All of them are very anxious to see her especially Esme. She left soon and Edward removed his defensive pose completely.

He relaxed onto the couch again and peered at my face. "I think it's time for you to sleep." His velvet voice murmured. He was right. I hadn't slept very much at the hospital, but I wanted to stay with Ava a little longer. Without waiting for my input he picked us both up and walked up the stairs.

He laid Ava in her bassinet and then lay next to me on the bed. Edward pulled me to him with his tone cold arms and I placed my head on his chest.He held me in his cold arms, smelling my hair. I looked up into his butterscotch eyes. "I'm ready now." I said determinedly. He looked at me for a second in confusion until it sunk in. He looked away for a minute, swallowing, and soon returned his gaze on me.

"Bella, you just barely had Ava. Just wait a little longer." He pleaded. I shook my head adamantly, I had waited long enough. "No." I told him. He groaned and held me tighter. “I don't want to put you through something so painful, so soon." He said softly. "I don't care about the pain!" I cried. He just shook his head and put a cold finger to my mouth."Just sleep." He ordered.

I shook my head again; I wasn't done with this argument. "Please, Edward my twentieth birthday is in a month. Just one month! I am staying in my teens remember." He just shrugged it off and put his head on my chest, listening to my heart beat. That alone almost made me forget why I was arguing him, but then he ran his hands up my neck and lifted his face to mine.

He breathed slow, sweet breaths into my face and my head fogged up. Then he kissed me. Slow and hard so that my heart stopped for a beat and I couldn't breathe again.He pulled away before I could pass out on him, smiling. "You were saying?" He asked, breathlessly. I couldn't think of anything to say let alone find the words to say it so I just laid there trying to catch my breath.

We watched Ava in her bassinet, turning back and forth in her quiet slumber a smile on her face. Edward and I just laid there watching our newborn baby sleep peacefully.

I sighed happily pulling myself toward Edward, my husband, and squeezed his cold body to mine. He kissed me again, making the room spin in dizzying circles. Extreme happiness filled my body, bursting up from my heart, when I imagined this scene forever and for always.