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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


3. Visitor

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Edward looked at me intently asking em a question he already knew the answer to. For one I had told him a million time and also Carlisle had told him a million times. "So you're sure I am the only one that could be the father right?" He asked grinning.

"Yes." I sighed. His questions were starting to get on my nerves. When we had first found out we that I was pregnant we were both very confused. Yet we were still happy because , no matter how much Edward asked me, we knew perfectly well that he was the only one that could be the father.

That's why we went to Carlisle. Carlisle was amazed and said that that sort of thing has only happened once. And it can only happen between a human and a vampire. Which is the reason why it has only happened one time. See the only system that doesn't shut down in a vampire is the reproductive system.

He smiled again and kissed me forehead.

It had been two months since we had found out I was pregnant and Edward ,not to mention the rest of his family, was ecstatic. All except Rosalie . She was just as jealous as ever, but she was getting through this one faster than all the first time she was jealous of me and couldn't contain her excitement.

High school was almost over and I was just as eager as ever for it to be done. Going to school sick most days wasn't fun. Edward helped me through this a lot. He would also put his ear gently on my ever growing stomach and listen intently grinning ear to ear for any sign of a developuing baby.

Sure all of this could get kinda hard to keep from Charlie. Escpecially the time he came down at around midnight and saw me eating icecream on the floor by the fridge. But I managed.

I was just waiting for Edward to drop by like he always does when Charlie goes to sleep when I heard a noise at my window. That was strange it was only 9:30. Edward had just barely been kicked out and even if it was him I had never heard him when hje slipped gracefully through my window before.

That was when I saw it. It was a faint flash of red, but I would recognize that anywhere. Victoria. I bit my lip to keep from screaming and tried to think this through. I had to get Edward here without waking up Charlie.

I jumped off of my bed clumslily and started for the door, but before I could get there she was right there blocking my way. She sneered at me her wild red hair frizzy around her pale, evil face. Her red eyes gleamed at me.

"I have been waiting a long time for this Bella." She hissed.

She threw her head back and laughed. " Your dear Edward killed James and now I'm gonna killy you." She said menacingly.

I took a step back my breath coming in uneven gasps. I was shaking from head to toe and I could barely breathe. I was going to die and no one ,not even Edward, was going to save me.