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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


4. Pain

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I stood there looking like an idiot, my teeth chattering from the shaking of my body. Victoria looked at me, clearly amused by my terrified expression. She took a step toward me and my heart skipped a beat, hearing this she smiled. My mind raced to find some solution to this nightmare, but I had none.

Victoria tooka nother step closer as I took another back. I was against the wall now and there seemed to be nothing left to do. It was time to die. I could see it in her eyes. All I knew was that if I were going to die the least I could do was save Charlie. So I did the only thing left to do.

Without a second thought I flung myself out of my open window landing witha sharp, horrible pain in my feet and then tumbling to my knees. I cried out as softly as I could.

There was an awful feeling in my knees as if they were made of rubber as I ran through the pain towards the forest. The tears were coming now. They streamed down my face like a river. I didn't get very far untill she was right there in front of me, but far enough. Charlie would never be able to hear it over the blare from his TV.

Victoria looked surprised and confused. "Stupid human." She muttered.

Then tears were falling incessantly now and I thought of how pathetic I must look. My legs ached horribly ,as I looked into my soon to be killers' face, making me wimper.

Victoria laughed maliciously at this and walked over at human speed toward me. I could feel my heart beating in my throat and as hard as I tried I could not swallow.

When she arrived at me she smiled again. "Now I'm going to get my revenge for my dear James. By the end of this you'll be wishing you were never born. You will be begging on your back in a tangled mess of bones for me to stop. You will wish for death Isabella Swan. Death. And then I am going to grant your wish. Then I'll leave your mangled body on his door step. I'm not going to lie to you Bella. This will hurt a lot."

After her little speech she pushed me, with so much force it knocked all the air out of my body, into a tree. I heard the sickening crack in ym arm before I felt it. Then me and the tree tumbled down smashing into the gorund.

I layed there hoping for death just like she said I would when a miracle happened. Victoria had her foot raised about to crush my body when she suddenly stopped. She looked around horrified, yet still determined, to the direction of my house.