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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


5. Rescue

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I tried to see through the tears in the direction her head was turned. And then I saw him. He looked angry, furious even.

It was Jacob Black.

In a flash he was right in front of me protecting me from the sadistic vampire. "Are you alright?" He asked through gritted teeth. His words were distorted because of the anger and he was shaking violently. I nodded not yet able to speak. "Bella?" He asked nervously.

"Yeah." I whimpered, softly.

He took a few steps toward Victoria and then exploded into a russet wolf. In a second he had launched himself at the vampire. I screamed in horror as I watched the tangle of red hair and russet colored fur, clumps of each flying to the ground.

No matter how I tried I couldn't calm myself. I sobbing uncontrollably ina mess of branches and distorted bones when I felt something cold on my face, plus at the same time the fighting had stopped as well. So I couldn't control my blood curtling scream. A single finger went quickly to my mouth to soothe me. My eyes fluttered open and there he was looking as perfect as ever. My angel, Edward. His face was ,remarkably, even more furious than Jacob's had been.

I looked around to see Victoria staring horrified at the two very angry monsters in front of her. She turned toward the darkest part of the forest and in seconds she was gone.

The russet wolf seemed to glare at Edward and I. Then he disappeared in the same way Victoria had. "NOOOO!!!" I screamed with all the strength I had left in my body. I couldn't let him go and get himself hurt because of me. I tried desperately to get to my feet but they responded with a peircing pain that took the small portion of the breath I had left away.

Edward searched my face, clearly distressed by this, but overlooked it for the time being. "Bella, where does it hurt?"

"My arm." I whispered hoarsley. He carefully placed his ear on my stomach and listened with more intensity that I had ever seen before. After a few seconds he gave a great sigh of releif. "The baby's okay."

"Is that all that hurts?" He asked anxiously.

"That and my knees." I answered some of the strength returning.

"What do you want to do?" He asked.

"Go to Carlisle." I replied in a much stronger voice. I knew that if we went ot the hospital there would be plenty of tests and they would definatly find out that I was pregnant. There would be no waay to keep it from Charlie. So Edward slipped me ,even more carefully than usual, onto his back ,which made me wince no matter how gentle he was, and we rode off into the night.