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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


6. My Angel

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We made it to his house in a matter of minutes. Edward didn't pause as he bounded up the front porch and swung open the door. "Carlisle." He called. Carlisle was there in a second his face calm.

Edward laid me down on the couch and Carlisle immediatly went into action. "Esme, will you get me my bag?" He asked, still very calm. Esme came a few seconds later, her expresion confused switching to horror when she saw me laying broken on the couch. "What happened?" She cried.

"Victoria." Edward answered grimly. Esme put her hand to her mouth. By now the whole family was there with the same expressions as Esme. The only ones missing were Rosalie and Emmett who were on a luxorious vacation. Alice came over to soothe me as Carlisle examined my deformed arm.

My arm was looking terrible. It was now starting to sweel and turn purple. In addition to that the distorted bone made a bump. Carlisle assessed the damage murmuring softly to himself as everyone watched tensley.

Edward's face was twisted with agony as he watched the procedure. I took in deep breaths to calm myself squeezing Alice's hand from the pain as Carlisle touched the protruding bone. I let out a cry in pain and Alice was gone returning very quickly with a glass of water and pills. I took them gratefully and Carlisle continued. He soon produced a sling and a some wrap for my arm.

In about a minute he had finished with my arm and he began to tell me about my arms' fragilities. The instant he was done talking Edward gently lifted me off the couch -pausing only to let the family say there goodbyes- and he wisked me out the door. When we got to his moonlit, silver volvo he looked into my eyes with a tortured look on his face.

"Bella, I am so sorry. I should have been there for you. It was stupid and immature and r-" I put my hand up to his granite lips to quiet him. "Enough with the apologies." I complained. "Just kiss me." He smiled lightly and then leaned in to kiss me, his sweet breath making my heart do backflips.

Suddenly his glassy lips landed on my dry ones and my heart completely stopped. When he reluctantly pulled away I fought for a breath, gasping.

"Sorry." he murmered looking a little breathless and then he smiled that crooked smile that never seizes to amaze me.

I looked into his sparkiling black eyes and at his pale, godlike face and sighed happily. No matter what happens I knew that I could get through it as long as I had my angel.