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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


7. Graduation

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I woke up that morning feeling horrible and to make matters worse school was today. Edward had kissed my forehead and then gracefully ducked out my window. "Bella are you up yet?" Charlie called from down the stairs.

The plan was for me to hide this from him until tommorow and tell him that I fell down the Cullens' long flight of stairs. "Yeah." I called back. Charlie questioned why I wasn't down yet and I told him that I woke up a little late this morning. Luckily he didn't stick around long enough to find out for himself. I exhaled in releif and leaned back against the wall.I looked down at my protuding belly and grabbed a jacket from my closet to cover it up.

Lately I have been wearing a lot of jackets, being almost four months pregnant and all. I trudged down the stairs and went to the kitchen to finally get some breakfast for my grumbling stomach.School went by slowly and seeming to drag on forever. The only thing making it worth while was the god sitting next to me.

When it was time to go home for the day Edward and I rode in my truck preparing to tell Charlie the news.We sat on the couch watching TV without really seeing anything except each other. Soon Edward stiffened and then he was gone. A few seconds later I heard Charlie's cruiser pull up in the driveway. He walked in putting his coat on the rack and his gun in the closet and then stopped right in his tracks.

"What happened, Bella?" He demanded, looking at my the sling on my arm. "Oh, that," I lied. "I ,uh, fell." "How did you fall this time?" He asked, some of the anger gone, but he was still suspicious. My abnormal behavior hadn't gone unnoticed in the past 3 months.

"I tripped on the Cullens' giant staircase. See I was kinda at the top." He seemed to take that answer ,for now. "I don't know what it is Bella, but your acting very strange." He said suddenly and then he went straight to the kitchen, shaking his head and muttering to himself.

That was close, I thought, too close.

I went up to my room where Edward was waiting on my bed. He pulled me to him and then hekd me for a few seconds as I tried to breath evenly. He pulled my head from his and whispered. "Don't worry ,my love, we'll get through this." Then as my head spun he kissed me very lightly. After I caught my breath I laid my head on his chest and breathed in his relaxing scent forgetting for a minute all the worries that I have ever had.

Ever since the incident with Victoria the whole Cullen family has been on edge. The new rule was that no matter what I was not to be left unsupervised. Now the only time Edward went home was to change his clothes and I came right along with him. If he went hunting Alice would take over.I never got a minute alone! But the days passed in a blur getting closer and closer to graduation day.

Before I knew it graduation day had come. I looked at my reflection in Alice's full length mirror and smiled. I looked very pretty the way Alice had done my hair in ringlets and the baggy, black graduation gown concealed my bulging stomach very well. Alice beamed at me, her perfect white teeth sparkling. "You look beautiful!" She chimed.

"Now go and show Edward." She commanded. I did as I was told , a bit wobbly from the extra weight. I was now 4 and 1/2 months. Edward looked ,if possible, more perfect than usual and smiled broadly as he caught and steadied me. "Be carefull, when you're walking across the stage." He teased, but I could tell he really did mean it. "I will." I smiled. We both laughed and then hopped into his volvo and drove back to my house to see Charlie.

Because Charlie insisted to be the one to drive us. Charlie drove us to the High School and when we got there he kissed my hair and old me not to trip just as Edward had. When we got to the auditorium ,where the graduation was being held, he took a seat in the audience and smiled up at me. We stood by the rest of our classmates and listened to the speach given by Mike.

When the speech was over I waited for my name to be called butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Alice and Edward both got up gracefully when each of there names were called to accept their(probably 7th or 8th) diploma.

When finally I heard. "Isabella Swan." and I walked across the stage ,managing to catch myself when I stumbled over my flowing black gown, to recieve my diploma.