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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


8. Decision

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As we drove down the rode (or atleast I thought it was a road. I was sort of blindfolded) my mind raced for an explanation. Nothing. I had no idea what was going on here. Edward seemed nervous yet at the same time excited.When we finally came to a stop the car door opened and he grabbed my hand guiding me out.

I reached my hand up to the blindfold, but Edward stopped me. "No, not yet." He chuckled. I pulled my hand out of his and folded my arms across my chest, stubbornly. Edward just laughed harder and before I could react he had swung me onto his back.

We sped off to some unknown place and I wrapped myself tightly around his cold body. His body felt so good against mine. With a child inside of me I now welcomed his ice cold skin. It felt good. I soon felt him come to a stop and his hands gently lifted me from his back. I reached up again to the blindfold and this time he didn't stop me.

I tugged it off and gasped. Never in my life had I seen something like this. We were in the meadow, the soft stream sparkling in the moonlight.

The whole meadow was only lit by the moonlight and it was almost as beautiful as it was in the sun. "This is incredible!" I cried. But then as I was looking around the meadow I remembered the last time I had been here. Laurent had tried to kill me. But Jacob and his pack had saved me.

I shivered as I thought of this and sat down on a fallen tree. "How are you feeling?" He asked anxiously kneeling down in front of me. "Fine." I muttered. He took my head between his hands and kissed my lips.

By now I was good at restraining myself. So after a couple of seconds I started to pull away, but he held me and kept my lips pressed to his. Soon -too soon- he pulled away and sighed. I simply sat there trying to restart my heart and breathe. "What brought that on?" I asked curiously. "You're not leaving me again are you?" I teased lightly.

He chuckled and then looked intently into my eyes. "Isabella Swan. I love you more than anything else in this world and I would do anything for you. I would just like to ask you one question. Do you love me the same way?" He asked. "Yes." I answered still breathless from his kiss.

He contemplated that for a minute and then dropped to his knees. My heart stopped. He was proposing to me. My mind screamed that this couldn't be happening. This time it wasn't just a suggestion it was real. He was looking for an answer. One that might break his heart. One that I hadn't really even decided on yet.

He produced a small black box and looked up into my eyes. His topaz eyes were pleading and then he said it very softly. "Will you marry me?"At that exact moment he popped open the most beautiful ring I had ever seen sitting in velvet. It was a princess cut ,diamond ring.

The band was platinum and lined with smaller (but still just as beautiful) diamonds. The diamond in the middle was as big as a grape and shined elegantly in the moonlight.I looked at the ring in amazement and thought about what he was asking.

Then I thought about Renee and Charlie. Their angered expressions when they found out. I could here them now lecturing me about how young I was. About the pain he had already put me through. How he wasn't right for me.

But even worse was what had happened to Charlie and Renee. They had been so in love. True love my mother had described it. Their marriage had torn it apart. What if that happened to me? But all of those thoughts were quickly blocked out by another. This one was much better. It was Edward and I together forever. Now all of these other issues seemed insignificant.

As I looked at Edward his angel face slightly sparkling I said the only word the first thing that came to my head when I thought about us together forever.

"Yes." I whispered.