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Everlasting Love

It takes place after New moon. Bella is pregnant.


9. Wedding

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The rain poured out of the sky gathering in puddles on the ground. This was normal weather for Forks just like any other day. But today wasn't just any other day. Today was my wedding day. I was sitting in a chair in Alice's bathroom. Out of all the times she had dolled me up this time left all the others back in the dust. I even had on fake eyelashes. Alice had concealed my stomach with a big white ribbon tied around my waist.

I was now almost 5 months pregnant and even the ribbon couldn't stop my belly from poking out a bit. Alice and I had been in the bathroom for almost 4 hours when finally Alice stepped back."Look in the mirror." She said. I got up from the chair stiffly, and walked over to the mirror. I looked so... beautiful...almost as if I were a different person.

"Oh Alice, thank-you." I cried wrapping my arms around her tiny body. She laughed like a silver bell chiming and held me at arms length to look me up and down. Satisfied, she smiled. "Well we better get you to Charlie." I sighed; Charlie wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea of me marrying anybody. Especially Edward.

I thought back to the night I had first told him. I had insisted to Edward that it was better that he wasn't there. So, he decided to listen from my room.

"Bella, where have you been?" He said in a suspicious tone. "Out with Edward. I told you where I'd be." I answered calmly. He seemed to calm down a little so I decided that this was the time to tell him. "Dad." I started. "Edward and I are engaged."

Charlie's face went livid and I would've rather have been anywhere on the face of this planet then here. "You're what?" He bellowed. My eardrums rung from the intensity and I predicated some early hearing loss. "Goodnight, Dad." I called starting to walk away, but he stopped me, grabbing my jacket and yanking me back.

I quickly pulled it back before he saw my bulging stomach and sighed with relief. "Bella, you're only 18." He yelled. "Dad, I know. But you have to trust me. I love him." I cried. "That's how it all starts out, but you'll wind up hurt again! Don't you remember how much he hurt you? I don't want to see you like that again." He roared. Then he seemed to soften up and for a second it looked as if he would cry.

"You have no idea what it's like to watch your only daughter go through that pain and sorrow. To watch her practically die." He said softly. My eyes welled up with tears as I remembered those many months of numbness and saw the pain in his eyes. "I love him." I whispered fiercely. He pulled me into him squeezing me to his chest. "I just want you to be happy, Bella." His voice cracked.

And when I looked up I saw the beginnings of tears sparkling in his eyes. "I just don't want to see you hurt again. I don't want to see that again."



I shook my head coming abruptly out of my memories, a single tear running down my cheek. Alice looked at me sadly and wiped the tear away. "Are you okay now?" She asked softly. I sniffled, putting my smile back on. Alice gave me a gentle squeeze and we drove to Charlie's.

He smiled at Alice and told me how pretty I looked and then we drove to the church. When we got there I received my bouquet and sat in one of the abandoned rooms of the church biting my nails. How could I leave Charlie and Renee? I thought.

That was the plan. That way I'd be free to become a vampire. But how could I leave my family behind? Another tear threatened to roll out of my eyes, but I held it back. I was doing this for Edward. To be with him forever. That was the only thought that made this whole moving thing bearable.

"Bella." A voice called. "It's time to start the wedding." I smiled recognizing the voice as Rosalie's. We still weren't best friends, but I knew we would be. I loved her like a sister. "Coming." I answered, my voice shaking a little. Rosalie stepped into the room and smiled at me. "Don't be nervous. You ready?" She asked. "Yeah."

Then she gave me a little smile and flitted out to join the rest of the bridesmaids. I took a deep breath and walked to where Charlie was standing by the doors of the chapel. Suddenly the doors opened, so we locked arms and started down the aisle. I looked around at all the friendly faces and then looked straight up at Edward.

My excitement could barely be contained as I saw him standing there smiling down at me. He looked so perfect. He was my own personal god. And right now I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world. Like this shouldn't be my wedding.

I certainly didn't deserve this good fortune.But it didn't matter even if this was meant for some other girl I was going to take it without question. Reluctantly I looked away to all the familiar faces. There were so many people I would leave behind forever with just two words. I looked over at Phil and Renee.

Tears streamed down Renee's face as she smiled. Even Phil, the tough baseball player was a little emotional. Charlie's eyes glistened and a stab of pain overtook my heart as I thought about never seeing them again.

To keep myself from hyperventilating I looked up at my angel.Charlie kissed my head when we got to the altar and then quickly took a seat in the front row. Edward looked into my eyes that crooked smile etched into his face and took my trembling hands.

The preacher went on and on about the love we would soon share, but I listened vaguely, too absorbed in my soon-too-be husbands sparkling topaz eyes to really hear any of it. I was interrupted by Edward's voice. "I do." he said, his angelic voice smooth and wonderful. "And do you take this young man to be your loffily, wedded husband?" The preacher asked me. "I do." I smiled.

My voice was terrible in comparison to Edward's. "Then you may now kiss the bride." He concluded shutting his book. My smile broadened and Edward's cold lips crushed mine gently sending a shock through my body. Then he let go of one my hands and we took our first steps as man and wife.