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Fun and Games

It's just another day for the Cullen clan. What crazy ideas will they come up with? REVIEW CHAPTER FIVE IS UUPPP! Please review and tell me what you would like to happen in the next chapter. Give me your ideas on what dares you would like to see in the chapters to come!


2. Chapter 2

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Emmett's P.O.V.

Woah... I didn't see that coming... Who would've thought that I would EVER get stuck dressing up like those smelly pups?! Why me?! Ohhh Jasper is SO gonna regret this! Yeah, they can laugh now but just wait until-- I saw Edward staring at me with a small smile on his lips... Ugh!

Get out of my head mind-reading weird-o.

He grinned. "Actually, I think you look quite good as a dog."

I was still standing in the living room with them sitting and laughing at me.

I growled playfully at him. "Yeah, that is what I've always wanted Edward. To look GOOD as a dog! Thanks, Edward, thanks," I said with mock gratitude.

Edward laughed and looked at Jasper. "Good dare, Jasper!"

"I think it was so good that it deserves a--HIGH FIVE!" Jasper yelled slapping as they slapped eachothers' hand.

"Jazz, you did pick a good dare!" She said, barely containing her excitement.

Jasper bowed, while Rose (traitor!), Edward, Bella (thanks Bella, what did I ever do to you?!) and Alice clapped.

"Come on!" Alice said running to the front door. "Let's go!"

Bella hopped onto Edward's back since we were obviously going to run and she was too slow to keep up. Honestly, why doesn't Edward just change her already?! Then I can actually wrestle a newborn!

Edward turned to glare at me. Then he grinned and ran upstairs.

Huh? Where are you going Edward?

He reappeared right in front of me with a video camera in his hands.

"NOOOO!" I yelled in horror. "Come on guys! Have mercy!" I begged. I looked at all of their faces for one little drop of mercy but all I saw was humor.

"Fine," I replied sulkily. "Whatever."

Just then, Carlisle and Esme came downstairs. I looked at them, horrified that they would find me like this.

Esme obviously couldn't help herself because as soon as she saw me she burst out laughing.

"What....are.....you.....wearing......Emmett?" She managed to choke out.

I sighed as Jasper filled them in on our harmless game of Truth or Dare.

I looked at Carlisle. Atleast he wouln't make fun of me...

His usually calm expression twitched... just for a second, into a grin.... and then he burst out laughing!!! Whatever. I might as well enjoy this while it lasts I guess...

So, I spun around for them and struck a pose. "How do I look?" I asked them.

"Erm.....hairy....." Carlisle said, scratching his head.

"And ridiculous and weird and stupid!" Jasper added.

"Don't forget the most HORRIBLE one of all! He looks like a DOG!" Edward yelled.

Everyone burst out laughing.

"Well, you guys just make sure you don't let anyone see your.... abilities okay?" Esme cautioned.

"Don't worry, Esme. We'll be fine." Alice reassured her.

Esme nodded.

"Now, let's GO!" Alice said. She really does get impatient sometimes...

Jasper grabbed the video camera from Edward, who protested. "Ahh ah ah!" Jasper said, wagging his finger at Edward. "This was my bet after all. I think I have the right to be able to video tape!"

Edward sighed in defeat. "Come on Bella," he said in a defeated voice.

Alice practically shoved us all outside. "GO!" she yelled.

Once we were outside, it was dark out. So we all went all shiny in the moonlight. It looks kind a cool actually... Edward was giving me this weird expression....

"What?" I asked defensively.

He just shook his head sadly.

"Alright. We are going to start by having you run right along the boundary line, kind of like teasing them." Jasper said smiling and chuckling at the idea.

Rosalie had been oddly quiet for a while. I looked at her and at first I thought she was sobbing because she was shaking so hard, but then I realized she was laughing......

"What is SO FUNNY?" I yelled.

"You...." She said as she gasped for breath from her laughter. "You're all hairy.... and........ahhhaaaahahaaha"

"Thanks Rose, your the best. I love you, too."

With that all of us ran to the treaty boundary line. I hope no dogs are there. Actually, I hope they are. Maybe they'll realize how much better vampires are.

"WAIT!" Alice yelled.

All of us stopped with confused expressions. "What?" Bella asked.

Alice pointed a finger at Emmett. "YOU are supposed to be running like a DOG not a HUMAN!"

Everyone gasped. "GET DOWN ON ALL FOURS YOU MANGY DOG!" Jasper yelled.

I think he is obsessing over his old war days.... poor guy..... when will he realize he is not a general anymore? I swear once when I annoyed him so bad, I saw him reach to his right hip trying to grip a sword that wasn't there. That made me laugh so hard... oh man!

I groaned and got down on all fours.

"How does anyone manage to run like this?!" I complained.

Jasper got out a whip.... where did that come from?

"Hey wait a sec--" I heard a whip crack and hit me.

I laughed.. did he expect that to hurt? Hmph.... weirdo.

"Jasper... I am sorry to break the news to you but... I am practically made out of metal...." I said in a voice that questioned his sanity.

"Use your imagination. Now Hee-YAA!" With that last odd word, all of them started running while I was forced to lower myself to running on all fours like a smelly, old, ugly, HAIRY DOG!

"How ya' doin' down there Emmett?" Rose asked.

"Oh GREAT! It's so wonderful down here! Perfect view!" I said sarcastically.

She chuckled and sped ahead since I was much slower due to my forced way of travel.

Finally. We MADE IT! WOOOOOO! Edward looked at me and said, "Don't get too happy, Emmett. Jasper has A LOT planned for you!" I groaned and said, "Alright Mr. Jasper. What great plans do you have for me?"

"Run up and down the boundary line and howl and bark as noisily as you can. Don't stop either." Jasper replied casually. Everyone else was grinning.

I laughed and said, "I can't wait to see the look on those mutts' faces when they see what a REAL dog can do!" With that said, I howled as loud as I could and bounded off on all fours, keeping as close to the boundary line as I could.

I barked in a ridiculously fake way to purposely make fun of them. I could hear my family laughing at me, but, what the heck, I would be laughing hysterically if I didn't have to howl and bark every second.

"BARK! BARK! BARK BARK!" I growled too, just for effect.

"GOOD DOG, EMMIE!" Rosalie yelled to me.

I grinned and howled louder in response. In no time, the pack was there at the boundary line.

I smelled them before I saw them. Buy some cologne buddies... please!

"What the heck?!" I heard someone yell. I think it was that jerk Jacob Black. Don't they know a dog when they see one?

"HEY! Cullens what are you doin' here?!" someone else yelled.

I heard Edward calmly say, "Well, you see, we are trying to get our dog back..." I snorted.

Nice one, Edward!

I heard the leader of the pack... Sam somethin' he had a weird last name... U-turn.... uhhh.. U- ahh who cares anyway... Sam U something.... say "Why are you so close to the boundary line?"

I howled and bounded in front of them. I glared at them and bared my teeth and growled. They looked shocked. Yeah, you can thank Jasper for this.

Jacob snorted. "Nice... but I'm afraid you don't make it into the pack.

I whined like a dog--literally-- and gave my best puppy dog face--no pun intended.

"Jacob you stay and make sure that they don't cross the boundary line. The rest of us will leave." Sam somethin' said.

Jacob nodded as he continued to stare at me in disgust. With that the rest of the pack disappeared. Leaving Jacob all alone.

Ugh! He STINKS! Suddenly he turned into a wolf. I ran on all fours back to my family who were all grinning and trying to stifle their laughs.

Jacob bounded over to us and stared at me and growled.

"He wants me to translate his thoughts for him." Edward informed us. "This is what a real dog looks like!" Edward said for him.

Jacob moved his head closer to mine and I had to stop breathing because he smelled HORRIBLE. He growled in my face. I growled back and Edward said (interpeting again) "Nice costume bloodsucker."

"Compliments to Alice..." I replied. "GEEZ YOU STINK!" I blurted out, unable to contain myself.

He grinned and said, "Yeah and you smell like roses."

I grinned. "Thanks. It's better than you smell, that is for SURE!"

Jacob just seemed to notice Bella. He did one of those hideous wolf smiles. She smiled back a little nervously. Edward tightened his hold on her.

Come on Edward. Can't we just fight him? PLEASE?! I begged in my mind.

He looked at me and hesitated before shaking his head. I groaned.

Fine... be that way.

The mutt was moving closer to Bella. I grinned as I stuck out my right foot and tripped him. He fell! I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing and said, "Come on guys. Let's go around the Newton's place." They nodded, laughing too hard to reply. I was the only one left and I howled once right in his face before I turned and galloped in the direction of the Newton's house.

This'll be fun. When we were there, I noticed that Jasper was videotaping the whole thing. He noticed my observation and put it behind his back.

"Make it good," I growled at him.

We were in the woods behind the Newton's house. I noticed a light was on and decided to spy... why not? I climbed the tree that was right next to his window and looked in it. It was Newton's room alright. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was laughing so hard that I let go of the tree and fell. We ran to hide behind the trees.

"Nice Emmett," Alice said angrily. "Could you work on your spy techniques please?!"

I was still laughing hysterically. I was rolling in the grass by now.

"What is so funny?!" Bella asked, confused.

Edward must've read my mind because he burst out laughing too.

"Newton...........playing...........dolls!" Was all he could get out between his fits of laughter.

"WHAT?!" Rosalie asked, starting to get annoyed.

I sucked in a huge amount of air to calm the laughter, and quickly said, "Newton has Barbie's in his room! He has them seated around a table with him sitting at the head and he is pretending to marry Bella!!!!"

Bella turned bright red and groaned.

Rosalie and Alice used to trees to support themselves.

Jasper climbed the tree and looked inside. I saw him take out a camera and take a picture. He took the picture out and got some tape.... where'd the tape come from?... and he taped the picture to the window and knocked on it. Then he jumped down and ran for shelter in the trees with us.

Sure enough, Newton opened the window and saw the picture. He squeaked when he saw what it was a picture OF, and stuck his head out the window to see who had put it there--no doubt..

Now was my chance! I ran around his house and howled like a wolf---no a dog---or a pup. I saw Newton's face and he looked confused.

"What the heck?!"

"BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK BARK! meow..." oops....hahahahahaahahhaha

Newton is such a dope.

With that I ran back into the shelter of the forest.

"RUN FOR COVER!" I screamed.

"Get it right, will you?" Jasper said, clearly annoyed. "In this case it would be STOP, DROP AND ROLL!!!"

What a freak.... "Jasper you're weird..." I said matter-of-factly.

"You should talk...." Rose said, smirking as she eyed my outfit.

"What?" I asked defensively. "I've kinda grown attatched to this outfit..." I said with mock sadness.

"So, can we go home and continue our game of Truth or Dare?" I asked hopefully.

Jasper sighed. "I guess....."

I punched my fist in the air.


"Gimme a minute," Edward said.

We all looked at him questioningly.

He took out a spray bottle....where the heck did that come from?! Never mind, I don't wanna know.... Edward looked at me and said, "Mind your own business mutt." and he sprayed the words BARBIE LOVER on the side of Newton's house.

"Satisfied?" Rose asked, clearly bored.


"Alright then, let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled, too happy to bother containing it. I was going to so get all these traitors back... Muahahahahaahaha!

Edward glanced at me and said, "Calm down, Emmett...."


"Nice choice of words, Emmett."

Now we were finally running--in my case galloping--home.