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A young woman wakes up in the middle of nowhere, she feels different, she realizes something is VERY wrong, will she find others? What is she going to do next? These she questions race though her head all while trying to deal with a newfound bloodlust.

This is a story that I wrote based on the July Writing Challange, What a new born vampire feels like.

1. Bloodlust

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I awoke in the middle of the forest.

Cold. Afraid. Alone. Hungry.

I stood up wondering where I was. Everything hurt. My eyes were in pain due to vividness of my surrounding. My ears were ringing because they picked up every single noise.

I tried to recall what I was doing before this. I was hiking and I also remembered a stranger with odd black eyes. His eyes were onyx, cold, reserved, but full of some emotion I didn’t know. He crept up behind me. Startled, I quickly turned around only to find myself in a compromising position with him. He leaned down to my neck as if he was going to kiss me, brushing his cold nose on the base on my neck.

I tried to run but his arms were like iron bars keeping me in place, placating my inhalations. I felt his lips touch my neck and I shivered; I felt a slight pain that quickly evolved to feel a sensation of fire. Oh God, the pain….. I cringed; it was too painful to even think about.

I was walking now, trying to find someone. I felt au known feeling gnawing at my insides, hunger. I looked around, I desperately wanted to find food, it was then I felt it, or rather didn’t. My heart wasn’t beating. Its gentle thumps were gone. If it wasn’t beating, how exactly was I alive? It hit me then; I was not human, I grabbed the food in my backpack only to throw it back in; it smelled absolutely horrifying. What am I? What do I need?

I looked down at my hands, shocked to find that were almost translucent white. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw a deer out of the corner of my eye. Nothing ever looked as delicious as that animal and, before I knew it, I was on top of it, swiftly breaking its delicate neck, the blood feeling warm and sweet as it ran down my ever grateful throat.

I was full by the time I realized what I had done. I got up, backing away slowly, appalled at what I had done. Had I gone crazy? I knew then that something was wrong, I had just drunk the blood of deer. If anything, I was now sure that I was not human.

I walked toward my backpack and took out my mirror from the emergency survival kit. I gasped, I couldn’t help it, I was beautiful. My reflection was surely of me, but I looked so different; my skin was flawless, resembling a porcelain doll, my eyes were a deep golden color with a hint of red. My hair was a chocolate brown color that looked so soft and curled at its edges. What had I become?

I couldn’t figure it out and the monster in my chest was rumbling, begging for more food. I continued to hunt, receiving intensely color butterscotch eyes in return, wondering what I was going to do next.