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A young woman wakes up in the middle of nowhere, she feels different, she realizes something is VERY wrong, will she find others? What is she going to do next? These she questions race though her head all while trying to deal with a newfound bloodlust.

This is a story that I wrote based on the July Writing Challange, What a new born vampire feels like.

2. Chapter 2

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Vampire. Un-dead. Immortal. These words race through my head as I look for more blood, craving something that I could not quite put my finger on. Then it hit me when I was 2 miles from town.

Blood. I thought as I fought the irresistible urge to run the mere 2 miles to the humans in town and a few that were even closer who were hiking. The burn in my throat was too much. What was left of my human brain argued with the vampire side, feral and untamed. They approached, one was within reach, and I could be there in less then a second, his blood flowing down my throat. No. I refuse to do this to myself. I turned and took a step, soon after that I was running, running as fast as I could.

When it started to get dark I turned around, I could find a field or something far away from town.

I got into the field right after the sun went down, even thought it was very dark, I could see perfectly in the night. I found a large, flat rock. I sat. That’s all I did for a very long time, thinking about how this could mean something. What to do next? How am I going to stay around humans? I visualized the feeling of the bloodlust that overwhelmed me in the forest. Seeing the human as clear as day, but he could not see me.

Far ahead I saw a house, not a house but a mansion, I could see people, rustling around, but I could not hear a heart beat, let alone smell their blood. I got up and ran as fast as my legs would allow me, the feeling of the wind in my hair, I loved it. When I was human I ran as much as could, it was one of the best feelings in the world. That was nothing compared to running now. Mostly because of fact that I could not get tired.

I arrived at the house, still I could not smell the slightest scent of blood, nor could hear their heartbeats. I drew a big breath, even though by now I realized that it was unnecessary, I knocked 3 quick times.

“Who was that?” a deep, angelic voice murmured quickly

“I’ll get it” a high pitched, upbeat voice replied just as quick

“Hello? Can I help you?” A small pixy-like girl asked, she was as pale as I was, I stood there for a moment and used my voice for the first time.

“Hi, I need help, you people are like me, and I know you don’t have blood, and your heart doesn’t beat, I am the same way. And I’m looking for answers.” I whispered.

Taken aback at the sound of my own voice I looked down quickly, I could see my human trait of shy was still there.

“Alice who is it?” A warm, soft voice called.

“Please come in…”

“Hayden.” I replied “Hayden Wood”

“Well, come in Hayden” the girl named Alice said with a sweeping arm gesture.

I stepped into the house, the lighting was welcoming and the one way I could describe the house was: open. I felt the most at ease in the house then I have since I woke up, I shuddered again as I remembered the pain.”

“Everyone this is Hayden” Alice said as she led me down a small arch into the living room, where 6 people who had the same look that I did, golden eyes, pale skin, all were beautiful.

“Oh my god! What happened to you? You poor thing!” A slim woman said as she got up and walked towards me, she has caramel hair and was about 5’5.

“I wish I knew.” I whispered back; suddenly shy when they all turned to look at me.

“She is a newborn.” One of the more attractive vampires said, he looked almost my age maybe older by a few years.

“A new- what?” I asked

“A new-born, new vampire.” He said with a quick smile

By now a man with blonde hair and gold eyes, just like everyone else, including me walked towards me, I suddenly felt defensive and backed away quickly, nearly to the door.

“Hayden, I’m not going to hurt you, I know you’re scared right now but, we can help.” He said softly as he reached out a hand, which I took and fallowed him back into the living room.

He motioned for me to sit down on the couch, I did and that’s when I look around at all the others, all were sitting motionless.

“I am Carlisle, I am not going to harm you, we will answer any questions you have, I know that it’s disorienting but it will pass.” Carlisle explained

“These are my children, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, and Edward, and Esme, my wife” I fallowed his eyes and looked at all of them; Edward was the one who knew I was a newborn vampire.

“Hi” I whispered meekly.

“Hi Hayden” they all said within seconds of each other. I smiled and looked at Edward, “How did you know I was a newborn vampire?” I asked, feeling suddenly much more at ease.

“I can read your mind.” He replied

You can hear this? I thought

He nodded


He smirked.

“What am I?” I asked Carlisle

“You are a vampire, which I’m sure you figured out by now.”

“Your eyes!” Esme exclaimed, everyone once again stared at me. I resisted the urge to shut them, but that would make matters worse.

“You have not fed on humans have you? In fact you have eaten A LOT of animal blood”

“Yeah, I have” I remembered the mental battle while I was feeding, seeing the humans. I quickly shook the thoughts away. Then I remembered that Edward could hear my thoughts.

“You were able to resist human blood?” Edward asked shocked. Everyone else who could not hear my thoughts looked at me like I was some sort of miracle.

“Yeah, it definitely was not easy; I had this epic mental debate, before I knew it I was running away.” I answered

“Interesting.” Carlisle murmured

“I’m sorry, I know it’s late, I should get going, thank you so much for the answers.” I said as I glanced at my watch, it was 2 in the morning.

“You are more then welcome to stay with us Hayden, but only if you stick to only eating animals, the bloodlust for humans eventually goes away. If you want, we can answer a few more of your questions.” Carlisle offered.

“Um, thank you. That’s really kind of you.” I said with a smile.