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The Memory Rosalie Hale

Vera looks back at her friend Rosalie and what everyone went through when she went missing.


1. The Beautiful Rosalie

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She had been missing for days,it seemed as though she just fell off the face of the world. The police said they would do everything they could to find her but no luck. Who would ever want to hurt Rosalie? She was an amazing person,once you got to know her.Sure she could come off as shallow and a bit rude but she had a wonderful heart and she loved my little Henry.Henry nows grabs and makes noises along with sitting up.I wish I could tell Rose that,she would have loved to see that....she also loved to tickle Henry,I secretly think Rose was a bit upset that she did not have the things I had.

Her parents of course are worried sick.Her mother is hysterically crying,Rosalie was her pride and joy she was proud of Rosalie and now that she is gone,so is the pride.Her father has helped search for her and helped set up posters,but he is taking this hard.

Royce of course is begging in the paper for information about Rosalie.I never liked that man,something about him was off.The way he looked at Rosalie was more of a possession than a person.Sometimes when he kissed her it was intense and not with love,more like showing off.And what is most strange is Royce has been going out less and less in public,something about how his friends have been dying.I know they deserve it and I would not doubt that he was the one who did something to Rose.

"Vera darling."My husband calls as he enters our home.He has been out trying to help with the search parties.

"What is the news?"I asked at once.

"Vera...they are calling off the search."He said shaking his head and leading me to the couch."The police found some blood and now they have closed it off as Rosalie being murdered."

Blood? Oh God! Rosalie can't be dead.

"H-How do they know it's her blood?"I stammered.

"Because Vera they found her jacket,the one Royce had bought her."He rubbed my back and kissed my neck."I'm sorry dear."

Tears rolled down my face.My closest friend Rosalie was dead and nothing anyone could do would change that.

"Do they know who did it?"I asked through my tears.

"No idea."He shook his head."They are thinking some drunk men.And Rosalie was at the wrong place at the wrong time,thats the best answer so far."

No.I knew it was Royce. That monster who I had seen earlier that day Rosalie had gone missing was with some friends and they seemed to be enjoying themselves a bit to much. Royce was the kind of slim bag that would do that to an innocent person with a future.But what could I do? Nothing I would say could change anything.Royce would get his comings when the lord thought fit.


Rosalie could not have asked for a more beautiful funeral.The sky was pure blue and the flowers where starting to pop out threw the snow.The wind blew slightly and the sun shown on everyone.

"We are here today to say goodbye to a wonderful daughter,sister and friend. Rosalie Lillian Hale was a beauty with a wonderful personality who was loved and cherished by all."The preacher said."All though she may no longer be with us in form,she is with us in every blow of the wind,in every laugh of a child,in every happy memory we can find Rosalie Hale.So today we bury her,but not her memory."

Rosalie's body was not found.Her parents buried her important possessions they knew Rosalie would want. I looked over to her parents.Her mother was dabbing at her eyes.Her father was staring at the grave and her brothers where wiping their eyes and one was kicking a flower and another was moving the dirt around with his foot.My husband was rubbing my back and I was holding little Henry who was a sleep.

"Now requested by the parents Rosalie's closest friend and last one to see her alive,Vera has been asked to speak."The preacher called me up.

I gave Henry to my husband and went to stand in front of everyone.

"Rosalie was my closest friend.She was everything I would have asked for in a friend and she was wonderful to my little Henry.Rosalie always wanted a nice home with a loving husband who would make her a princess and children running around.Sadly her dreams of becoming a princess where torn away from her,and most importantly her dreams of becoming a mother."Tears started to roll down my cheeks."Rosalie now is at least in a place where she can be the princess she alway wanted to be and be the mother to all the children in heaven."

Than I cringed.Royce King the second had been murdered two days before this and I knew he killed her,but to make everyone happy I lied.It was only right that I say this.

"And now she is with her prince and they both can live happily ever after together."

I stepped away while people cried and finally Rosalie-or rather her possessions of hers where buried and people began to part.I began to walk when I turned to my husband.

"I have something I need to do,do you mind waiting for me?"I asked.

"Sure darling take as long as you need.I'm going to go see if I can do anything for the Hale's."

I watched him leave with Henry,than I turned to walk only a couple feet from Rosalie's grave.

Royce King The Second

Loving Son,Friend and Fience

I stared at his grave for a minute than bent down to it.

"Royce you killed her and I know it.You deserve nothing less than what you got and I hope you burn forever.I would ask for your soul to but it is clear you did not have one."I whispered

Than I stood back up and spit on his grave.The monster the one who killed the Beautiful,Perfect,Wonderful Rosalie Lillian Hale.