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My Awakening

This is a oneshot written from a newborn vampire's POV.

I wrote this for a contest. I know everyone will figure out who it is when they reach the bottom of the story.

1. My Awakening

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Darkness engulfed me. I lay in silence for a few moments, listening for any sound. My eyes flew open as I lifted my head to see where I was. The foul stench of rotting earth filled my nostrils as I gasped for air.

“Help!” I cried out into the darkness.

I’m alone, so alone.

What’s wrong with me? Where am I? I look out. Slowly I can make out shapes and figures. My eyesight is improving. As I sit up, I can make out the outlines of the room. It’s a strange place. Above my head there are roots, below and around me is earth. I’m in some sort of a tomb.


I stand up, now seeing for the first time a way out. I start to drift towards an opening in the earth. I can feel the damp earth beneath my feet. This was a new prison, I scratched my way through the opening, feeling for something to help drag myself up.


Finally, my head reaches the surface. I look up into the sky. I can see the stars clearly, for the first time in my life. My eyesight is unbelievable. I hold onto a tree branch and pull myself out completely. I hear a snap and glance to my hand. It’s full of splinters.

How is this possible?

I’m strong. I quickly take a limb from the tree, looking at it as I pull forward. It snaps easily beneath my pale fingers. I throw it across the field, where it meets another tree and smashes completely.


I realize that I’m thirsty. I listen carefully for the sound of running water. I can hear it clearly. I run to it. Everything is passing by in a blur. I have no clue where I am, but I know where I’m going.

Wow, I’m fast!

I arrive at the small creek and quickly look over my shoulder at the direction that I had just came from. I can’t see the tree or the stars now. I’m in a deeply wooded area. It’s dark and damp. I sit at the edge of the creek and drop my hands into the cold water. Quickly I take a handful and pull it to my lips. As the water enters my mouth, I realize that this will not quench my thirst. The cool water tastes of ashes, I quickly spit it out.


My body begged for sustenance. I sprang up and looked for something, anything to alleviate this burning in my throat. As I run through the forest, I grab anything I can place my hands on desperately trying to quench my thirst.

Blood, blood, blood, BLOOD!

Finally, the word breaks through my subconscious. I need blood! I sniff the air around me. I followed the wonderful aroma to a small cottage on the corner of a small field. I continue to follow the aroma to the small window. My mouth begins to water as I look into the small kitchen of an older couple. My throat burns for what flows through their body.


I fight to contain my excitement, as I figure ways to lure the couple from their home. I imagine that I might create as much noise as possible and then pounce when they come outside to investigate. I steadied myself, prepared to pounce on the first person out the door. I set my plan into action. With one hand I rattled the gate by the back of the house.


“Who’s out there?” The old man’s voice yelled.


I rattled the gate again. Waiting. Biding my time. I lusted for their blood. My throat ached and burned for it.


“I said who’s out there?” The door rattled.

Blood, blood, blood, blood, BBBBLLLLOOOODDDD!

I ached with excitement as I heard the cottage door open. I pounced and took the first thing that exited the door with me. In a flash, I was gone. I was running as fast as I could. Back to the shelter of the trees. My senses took over as I entered the forest. I sank my teeth into my catch, draining it of the blood that I so desperately craved. There was not a sound, not a movement as I placed my victim on the ground at my feet. Only then did I realize what I had hunted. At my feet now laid a dog. I looked at it in amazement realizing that some twist of fate had saved that couple.

I hid in the forest for the rest of the night, feeding on what ever animal I can find. I can live on animal blood. While I’m hunting for my next kill, I notice the small creek flowing through the woods. I look over into it. My hair is the exact same shade of black that it’s always been. My eyes are no longer brown, but now a strange red color. My eyes frighten me.

Red eyes?

I close my eyes and focus on my future. I want to forget the reflection in the water- my red eyes. Like a picture show, I see images forming in my head.

I see a man, with blond hair, and red eyes. He will meet me in a diner on a stormy night. A stormy night in…. Philadelphia.

I also see a family of five. I can hear their names clearly in my head:

Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie and Edward. Wow, they’re like me!

This family will not hunt humans. They feed on animals. I know they will accept me. I open my eyes. I need to make it to Philadelphia.

I’ve got to find him.

I return to the forest, running as fast as I can. I will feed on animals whenever possible. I wondered if the blood lust would be hard to control in a city of that size. I found my answer all too soon. The thirst still burned in my throat when I happened by a human. I wanted desperately to find this family in my visions. I will not be a monster. As I stopped in front of the diner, I had another vision of my future family…

“Hello, my name is Alice. Where do we put our things?”