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New born

the story of a new born in Victoria's army

Hello my name is Bree.
I am a newborn vampire and I hate myself.
I am a murderer.
I am a monster.
I don’t deserve to live.
But I can’t die.


1. Chapter 1

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“Bye guys see you tomorrow,” I said as I started to walk way form my friends. “wait, Bree, are you sure you want to go alone what with all the murders going on right now,” Jamie called after me, Jamie and I had been best friends as long as I can remember. “I don’t think I will run into any trouble all the murders have been on the other side of the city and you know I was the best in that self defense class our parents made us take.” “Fine but if you get hurt I will never forgive myself.” She said as she and the others started down the street. The walk wasn’t far but I decided to take a shortcut. It was dark but it didn’t bother me I liked the dark. I paused and looked up the sky was over cast as usual. I realized I had walked down the wrong ally instead of a short cut it was a dead end. Someone chuckled behind me I spun around there was no one there. Then something hard ran into me. I gasped as I fell to the ground. My hands where torn open by the hard cement floor. There was something hard and cold on top of me. A cold breeze was one my neck. No it wasn’t a breeze it was a breath. Suddenly something ripped my neck open I gasped as pain started to fill my body. It was fire, lava flowing through my body the pain was crippling. Whatever it was on me chuckled. The pain flooded through my body I doubled over in agony. Someone had moved me I wasn’t in the alley any more I was in a tent. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed when the pain started to fade I was about to die my pulse was pounding in my ears. It was slowly becoming fainter and fainter. Then the pain stopped and I heard my heart stop. My chest felt oddly empty. Then a new sensation over came me my throat felt dry and sour. I wanted to quench the thirst. I moved to stand. Then I noticed some one watching me in the corner of the tent. He looked about 17 and his hair was blond. But the most surprising thing was his eyes they were red like fire. The smiled at me. “I thought you would never stop screaming,” he said as he moved towards me I stepped back. He chuckled, and then all at once everything came back to me Jamie’s warning, the hard cold rock, dying, and the fire. “What happened to me?” I asked I noticed that my voice was different smother like a flute. “You are a vampire, “he said, “and I bet you are hungry come one let’s get you some food. We left the tent all around me were other that I assumed were vampires .they looked at us as we walked past. I didn’t meet there eyes “by the way I am Riley,” he said as we walked. He took me to the town it was dark out and I assumed that we were some were near my old life. “Okay let go I want you to surrender to your instincts and hunt with your senses don’t hold back.” Then he backed way I hadn’t realized how much better my senses all the smells. I found one it was sweet. My mouth filled with venom I went after it I found her she was walking down a street when she turned down an alley I followed I lept at her and trough her to the ground and grasped her head in my hands. And twisted I heard her neck snap like a trip. Then I bit into her neck and drank deeply almost inhaling the sweet tonic. Then she muttered something “Bree,” she said. I broke off from her neck and looked into her eyes they were full of shame and disappointment. I turned back to her neck. When I was finished I walked away slowly not looking back the rain started to fall. I looked up into the rain and closed my eyes the drops ran down my face like tears but none of my own were among then I had become a monster and I didn’t have any say. Jamie’s warning echoed in my ears “If you get hurt I will never forgive myself.” I was the one see was looking for, I was the reason she was dead, she had felt guilty that I was gone, and she was trying to help. Hello my name is Bree. I am a newborn vampire and I hate myself. I am a murderer. I am a monster. I don’t deserve to live. But I can’t die. May I be damned to the fire pits of hell.