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hiding from it all

Leah is sent off to college to get away from the pack and here troubles, 4 years later she has graduated and is bringing home a friend, a new addtion to the house which is only her, seth and brady since her mother died 2 years ago


1. Chapter 1

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Jakes POV

Having Leah constantly invade our thoughts is driving us insane, she is fuming about what Sam inadvertently did to her, even though she fully understands to call that a wolf has towards his imprint. Sam is a wreak and it is getting worse not that he would let anyone know for the most part, is thoughts on the subject and guarded when he phases.

Leah is still as bitchy as always when it comes to actually having to socialize with the pack, we all know that she is drawn to being with us, but her attitude makes it impossible to be civilized for longer than an hour at the most. This is what I came back to after my 6 month adventure in the wild, the pack is all on edge and everything seems to be falling apart.

It has been about a month now of chaos around La Push and it looks like there is no end in sight.

“Sam, we need to call an emergency meeting, the pack is falling apart and you are a complete mess, and don’t deny it I can see it in your eyes.” I say to Sam one morning before everyone arrives for breakfast at Sam and Emily’s house.

“I know but there is no solution…” Sam says placing his hand on his brow and leaning forwards.

“I think I may have a solution if everyone is willing to put forth the effort for the good of the pack, and who knows our sanity might just return.” I say slowly trying not to offend our alpha even though he respects my opinion he is still the one in charge.

“Spill it Jake lets hear your plan.” He says with a sigh as Emily comes over to sit beside his poised to hear how I plan to fix it all.

“Lets send her away for awhile,” I could see Sam getting mad I started my sentence wrong, “Let me rephrase that Sam I mean lets send her to college you know out of state send her to a four year school get her outa here for the majority of the year for awhile so that she has some space from you and the rest of us.” I stammer hoping that Sam sees my point, I look at Emily and she looks ecstatic at the idea of her cousin going to college.

Sam seems to be at a loss for words at the moment which I take as him trying to find out how this would all work out so I give him some help, “ We all have some money saved for this and that, and I know that Leah has money in her account and she could get a job for the tuition money and I’m sure there are grants she could get.

“I don’t know we will need to talk to everyone, and to Leah without turning this into what it really is. Emily will you talk to Sue about pushing Leah towards college and we will try and set things in motion.”

College did wonders for Leah she not only seemed to get over Sam but she was making the most of the experience. Since Sue died when Leah was a Junior in College the pack as literally taken over the Clearwater’s house since it is one of the largest. Seth doesn’t mind in fact he is grateful that we are around Brady moved in with him since they are long time friends. I am over most everyday, more so than I am at my own house. We keep the fridge stocked and one of the girls will usually come over to cook you know they worry we will set the kitchen on fire if we attempt anything more than grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sam and Emily have a little girl now she is 2 and you can only guess the anxiety that the pack felt upon seeing her in the hospital that first day, you know with Quill’s experience and all. They named her Amaranth, but everyone still loves her even though her name is hard to spit out in a rush.

Leah arrived home after graduation with some big news, as she put it, but decided to hold off telling us until dinner that evening so that she wouldn’t have to repeat it 15 times. It is nice to see Leah act alive and happy she did a complete 180 and I can’t help but feel smug about it all, not that she knows I had anything to do with it. We kept the reasons a secret, although I am sure she suspected.

The whole pack and counterparts were coming over for dinner to hear Leah’s big news so you can imagine the feast that needed to be prepared. We decided on something simple so that the girls wouldn’t have to stress, spaghetti –5 boxes of noodles, 6 jars of sauce, 6 loaves of garlic bread, and last but not least 10 pounds of meatballs. After the food was gone and I mean gone we all settled into the open dinning room living room combination and waited for the news.

Seth, Brady and Colin were spralled out on the sectional couch, Quill and Paul were in the beanbag chairs on the floor, Sam and Emily were watching Amaranth bounce around in the playpen, Jared, Kim, and I were putting the dishes away from dinner, Embry was taking up the floor lying on his back , and Leah had retreated into her bedroom to make a phone call leaving us all to wait impatiently.

“So what do you think Leah’s big news is huh.” Quill asks raising his eyebrows.

“I don’t have any clue, you don’t think she…”Embry says grinning more to himself than anyone else.

“No, no I don’t think she could hide that from us.” Sam states as he picks up Amarenth from the playpen.

“Really you don’t think any of us could hide it do you.” I say walking in to lean on the kitchen/ dinning room island.

“I know I couldn’t hide it from what I hear from you guys, I mean if its like you say then I know I couldn’t not think about it.” Embry says with a smug smile.

“We’re not all perverts like you Em, and its not like that.” Quill says.

“Of course its not like that for you, your imprints a child and unless your gonna go all…” Quill cuts Embry off with a evil glare and a swift kick in the head before he could finish.

“All we’re saying Em, is life isn’t a constant string of badly plotted pornos, there is more to it than that.” Jared says as he eyes Kim.

Embry is one of my all time best friends even before we were wolves but when it comes down to actually having a serious conversation he’s a little inept. Don’t get me wrong I mean he has his moments but they are few and far between. He gets the grunt of the packs jokes, him never being the guy to dates a girl for longer than a few days, you know until she’ll give it up.

“Okay guys I’m ready to tell you the great news and I know you would never guess what I’m gonna tell you.” Leah says as she comes down the stairs and plops down on the sectional on top of Seth.

“Come on Leah just spit it out already.” Seth says shoving her off him and into Brady.

“”Alright, were gonna have a new roommate boys, my friend from college is moving in with us in a week or so.” Leah said with a smile.

“Wow, really you have a friend.” Paul says reeking with sarcasm

“Her name is Larke, and you all better be nice to her.” Leah says giving Embry a stern look almost warning him to stay away.

“She huh, I never knew Leah is that why you are in a better mood lately discovered you were stroking the wrong side of the stick.” Embry taunts but instinctively stands and backs out of the front room towards the dinning room.

“Embry I am not a lesbian and neither is she…” Leah says and for one second glances at Sam but looked away just as quickly hoping no one noticed.” She just needed to get away from her life and start fresh.

“So when do we get to meet her, should we throw a party, you know to welcome her and all.” Paul says probably hoping for a special meal.

“No.” Leah says way to quickly.

“Why not?” I ask casually hoping that Leah will spill some more.

“She si very shy and doesn’t like large crowds I mean just 2-3 people she doesn’t know will terrify her let along all of you heathens.” Leah says waving her hand towards the lot of us.

“So…what does that mean?” Seth asks looking apprehensively at his sister.

“It means dumbass that you will all have to take your time getting to know her and you can’t all drop in at the same time until she gets used to you. I remember, I was intimidated and I knew half of you from school.” Kim says.

“What about my stomach?” Embry shrieks.

“You just have to eat somewhere else for awhile and I mean it.” Leah says as she gets several wide eyes and gaping jaws from several of the guys.

“Don’t worry boys I’ll cook a few meals at my house this week it’ll be like old times.” Emily says looking towards Sam for approval.

“Its not like no one can come here I mean just don’t all come in one group, you’ll know once you meet her how it works, I mean some times she warms up to people a lot faster than others and other times it just never happens…but you’ll know by the way she talks to you. Okay.”

Boy oh Boy, Leah sure knows how to pick friends. She picks someone who is the exact opposite of us and wants to throw her in the mix, throw her to the wolves so to speak, yeah. The thought running through mine and every other single wolf right now is, ‘is she the one’ just like we do when meeting anyone new. It is always on the back of our minds wondering around so to say, it will be hard for the guys to stay away until we all know.