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hiding from it all

Leah is sent off to college to get away from the pack and here troubles, 4 years later she has graduated and is bringing home a friend, a new addtion to the house which is only her, seth and brady since her mother died 2 years ago


2. Chapter 2

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Jakes POV

Larkes’s going to arrive this weekend and the whole pack has been awaiting her arrival eagerly. There is nothing like a new girl coming to town to quicken the heartbeats of an adolescent werewolf.

I know its been a couple of years since high school and all but you know the werewolf thing with the whole not aging business, it keeps our hormones kinda keyed up if you get my drift.

I am now sitting at the Clearwater’s house longing around hoping for dinner later. I ran patrols this morning with Embry and Paul. My mind is still trying to make sense of those two. I’m just glad that quill or some other guy with an imprint wasn’t with or Leah gods forbid if she heard any of their banter.

Its amazing that she hasn’t heard us yet, and the wrath of Leah hasn’t been felt quite awhile. I think its because she went to college and released some of that sexual tension she had built up. I won’t ask her thought cause she’s still a little touchy about topics concerning sex. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to ask Larke what Leah was like during college, now that could be an interesting conversation.

So the night of Lark’s arrival has been meticulously planned out down to who will be allowed in the house or for that matter anywhere within a mile of he damn house. Leah doesn’t want any unnecessary urges to be bestowed upon one of us before we have been properly introduced so to speak.

She says it could take a while what like a month I sure hope not.

Atleast I’m included in the lucky few that get to meet her right from the start, but that just means that I’ll be pumped for information that much more readily. Seth and Brady will also get to meet her that first day, but I doubt it is due to their mature attitudes on the topic for they will be her roommates. Seth being the brother also has its role in the matter who better to meet first than your friends little brother and his best friend. Hahah

“ Jacob I see you are scouting our dinner huh.” Leah says as she walks down the stairs. “ Remember don’t be here when we return from the airport, I don’t want you guys to frighten her.”

“Sure sure we’ll be here once she has had time to settle just like we have planned, no worries, you know we don’t want to hurt her were just anxious.”

“You all act like she’s a piece of meat waiting to be selected from a butcher shop.” Leah says with a smile before turning to open the fridge to take out a large roast..

I smile knowing that she is just as curious to know if any of us will imprint on her best friend.

“So what’s for dinner Leah?” I ask eyeing the large piece of meat shes coating with various herbs and spices.

‘I’m making stew so feel free to let everyone know that their will be dinner here tonight if anyone is interested of course, but don’t expect too much more than that I have to get up early tomorrow to head to the airport.”

“Leah can I ask you something?” I ask heading over to the kitchen counter where a few stools are lined up next to the kitchen island.

“Sure what’s on your mind Jakey.” She says leaning in towards where I sat down.

Larke's POV

As much as I have always wanted to fit into this world, in my life I have always been on the outside looking in. I have never truly felt like I have belonged at least when I look back at the last few years of my life. I see everything I have been through but yet I find that I can no longer just ignore everything that has happened to make me who I am and what I have become.

Nothing is as it seems to be, with me I am who I am and that is all I can ever become. I have a hard time trusting anyone let alone talking to people and this I know but I feel that this move will benefit me in the long run because then I will be able to maybe be myself as I truly have always wanted to be.

I know that nothing will ultimately change my behavior, but I can always try and forget what my brain tells me, try and forget that I have these evil thoughts of my demise and the reoccurring daydreams that I have when I hear the voices that call me towards my death.

These voices I hear I fight and I run from them but if I give into the constant lashing out of the words in my mind I find it very hard to pull myself from my negative, evil thoughts that seem so real that I can hardly demand myself to exist beyond the mere thought that I have.

Now I know this may sound crazy but I can tell you that if I always thought I was in control of my own actions I would be lying. I have an internal conflict that dwells deep within my mind, although I have never ever told anybody about this for fear that they would declare me a mental case and lock me up.

So that brings me to the move where exactly am I moving and who am I moving with, I am going to be staying with a college friend in her home town, yes I know how predictable is that every college kid wants to move in with their college fiends instead of heading back to their own mundane hometown.

I am looking forward to the move I being from the boring Midwestern state of Ohio lavished with cornfields and dirt roads. Moving to Washington would be an exciting chapter in my life for I have never been outside of a five state radius and therefore have no idea what to expect except what my best friend has told me, of the quaint town and the forests and ocean front.

I arrive at the airport and look for her smiling face as I exit the baggage claim and glee fills my heart for the first time in who knows how long as I see her stand a short distance off waiting impatiently for me to come towards her. Her long black hair tied back in a high pony tail sways back and forth as she runs towards me greeting me in a large hug.

“I can’t believe that you are finally here, the last few weeks since graduation have be torture, I missed you so much I hope going home for you wasn’t that bad.” Leah exclaimed with a happy yet somber expression.

“No it was an unexpected goodbye for anyone I saw but I am so excited to be here away from everyone I know except for you that is.” I said smiling but hoping internally that my existence here could distract me from my mind wondering towards the negative.

“Come on lets go I can’t wait for you to meet everyone?” Leah says taking my suitcase and heading towards the door.

“E..Everyone…” I squeak out, “What do you mean everyone?”

“You know my brother and his and my friends…you’ll have to meet them all eventually plus you just might like one of them a few are actually still single if you can believe that.” Leah explained winking at me at the last comment.

Okay I am terrified, I mean I knew that Leah had friends but she never really talked about them at school, she said that she went away to college to get away from them for awhile to come to terms with some things that had happened with her and her friends and family. I never expected her to actually have made up with him and them before I moved here she had never said anything had gotten better, but Leah has always been quite secretive about her life at home. I wonder what changed, I can’t help but be scared at the last comment that she said with a wink ‘some of them are still single’ what was that is she trying to set me up with someone ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am going to jump out of my own skin.

I’ll leave, better yet open the truck door and jump out we are going 60 I could really die if I do it right, NO, No don’t think thoughts like that stop…..I slam my fist hard into my knee waking myself up from my evil rant in my brain snapping myself back into reality only to find Leah looking at me like I am insane, lost, terrified.

“What’s wrong, Larke, you look like I’m going to throw you to a pack of wolves.” Leah says with a small laugh.

“Uhh….sorry you know how I get meeting new people, I don’t like large crowds when you said everyone…I just …don’t know how I can handle that.” I stammered trying to hide my real thoughts from her turning towards the window staring blankly at the passing trees.

“Don’t worry Larks I’m not going to do that to you, you forget I spent 3 years with you at college and know how you get in the middle of a large crowd of strangers. I assure you that everyone will love you to death…their all family to me like a bunch of little brothers, you know.” She said and I could hear her smiling as she said these words to me trying to reassure my ever nervous, anxious thoughts.

The rest of the ride to Leah’s house was done in silence as I pondered my ever growing nervousness and contemplated what her friends and family could look like. Leah was not a picture person, I had only seen a few pictures of her and her brother but they were much younger probably only 12 or 13.

As we neared houses I wondered which house hers would be, would it be large or small I had no idea actually once again I was left in the dark. We pulled to a stop outside of a relatively large house compared to the others around it and hesitantly I proceeded to follow my best friend out of the car towards what I assumed was her mothers’ old house. Her mother had passed away in the middle of our junior year at Ohio University, I knew she shared this house with her brother and one of his friends but that was about all I ever heard about her life here in La push.

“Hey Seth were back are you home?” Leah yelled as we walked through the front door. There was no answer she turned to me and said, “ They must be out or sleeping that is, are you hungry I can make something to eat, I’m sure if the smell of food drifts though the air some of the guys will show up for dinner.”

“Whatever…where should I put my stuff…” I hesitantly asked.

“Oh yeah, go up the stairs fourth door, its on the left I had Seth and Jacob fix it up for you last week.” Leah said as she walked towards the kitchen.

The house had a open floor plan down stairs and had very few walls so the dinning room, front room, and kitchen were all unhindered by walls. The upstairs however consisted of a long hall with several doors along both sides, some of which I assume had to be closets. I found the room Leah said was mine and started to unpack my belongings. I didn’t have much considering I flew here and all but what I could pack in the two large suit cases was more than enough I thought as I observed and took in my surroundings.

I lied back on the bedspread with my hands over my head trying to relax and take in everything that has happened since I left the airport, how could I ever get over this anxiety to meet Leah’s friends. What if they didn’t like me what could I possibly do to get them to like me, I am not that outgoing when I first meet people but once you get to earn my trust I like to believe I open up and let my true colors show. I guess I will just have to grin and bear the awful feelings that envelop me around strangers.

I was awaken from my thoughts by a soft knock on the door, I sighed “yeah.” As I looked towards to closed white door.

“Uh…Leah said to come down and eat the food is almost done.” A strange voice said from behind the door. I panicked oh my gosh some guy is at my door who else is here I can’t come out what if there are like 40 people down there all staring at me.

“I’m not hungry. “ I whispered softly hoping that he could hear me still.

“She told me you would say that…now come on open your door and lets go down together.” I voice tried to reassure me.

“Who’s down there?” I asked tentatively afraid of the answer.

“Just Seth and Leah and Brady, you know your roommates.” He said casually.

“Then who are you? I choked out sitting up on my bed gaining a little courage from his information I would have to meet my roommate sooner or later.

“Open the door and I’ll tell ya.” He said wit a small chuckle.

I hesitantly stood up and reached for the door knob the metal knob feeling cold on my skin, turning the metal sphere in my palm seemed to drag into hours. I swung the door open to see a large man standing there in cut off jeans and a white tanktop smiling hesitantly. His hair is long about to his shoulders, eyes dark, and oh is he hot why does Leah have to have hot friends, I can deal so much better with ugly guys, oh no I bet I’m staring, where to look uh um how bout the floor yeah so that I don’t fall or something even though I’m not clumsy.

“So the door is open…” duh I state the obvious I must sound like a complete jackass in front of this guy I wonder if Leah told him I don’t like people.

“I’m Jacob, sorry to scare you I just wanted to help out you know since your Leah’s friend and all, I live down the street, but like the rest of us I’m here a lot since Seth’s house is large enough for hold us all. Jacob rattled off, I could tell he didn’t know what to say to me he must know more about me than I thought so I smiled and hesitantly walked towards the stairs hoping that I wouldn’t make a complete ass out of myself.