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Let Me Be Your Romeo

This is a poem about Edward's thoughts for Bella.

I added more to it.

1. Let Me Be Your Romeo

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Two houses enemies
Two monsters at each other’s throats
One girl caught in a love triangle
That is doomed to end a life.

But each morning
Signals a new day and
A new chance at happiness.

Happiness for me is a brown eyed girl
That falls down the stairs
And loves Topaz
Because of my eyes.

I listen for her uneven steps every morning
And I wait for her to come barging out the door
To welcome me into her day.

Her scent
Like thousand of roses in full bloom
Is the most beautiful thing
I ever smelt before
And ever will

For she is my world
And I am her moon
I will follow her to the ends of the Earth
If it makes her happy.

To you my Bella
I say
Can I sweep you off your feet
And take you far far away?

Let me be your Romeo.