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Chatting with the Cullens (and Bella)

There back!!!!!!! YES!!! The Cullens are back at creepyhchatrooms.com to wreak more havoc! Watch out!!!!

Written by Blondie Edited by NG XD

1. Pepperoni!!! XD

Rating 5/5   Word Count 571   Review this Chapter

DangerMagnet has signed on

MasochisticLion has signed on

DangerMagnet: FLESHLING

MasochisticLion: Yes, love?

DangerMagnet: I am taking all the pepperoni and running away to Jacob’s house!

MasochisticLion: NOOOOOOOOO!

DangerMagnet: He is already on his way to pick me up!

MasochisticLion: Don’t go!

DangerMagnet: It’s too late!

DangerMagnet: He is down the street!! >:)

MasochisticLion: why, oh why?

DangerMagnet: Cuz I wanna, yo

MasochisticLion: ???


MasochisticLion: Don’t go all gangsta on me or I will be forced to call…

MasochisticLion: EMMETT

MasochisticLion: And tell him to call…

MasochisticLion: THE FUZZ!!! >:D

DangerMagnet: I’m a cholo and we aren’t scared of no Fuzz :{D

MasochisticLion: He is calling the Fuzz’s ANTI-DRUNKIE ORGANIZATION!

DangerMagnet: NOOOOOO!!!

MasochisticLion: Yessss!!! >:P

DangerMagnet: Ooh Jacob is here!

DangerMagnet: Gotta go find that pepperoni

DangerMagnet: BYE!

MasochisticLion: The Fuzz will prevail!

DangerMagnet has signed off

MasochisticLion has signed off


DangerMagnet has signed on

MasochisticLion has signed on

DangerMagnet: Hey

MasochisticLion: Are you with the dog?

DangerMagnet: Yeah

MasochisticLion: What are you doing?

DangerMagnet: Well right now I’m talking to you because Jake is outside

DangerMagnet: Because it is easier to go number 2 as a wolf

DangerMagnet: Also I’m eating pepperoni

MasochisticLion: Okay

DangerMagnet: AAAHHHH!!!


DangerMagnet: TOO SPICY!


DangerMagnet: BRB

MasochisticLion: Wouldn’t normal people drink water or something?

MasochisticLion: ??

MasochisticLion: Hello?

DangerMagnet: I’m back

DangerMagnet: HEY!

DangerMagnet: Are you saying I’m not normal?

MasochisticLion: No…

DangerMagnet: Ugh!

MasochisticLion: What?

DangerMagnet: The chocolate is too sweet and he is OUT OF LEMON JUICE!!!

MasochisticLion: -gasp-

DangerMagnet: Jacob just came waddling in.

DangerMagnet: Ooh…

MasochisticLion: What?

DangerMagnet: He forgot toilet paper.

MasochisticLion: Stupid dog.

DangerMagnet has signed off

MasochisticLion: Was it something I said?

MasochisticLion has signed off


PsychicPixie has signed on

EmotionDude has signed on

EmotionDude: Alice?

PsychicPixie: Yes, Jasper?

EmotionDude: There is something I have to tell you…

EmotionDude: About Barbies…

PsychicPixie: What?

PsychicPixie: Do you collect them?

EmotionDude: Um no, why do you ask??

PsychicPixie: Bella was in the mood for toast and found one in the toaster…

PsychicPixie: I put it in the garbage disposal!


EmotionDude: I mean…

EmotionDude: Emmett is gonna freak

PsychicPixie: Oh well…

PsychicPixie: What was it that you wanted to tell me?

EmotionDude: Um…

PsychicPixie: ??

EmotionDude: Oh yeah

EmotionDude: Mike Newton collects them

PsychicPixie: I already knew that

EmotionDude: Oh

PsychicPixie: Yeah, you were the one who told me…

EmotionDude: Right…

PsychicPixie: Is that all?

EmotionDude: Uh….Bye

PsychicPixie: ??

PsychicPixie has signed off

EmotionDude has signed off


Shop_Till_U_Drop has signed on

GorgeousBlonde: has signed on

Shop_Till_U_Drop: Heyy

GorgeousBlonde: Heyya

Shop_Till_U_Drop: Who is this?

GorgeousBlonde: Rosalie Hale. DUH!!! The most beautiful person alive- no wait…

GorgeousBlonde: I’m dead…

Shop_Till_U_Drop: OMG me too!

GorgeousBlonde: No shit??? Awesome!!!

Shop_Till_U_Drop: Let’s ask Alice if she wants to go shopping

GorgeousBlonde: SWEET!

Shop_Till_U_Drop has signed off

GorgeousBlonde: has signed off


DangerMagnet has signed on

MasochisticLion has signed on

DangerMagnet: Hey

DangerMagnet: I’m home

MasochisticLion: Can I come over?? ;)

DangerMagnet: Sure

DangerMagnet: Should I save you some pepperoni?

DangerMagnet: Chocolate?

DangerMagnet: Lemon juice?

MasochisticLion: No thanks x3…

DangerMagnet: Oh right!!!

DangerMagnet: You don’t eat because you are an…


MasochisticLion: Sure… whatever… (Damn it she found out my secret!)

DangerMagnet: -dialing-

DangerMagnet: The Fuzz say they will be over there shortly!! >:)

MasochisticLion: okay (not the fuzz! They will expose me for who I truly am!)

MasochisticLion: I’m coming over before the Fuzz arrives here

DangerMagnet: Okay ... :(

DangerMagnet: CRAP!

MasochisticLion: ?

DangerMagnet: I whacked the funny bone of my knee….

DangerMagnet: OWWWWW!!!!! T.T

DangerMagnet has signed off

MasochisticLion has signed off


PsychicPixie has signed on

GrizzlyMan has signed on

PsychicPixie: Sorry

GrizzlyMan: About what?

PsychicPixie: I threw away your Celine Dion Barbie

GrizzlyMan: …*smirks*


PsychicPixie: What?

GrizzlyMan: That was Jasper’s!!! :D

PsychicPixie: Jasper…

PsychicPixie has signed off

GrizzlyMan: hehehe

GrizzlyMan has signed off


EmotionDude has signed on

GrizzlyMan has signed on

EmotionDude: YOU…

GrizzlyMan: ?

EmotionDude: You ratted me out…

GrizzlyMan: oh crap!

EmotionDude: That’s right, RUN!

EmotionDude has signed off

GrizzlyMan: Hello?

GrizzlyMan: This is Esme.

GrizzlyMan: Is anyone there?

GrizzlyMan: I am going to break up the fight between Jasper and Emmett.

GrizzlyMan: Bye!

GrizzlyMan has signed off