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Time Ran Out

"I know you wanted to have your beloved one change you into one of us, but time ran out a long time ago Bella. You should be glad we waited this long to take you...."


1. The Castle

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Ice cold fingers brushed my cheek. My eyes fluttered open, all I saw was darkness. I couldn’t remember where I was, only that I think I flew there, or at least it felt like flying. I tried to move my head but something strong and cold that felt like iron was holding it in place. The room around me was amazing, high arches took up half the room’s space, and decorative gold paintings high on the walls. It was like I was laying inside a large castle straight out of a fairytale.

“Please don’t try to move. It will only make this harder for you....” The voice burned in my ears and made my chest fill up with fear. I knew that voice, it was the voice of death, and I realized right then that, that is what this was: my death.

“Aro?” my voice was quiet, I could barely understand what I said, but I knew he could hear me.

“Hello Bella, I’m so sorry that we had to meet like this, but I suppose when we’re in the situation we’re in every meeting is going to be under some kind of bad influence, we should make some attempt to change that, don’t you think?” he was standing behind me, I couldn’t see but I heard the clanging of what sounded like chains and a large book falling on a table.

“What’s going to happen to me?” tears were forming in my eyes. How did he get past Alice? Where is Edward? They must know I’m here...I thought, frantically looking around trying to find an escape, I came up empty. Like I could get away from him anyway...

“I know that you wanted your beloved one to make you one of us Bella. But time ran out a long time ago, you should be glad that we had something to deal with down in the south, or this would have happened at least two months ago,”

I tried to burry my face in my hands but they were also held down my large iron bars.

“Only a precaution,” Aro said in response to my confused face. “You know as well as I that young ones have more strength then the old ones,” Aro laughed and beside everything I couldn’t help but to be amazed at the brilliance of his laugh. He came over to me then, holding a large book in his hands and flipping through the pages quickly. I thought he was looking for something, but when I saw his coal black eyes I realized that they were actually running over the pages, reading each one of them within a millisecond. “I want to share something with you Bella, something I have never shared with anyone before, would you mind if I did that?”

I could barely move my head, but I somehow accomplished a nod, scared to let my voice give away the massive amount of fear I had-Aro continued.

“See, a thousand years ago I was in the same position you are in now. Well, not the exact same I suppose, since I had no clue what was happening and it was in the back of the bar that I bartended at, but anyway.... After I become immortal I started a journal, writing down every death I caused and everything about this life. This here, is my first journal, after three hundred years I kind of needed more then one of them to keep track of everything,” the book he held was very large, the cover was made out of wood, with a massive rose carved out in the middle. “You see, the reason I got this out tonight was because after I was reborn, I wrote down every detail about that experience. And I thought that now that I am making that experience for someone else. I should remember how it feels, so I can at least have some sympathy with you,” a smile spread across his face, and the thought that those white shining rock hard teeth would be piercing my skin, made a whole new set of tears come out. Even though I made no noise, I was hysterical, sobs and sobs came out of my chest.

Aro sighed, and placed the back of his hand on my cheek, I flinched (as much as I could) away from the ice cold of his hand.

“You should be flattered, do you even know what I had to do to get the privilege of changing you? You should have heard Felix, he wanted you so bad. But, marginally, he had to reason with the fact I won the battle,” he gleamed.

I was paying enough attention between my tears to be confused with what he said, “Battle?” I squeaked.

“Bella, you are the most promising human since little old Jane came. Everyone wanted to taste you, to try to understand the connection that Edward has for you. There was a very large battle between the Volturi that day, it wasn’t a very pleasant one, we actually lost three of our guards. And believe it or not, but I had to feel the power of Jane again, for your blood, and believe me, that was not something I wanted to endure again,” The memory of Edward’s face when Jane used her powers on him made me shiver. Aro sighed in remorse, then his face brightened and became excited. “But to have won! You do not understand the potential you have with us Bella, I can hardly wait! And the fact that you are going to be bringing along at least one more with you...” Aro trailed off and I became confused again.

“What do you mean I’ll be bringing one along with me?” with all of Aro’s talking I became slightly interested in what he was saying, and the tears lightened and soon disappeared, but I knew they would soon be back.

“You don’t think Edward would give you up just because we took you! Ha!” he laughed. “That boy would follow you anywhere, and since we have you, he will surely join...” Aro smiled at the thought. “And then Alice might join...Oh! That would just be wondrous! Which reminds me, we should really hurry this up, since I know any minute Edward will be here, well, at least be trying to get past the guards.”

Aro reached over my head and placed his journal on something behind me, then attempted to smile apologetically, but I could see the anticipation anyway. He leaned down and brushed my hair away from my neck, then as the last tears drifted down my cheek I felt the slight pressure of his teeth press on my skin....