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How I met Jasper...

This short story is about Alice meeting Jasper after dreaming about him...

Short Story

1. Chapter 1

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How I met Jasper…

It was a weird time of my life. I was a vampire and I had learned to live as one but I had no clue how I became what I was. If I would try to tell you what I can remember of my past it would not be what you expect anyway. So let me start my story from the following point.

I had no idea how love could unleash one’s heart and lighten up your dark, till I saw him in my mind the first time. My blond Angel with light brown eyes and a handsome smile…

I was in the forest on my own of course. I was half running half flying between the great trees. I had the feeling that I would not be alone anymore that I would have sort of a family in future. This forecast of mine was enough to put my emotions in pure delight. The expectation of a family filled my mind with so much joy that I thought my chest would burst into peaces.

That was the time I started to go to the forest. It was the only way I could give the energy back which the forecast brought up in me. Can you imagine that kind of happiness? You can’t wait to meet your mom and dad and your brothers and sister but all you know is that you will meet them soon.

As you all might know I am a restless, crazy hopping but that maybe is the result of me waiting so long to meet myJcanon ball family. First I did not even now their names. Then time passes by and I knew that my parents will be Carlise & Esme and that I will have a brother whose name is Edward and that there will be Rosalie and Emmet but than something strange happened.

All of a sudden I knew that I won’t be just a daughter and a sister soon but I would be ones soul maid. It is almost impossible to write about that experience. I could not wait to meet them all. I would have I friend soon, a comrade to live life together. I knew I was about to fall in love and right than I was!

I was running through the forest when I saw his face the first time. His golden curled hair and his sparkling eyes. I knew that he knew nothing about me but for gods sake he would love me from the very first moment his eyes would met my.

Being in love with someone you have not even seen yet is more than crazy. The curiosity kills you everyday and you start to spend hours in silence just with realizing his face in your mind…And I did. I lay on the ground on the woods and all I was doing was imagining the face of the man I loved with deep and true affection.

Someday all my future stood right there in my mind. Everything was clear. I knew he would come today. A romantic melody started to sing in my mind. I was about to meet my Jasper in a few minutes in a dark diner.
Than everything happened as I awaited it. The Philadelphia sky became darker and darker. I knew what to do and I felt like a child waiting to unpack the Christmas presents.

I was waiting for him in the diner. I was sitting on a high stool when I saw him for the first time in reality. His golden hair was wet because of the rain and his eyes were dark. The rain was dropping slowly from the tip of his nose. I started to shiver. No word has ever been invented to describe the unconditional love I felt for him at the first sight. I looked at him and it was like coming home after a long journey.

Jasper I whispered so silently to myself. But he heard it. Than our eyes met for the first time in both of our lives and the enchantment took its place…I hopped up from the stool of the counter and ran towards him. He was surprised but somehow all seemed to be right for him. He could not resist looking at me.

You’ve kept me awaiting a long time
I said to him. Jasper looked at me, smiled slowly and ducked his head like a perfect southern gentleman
I’m sorry ma’am
he answered. Than I held down my hand and without a word he took it. The last thing I could read in his mind was hope… He felt hope for the first time and I was the reason. Little, crazy, restless Alice was the reason…

Since this day I met him he calls me Hope sometimes. Yeah, I know that’s cute and he is cute as hell to. He is my destiny…My Jasper and I will be his hope for ever.

I love you