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How I met Emmet

Short Story about the first meeting of the two...


1. Chapter 1

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How I met Emmet,

I was hunting in Appalachia on my own. In those times I was not very comfortable with my existence as a soulless creature damned to kill for thirst. So that was the reason why I often was alone. I loved Esme and Carlisle and my relationship to Edward went better every day but I was alone in my mind.

I heard someone scream in the woods so I ran to where the noise came from. Then I saw this human fighting with a Bear. This fearless man stood right in front of this deadly animal and all he was doing was smiling and keeping his defence. He must have known that he would loose this battle but it was impressing to see how he took his death with his head up high.

But the bear was about to squeeze life out of him. He took this man and through him merciless on the ground. I had a short glance at him while he was lying there. He was tall and had dark hair. His face was full of blood and he was still breathing.

My whole existence turned upside down and all of a sudden I decided to save this mans live. I got him in a slight second. He was almost unconscious. There was this strange innocence that seemed so out of place on this adult man’s face. I didn’t want him die although I hated this life.
I could not help myself but I knew I had to save him.

Don’t die I said to him and than I started running. He was bleeding heavily and the smell almost drive me insane. There were moments in which I was about to give up and kill him but I fought this intense feeling. I run as fast as I could. His heartbeat became slowly and I ran even faster.
After a hundred miles I finally reached our home. I bagged Carlisle to help me and he did immediately.

I stood by his side while he transformed. It was strange because sometimes he opened his eyes looked at me and between the pain he called me instantly angel. I thought he was out of his mind but he told me later, that he thought he was about to die and I was his angel. Well, he knew later that I was kind of his private death angel.
I was so frightened about what I had done to him. I was wondering whether he would hate me after the transformation but it was on the contrary.

Then finally he was a vampire. Carlisle explained him everything and all he did respond was that if life as a vampire means life with me, his angel on his side than it is much more worth living. The first day we spend together he took me in his arms and we went to the place where I had found him. We sat there for hours just looking at each other. With every minute left I felt the warmth I missed for so long growing bigger and bigger and than I fell in love with the most wonderful man I had ever seen. I knew for sure that he always would treat me with love, respect and devotion and so did I. He slowly leaned forward and kissed me gently on my forehead. I love him ever since…