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Bella and Edward are happily married (something I think most of us are desperate for.) But what happens when they recieve some utterly unexpected company?

This story came to me when I was (surprisingly) drying my hair. As I was staring at the tile floors, I was writing my own Breaking Dawn and other various Twilight stories. This one was so "out-there" it stuck. Here goes...

1. Queasy.

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“How are you feeling?”

My eyes fluttered open at the sound of his icy voice. His tone was dripping anxiety. I had been down and woozy for almost two weeks. My stomach was bloated and there was no evidence to tell me what was possibly the matter. We’d been married just one month before he’d convinced me (well, his eyes were his ally so that explains things) to accompany him to Dartmouth. Even now, looking back, all I can think is stupid shiny Volvo owner. As my luck would have it, hardly six months after that, directly before we were to take a trip back to Forks, I caught some horrid indescribable bug. And so here I lay, in the comfort of his--our bedroom in the Cullen fortress. The morning sun streamed through the windows, casting an eerie affect on his marble face.

“You don’t really want to know that, do you?” My voice was shaky with nausea.

“Yes, I really do. Tell me.” The last sentence was more of a demand. His eyes penetrated my defenses.

“Absolutely, positively, horrible.” I paused. It was coming…

Alice flashed before me and set the bowl in place a millisecond before the regurgitation would have hit the floor.

“Whew. Glad I saw that one coming.” She sighed. She lifted a perfect eyebrow.

“Yeah that would’ve--” I began, but her face suddenly changed. The sparkle left her eyes as her eyebrow slowly lowered itself to its usual position.

“Edward, what--” I stopped dead in my tracks. Edward and Alice were both staring at me. There faces almost expressing revulsion.

Suddenly, I was extremely frustrated. “What? Stop staring and tell me!”

Alice recovered her senses, but her eyes remained amazed.

“It’s impossible.” She muttered almost too quietly for my feeble human ears to distinguish. Before I could reply, she had disappeared and I was again alone with my flabbergasted husband. The confusion was overwhelming. There were just two questions I had: What had she seen, and what in the world could have driven Edward into this catatonic state?

“Edward?” His dazed expression was disorienting he never got this…odd.

Carlisle entered the door this time. His expression was simply one of wonder.

At the sight of his “father”, Edward shook his head and jumped off the bed.

“Well, Isabella, I’m astonished. Simply astonished. I’ve never heard of this and--up until ten seconds ago--I’d thought it was impossible.”

By the end of this speech, the rest of the family had joined the crowd.

“Are any of you planning on enlightening me on what all the fuss is about? Ever?” I was starting to get sincerely fed up.

“Maybe Edward should.” Esme said.

I turned to him, expectant.

“I-I-I-” His expression was hurt. “How could you Bella? Goodness! I’d thought we’d gotten over the mongrel! I would have never expected--after everything and the wedding. Do you regret it all?”

I was at a loss. “Mongrel? Regret? Regret marrying you? Are you insane?” I paused. “By mongrel I hope you don’t mean Jacob.”

“Who else? Bella Swan--”

“Edward!” Rosalie’s voice startled me, it was the last one I was expecting to hear. She was reproachful. She turned to me. “Bella, you. Are. Pregnant.”

There was an intake of breath and it took me a second to realize it was mine. “That’s impossible. I-you said you can’t. He’s a vampire.” I stated the obvious.

“Unless you--” Edward growled.

“You cannot possibly think that Jacob--Edward you need to think. I love you.”

His face softened and the accusation left his eyes. “I know.”

“Well, this is certainly a first.” Emmett chuckled.