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Before My Life Began

Edward and Bella have gone to Chicago for their honeymoon. One evening, before they are due to go back to Forks, Edward takes Bella to the site of his parent's grave. Yet something else in that graveyard catches his eye that night...

This idea is totally my own, helped by Stephenie Meyer of course with her wonderful characters. They are not mine, but hers, except for the original characters that appear in this story. THEY ARE MINE: DO NOT TAKE THEM!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and please review at the end, I will be very grateful.

2. Silence

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Edward turned around to pluck me off his back. He hadn’t said anything since we had left the cemetery. Not that he could say much running.

I hadn’t said anything when Edward had first lifted me onto his back. The image of the tombstone kept popping into my mind.

Who was Hannah Katherine Phillips? How did Edward know her? Why did he react in that way?

It frustrated me, and a pit began to form in my stomach. Why was I so worried about this girl? She was dead.

When we arrived back at the hotel, Edward was just as silent as I was. I stole quick look at his face. It was cold, with no feeling to it. A look I hadn’t seen since…the time he went away. Something tugged at my heart, a bad memory. I shut it down quickly – a memory I was forced to never remember. One that I did not want to remember.

The dull light of the elevator was causing Edward’s skin to glitter slightly, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful my husband was.

But was this new beginning to our relationship rocky already?

Edward still held my hand as well walked back to our room. It was so quiet, I was sure he would be able to hear the beating of my heart.

Yet he didn’t say anything as we walked into the room. Letting my hand slide out of his, he made his way to the bed, still cold and unresponsive.

I smiled softly at Edward. “I need a human moment.” I hoped that the joke would bring a smile to his lips.

Edward only nodded from the bed, so I picked up my towel and headed to the bathroom.

The hot water, as usual, worked miracles on my body. I felt my tense muscles unknit themselves, the heat of the water making me sleepy.

Soon enough though, my human moment was over. I dithered in the bathroom, thoroughly brushing my teeth, combing my hair. I rearranged the towels on the rack and cleaned up the beauty products that Alice had snuck into my case.

My hand hovered over the doorknob.

When I opened it, Edward was still lying on the bed, a statue carved out of stone.

I went up to him, lying down beside his stone cold body.

His hands automatically wound their way around my body, pulling me nearer to him. I sighed internally, relief washing over me as his lips brushed against my hair.

I twisted my body around so that I was facing his beautiful face. I traced his jaw line, looking up through my eyelids. I’d seen Rosalie do it to Emmett the other day, at the wedding, and she made it seem so natural.

I, however, looked pitiful.

It was enough, however, to make Edward laugh, and he smiled for the first time in hours.

“Edward…” I trailed off, tracing my hand across his stone stomach. It was cold – not that I would mind.

“Yes Bella?” He was now playing with a piece of my hair.

“Who is Hannah Katherine Phillips?”

There was a thick, heavy silence in the air. Edward dropped the lock of hair, and it fell in front of my eyes. My heart panicked.

“Shhh Bella…” Edward was up in an instant, cradling me in his arms. I felt my stomach curl. Why wouldn’t Edward tell me?

“Who is she?” I demanded, turning to look him in the eye.

I heard Edward sigh as he turned away from me.

“Please?” I whispered.

Edward looked back into my eyes, and I gasped. His face was full of sadness, a sadness I had never seen before in my life. A sight that broke my heart into a million pieces. I reached up to touch his cheek. If a vampire could cry…

Edward opened his mouth to speak, hesitating.

“Hannah Katherine Phillips died because of me.”