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Untitled (as of now)

What if there were no vampires in Twilight? What if everything was totally different? My version of a totally 'different' twilight. (I suck at summaries)

Disclaimer: Everything this story is started from i.e. the idea, characters and ships, are entirely owned by the original author (Stephenie Meyer)

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter One

I woke up in the morning and looked around the room. Today was my first day as an editor for a famous Entertainment Magazine as a photo editor and I, as usual, was very excited. I shifted a little and checked my clock at my bedside table. It was a little early for me to get up, so, I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. But, sleep didn’t come again. I got up and went to start getting ready before-hand.

At twenty one years of age, I was living in a flat with my friend Alice in London. She was very easy to live with.

I went into the bathroom and took a shower, taking my time as the classes started at 9.00 and it was still 6.30. I came out and dressed into a teal colored t-shirt and a denim jeans Capri. I brushed my hair and left them straight down my back. Then I got my bag ready, making sure all the essentials were in there. I made my way out to the kitchen to find Alice already up and ready for her day and making breakfast.

“Morning. Up early I see.” I said in a mocking tone, while sitting at the table.

Alice never woke up early in the morning, but always managed to get to work on time. She was working as a fashion designer and was engaged to her high-school boyfriend, Jasper Hale. So far, her career and personal life, both, were reasonably successful and I was very happy for her.

“Hey. I just couldn’t go back to sleep. Plus, I wanted to wish you good luck before you started your first day at your new job.” She replied as she took out 4 slices of bread. “French toast?” she asked turning around.

I nodded. As Alice made the breakfast, I decided to read a novel that I was so obsessed with recently. After around ten minutes, Alice returned to the table with two plates and two cups of coffee and settled them on the table.

“Lily, I had something to tell you.” She said in a tone that made me suspicious that something was wrong. I looked up at her face.

“Is everything alright?” I asked, worry and concern evident on my face. Suddenly Alice broke into a huge grin.

“I have decided to buy a house.” She said. I glared at her for a second and then broke into a smile too.

“That’s good. Where?” I asked.

“Here in London of course. And you’ll be moving in with me too and helping me find a good house.” She said in an orderly manner.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay with me moving in with you? I don’t want to be a burden or anything.” I said, thinking that I had disturbed Alice when I moved in with her in this flat that was entirely her own. She didn’t let me pay any share in the rent and I felt a little bad about it.

“Don’t be stupid, Bella. I would love it if you moved in with me and how many times do I have to tell you not to worry about disturbing me. You are my best-friend and like a sister to me.” She said “And no need to thank for that.” She added with a smile as I just opened my mouth to thank her.

“You know me too well.” I said, shaking my head. I finished my breakfast and looked at my watch. It was half an hour till I had to report to work. I finished the remains of my coffee and got up.

“If I don’t go now, I’ll be late for my first day at the office, despite waking up early.” I said. Alice got up and hugged me.

“Good luck” she said as she walked to the door with me.

“Thanks. See you later in the evening.” I said and walked out of the door and made my way to my car.

It was a 20 minutes drive to my office from where I lived. I hoped when Alice and I moved, it was somewhere near. I drove into the parking lot and parked my car in an empty space. Taking the keys, I got out of the car and noticed the building for the first time.

It was an off-white building with around 5 floors, with a lot of tinted, glass windows. I sighed. No matter how excited I was, I was nervous too. Hanging my bag on my shoulder, I went inside the building. I walked over to the receptionist there and asked her for directions.

“Miss Swan, your office is on the 4th floor, go straight across the hall into the corridor and 4th door to your left. And Mr. Cullen, is expecting you in his office. It’s two doors from your office.” She explained.

I thanked her and made my way towards the elevators. I stepped inside the elevator and pressed the button for the 4th floor. The elevator stopped at the 2nd floor and a man of around 22 stepped inside. He gave me a smile and I returned the gesture. He was taller than me, around 5’11 maybe. From his face and his expressions, he looked quite a warm and a humorous personality but I decided not to count on that.

“Hello, you must be a newbie.” He said with a smile.

I nodded. “Yes in the editor’s pack.” I replied, using my words as freely as he had.

He chuckled softly and extended his hand as he introduced himself. “I’m Clifford Mason. I work in the sports section.” He said.

I shook his hand. “I’m Bella Swan.” I said and right at that instant, the elevator made a sound indicating that it had reached the floor I was to get out on.

“Well, I have to report now. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Mason.” I said with a small smile.

Jacob nodded. “Please call me Clifford. I’ll see you around then.” He said and the elevator doors closed.

I started walking in the direction the receptionist had explained to me and I reached my office door. The Label on the door said ‘Isabella Swan’ and under it was written ‘Photo (picture) Editor’. I smiled and made my way towards Mr. Cullen’s office. It was labeled too only it said ‘Edward Cullen Editor in Chief’.

I took a deep breath and knocked at the door.

“Come in!” a smooth voice called out from the other side of the door. I opened the door and walked inside, closing the door. “Good morning, Miss Swan. I have been expecting you. Please have a seat.” He greeted me in the most perfect gentlemanly manner I had ever witnessed. I sat down in the empty seat.

“So, Bella. You don’t mind me calling you Bella do you?” he asked and then paused, waiting for my approval. I didn’t know why he waited for it though, he was my senior and he didn’t need to ask it but as I said before, his manner seemed to be that of a perfect gentleman. I shook my head. “As it is your first day, I won’t burden you with piles of work. Please make yourself comfortable over here and if you have any problems feel free to ask me any time. And I take it that the receptionist, Miss Todd, has given you the directions to your office?” I nodded. “Good. I wish you all the best and hope that you enjoy working here.” He finished, smiling all the while.

There was something in his manner and the way he was that really mesmerized me from that moment on. Especially his voice. It was only the first time we had met yet the best thing I liked was that he was formal yet informal at the same time. I hoped I enjoyed working here too.

I nodded and he explained to me further of tat day’s assignment. I had a few pictures to edit that he had given to me that I had to scan and then edit them accordingly. They had all been taken by the photographers to bring out the beauty of nature.

“Thank you Mr. Cullen.” I said after he finished explaining everything and had to leave to start working.

“Edward.” He corrected me with a warm smile. Wow. And we just met and he was my senior and he was being on so friendly. I could swear if it would have been anyone else he would have been ot totally opposite but not so friendly on my first day. “And |Bella once your office hours are over please report to me again.” He said. I nodded and got up and left the room to go to my office.

Whatever it was that I was feeling wasn’t good. He was my senior (boss) and I was mesmerized by him as if I was in some high-school still. But the name Edward Cullen sounded very familiar. And that was when I remembered that Edward was infact Alice’s brother. She had mentioned that her brother works in the same office as I will be working in but never mentioned that post he was working for.

I stepped into my office and looked around the room. I had two tables in it. First the bigger one had a computer, files, a telephone and other essentials. The other table had a printer, scanner, and a fax machine held on it. My office was bigger than I had expected it to be. It also had a book shelf where magazines and other random books were kept and also there was a filing cabinet.

I went up to the table where the computer was and noticed that there was a naming tablet kept that read the same as the label on my door. I smiled and got straight to work.

I worked very hard and after finishing with what I had to do for the day, I re-checked what I had done and I was satisfied with my work. Looking up at the clock in my office, I saw that it was 5 6.25. Gathering all my things, and switching off my lights and everything else, I made my way to Mr. Cullen’s office. Reaching the door, I knocked and opened the door peeking in.

“Ah, Bella. Come on in.” he said with a smile.

“Evening Mr. Cullen. I came to submit all the work.” I said and put the printed pictures and the CDs I had in my hand on the table. I didn’t notice that he was watching me, smiling the whole time, until I looked up.

“Edward.” He corrected me again for the second time.

“Sorry. Edward.” I said with a soft chuckle.

He took all the CDs, and wet through the work I had done today and also saw the printed pictures. “Well Bella, I must say I’m impressed. I knew the firm had hired a talented one this time.” He said in his soft, velvet voice.

“Thanks. Umm … is there any other thing I have to do for today?” I asked, hoping that there wasn’t as it had worked straight hours for the first time which made me exhausted.

“No. I think you’ve done enough for today. You can go home if you want to.” He said.

“Well, I think I will take my leave now. See you tomorrow.” I said as he nodded and I got up to leave the room. As soon as I reached the door and was about to open it, he called my name and I turned around.

“Please, remember, you do not have to work straight hours and not all the work needs to be done in one day. There are deadlines for every assignment which I will let you know. Also, I did not see you for your lunch break. So, do not take it as a stress or tension. Be relaxed and if you have any problem you know where to find me.” He said with a wink.

I smiled warily and nodded. “Okay. Thanks again.” I said and left the office.

I drove to the flat and noticed that it was 7.55 and by the looks of it, Alice wasn’t home yet. I went into the kitchen and noticed that there was a box of Pizza kept there on the counter and a note on top of it.


I’ll be over at Jasper’s for tonight and also tomorrow night so don’t worry about me. I thought you wouldn’t return home till late as it was 5 by then, so, I ordered pizza for you to save you the trouble. Hope you had a nice first day


P.S. I hope my brother didn't give you alot of work.'

I shook my head 'No Alice, infact I'm totally smitten by him.' I thought sarcastically and laughed to myself and ate the pizza while watching t.v. By the time I was done with everything I had to, it was 11. I changed into my pyjamas and went to bed, lying there and thinking about the day I had had. I couldn’t help myself but think about Edward. Ugh! It has only been one day, Bella and already … I thought to myself and drifted off to sleep, hoping that the next day would be as it had been today.