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The Lion, The Lamb and The Lioness

Elaine is a newcomer to Forks. And the daughter of a new police officer, she meets Bella and they become friends. But is there anything diffrent about her...


2. ~illegal u-turns~

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Chapter 2 -Bella's Point of View-

I put my hand out and said nicely,

"Bella Swan, nice to meet you." She smiled and put her hand in mine, it was ice cold.

"Elaine Masen, nice to meet you too." Masen, it sounded familiar…

"Masen, isn't it Ross?" I questioned her. She chuckled,

"No, Brendon adopted me quite a while back, but I kept my last name." No wonder he looked so young. She flashed a crooked smile; it reminded me of something…

"So any ideas about what you want to do?"

She pondered for a moment, "No, what about you?"

"Um, we could go to the mall or something…"

"Sure! Sounds fun!"

We laughed and walked downstairs then when we got to the parking lot she looked at me,

"Your car or mine?" she said in her naturally quiet voice.

"Depends, do mind a car that can't go over sixty miles an hour?" I laughed.

"Let's take mine" she chuckled. Elaine led me to her car; it was a bright green Porsche.

"Such a loud car for a quiet girl." I laughed. She chuckled.

"I like fast cars…and the color green" We got in her car laughing.

"So what kind of music do you like?" she asked.

"Well I like a lot of stuff, but my boyfriend has drilled classical things like Debussy in my head."

"Wow, I feel sorry for you, I like a lot of loud rock music, do you mind if I play some?"

"No, go ahead, oh turn here." I said, pointing her in the direction of the mall. She nodded and turned on her turn signal then popped in a CD. She was right, loud music came bursting through the speakers. We started singing along with the song, I knew it well. We had a laugh and after a few songs and couple of illegal U-turns we were at the mall.

"So, where do you want to go first?" I asked her.

"Um, lets just walk around for a bit."

"Ok." I said. We walked in a CD store and got a couple of CDs and Elaine got some headphones. Then we moved on to a clothing store, we tried on a couple of outfits. Then Elaine said,

"Hey, what do you think about this?" she asked shyly. She came out of the dressing room, it looked really good. I just wish Alice was here, Elaine would have more fun with her than with me.

"You look great, I think you should meet my friend Alice, she loves making me her Barbie, and she's really into it."

"Thanks" she said. A normal person would've blushed, she looked like she should've, but she didn't. She thought for a minute.

"Hey, why don't we go get our nails done?"

"Sure" I said. She paid for the jeans she tried on and I bought a blue top, Edward's favorite color. We walked around and talked for a while until we found a place that did nails. We waited and then sat side by side to get our nails done. Elaine was getting green nails with a splatter of black, water like-drops on each nail; I got the same thing but a deep blue with red. We were chatting about things while the man and woman doing our nails gathered their things. They sat back down and picked up our hands. The man doing Elaine's said,

"Honey, are you okay, your hands are ice cold?" She looked at him and laughed,

"I'm fine, it's always like that; my dad says I'm cold blooded." The man nodded and started filing her nails.

"So," I said, "Do you miss your friends at your old home?"

"Not, really. I didn't have many friends. I don't know if you noticed I'm shy and kind of anti-social." She looked at me and we laughed and finished getting our nails done.

When we were done we walked around for a while and then I remembered something.

"Hey, Elaine? Are you hungry?"

"No, not really, what about you?"

"A little." I admitted.

"Well, let's get you something to eat."

We were walking toward the exit of the mall, before we opened the door she looked up at the cloudy sky the let out a small sigh of relief and we went and found her car. We grabbed some fries from a fast-food restaurant and we went to a woodsy park. We laid out in the grass and under the trees and just talked for a while. After a little bit the sun barely poked through the trees and clouds, it shined right on Elaine, and her skin sparkled. Suddenly my brain clicked, of course how could I have been so stupid, it all made sense now, so I asked Elaine the same question I asked Edward not too long ago.

"Elaine, How old are you?" She sat up and looked at me.


"How long have you been fifteen?"