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The Lion, The Lamb and The Lioness

Elaine is a newcomer to Forks. And the daughter of a new police officer, she meets Bella and they become friends. But is there anything diffrent about her...


4. ~the story is...~

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Chapter 4 -Elaine's Point of View-

Edward, the name…could it be?

"Why?" Bella asked.

"Because, I believe they know each other." said Carlisle. I looked at him, and I saw Alice, she looked like she wanted to jump around the room, she was smiling real big and could barely keep still.

"How?" asked Bella.

"Maybe Elaine could answer your question." said Carlisle. Bella looked at me, but I looked at Carlisle.

"Do you mean Edward Masen?" Bella looked at me, surprised. Carlisle nodded. I looked at Bella.

"Edward was my brother's name. But he died during the influenza epidemic in the early nineteen hundreds; do you mean he's a vampire too?" Carlisle nodded. I ran my fingers through my bronze hair; it was a habit of mine.

"In fact, he was changed three years before you. Your mother commanded me to save him, in a way only I could, so she must've guessed what I was." Carlisle said. I was shocked.

"But he's, a Cullen, and he lives here?" Everyone nodded, most of them still had a complete look of shock on their face

."I had no idea; I haven't seen him in over 90 years!" I said, excited.

"So is he coming here now?" I asked. At that moment the door opened.

"Hey, what's up, Alice said to come home" said a soft voice. I turned around; it was basically a male version of me. I just stared. Then Carlisle spoke.

"Edward, we found someone you might know. He looked down at me; I was a head shorter than him.

"Her, name is Elaine Masen; I believe you two have met." Said Carlisle.

Edward whispered. "Oh, my God…" Then he pulled me in a tight hug.

"I can't believe you're still alive." he said. I looked at him. "Well you know what I mean." he chuckled.

"So you're traveling with someone else?" he asked. I nodded.

"Brendon Ross, he's a new police officer at the station."

"Well, um I'd introduce you to everyone, but I guess…" he said. "You already know them…oh well this is Jasper; he's one of my adopted brothers. And-"

There Alice but in. "He's my fiancé/ boyfriend/husband, and yeah it changes a lot." Jasper sort of waved, he seemed pretty shy. She smiled. There was a small silence. It felt like everyone was thinking the same thing.

"So do you guys want to do something?" asked Emmett, breaking the ice. Everyone kind of shrugged.

"How about some baseball?" he suggested. I was confused, it was starting to thunder and lightning, it would start pouring any minute.

"Yeah!" yelled Alice. There was a few mumbles of agreement and I followed everyone outside. Bella climbed on Edward's back and we ran towards the woods.

We made it to a clearing and surprisingly, it was dry, everyone but Bella sparkled in the sunshine. Esme explained what we were doing and I immediately joined in. It was a lot of fun, me and Edward were both equally fast, but the way I ran wasn't as aggressive as the way he did. Emmett definitely could hit the ball the hardest, it went really far, Alice was so hyper, she was just everywhere at once. Rosalie looked very graceful when she ran. Jasper, he was very hard to describe, he was just so calm. Carlisle often looked over at Esme and smiled. Edward did the same with Bella, only more often. Over the course of the game, Esme had to stop several arguments that broke out randomly.

After a while Bella realized, "We have to get home, Charlie and Officer Brendon will be wondering where we are." I nodded, but then I turned to Carlisle.

"There's one thing I have to tell you, Me and my companion, Brendon, actually came to Forks looking for you guys, of course I had no idea Edward was here, let alone he was still 'alive', but I was hoping for your permission to tell him what I've learned about you guys today." I looked up at him. He smiled.

"Of course, and tell him to come over anytime." I smiled back at him. Bella hopped on Edward's back and we were off to the Cullen's house.

We got to the house and everyone smiled and waved goodbye, well except for Rosalie. Alice and Esme both gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.

Edward pulled me into a tight hug, effortlessly picked me up and spun me around. He kissed my forehead. "We're going to be a family again. Forever. Do you hear me?". I simply nodded, if I could, I would probably cry.

We walked to my car I slid in the driver's side and Bella slipped into the passenger door. We waved one last time, and pulled away from the house. As we were driving, Bella looked at me. "Wait, you said you're '15', how do you have a driver's license?" she asked me. "Well the story is that I used to live in California, where you can get your license at my age." She smirked at me and we laughed as we drove back to the station.