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A New Life.

Bella finds herself in a new predicament that could strangle her chances to be happy forever. One huge mistake has caught her in a net she doesn't know how to escape from.


1. Breaking the news.

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Edward wrapped his arms around me as I cried, he's always been my comfort.
"Bella, it's okay. We'll fix this. There's got to be a way." he sooths, but not even his voice can calm me down.
My sobs are the loudest and hardest I've ever cried. I couldn't believe what I'd found out.
The news had hit my like a million bricks in the gut.
I knew the mistake had been about a few weeks ago, but I never imagined this, and esspecially not with Jacob Black.
My shoulders were bobbing and my head was starting to ache. I knew I couldn't cry like this much longer.
"Bella, calm down. Really. We'll be fine. I'm here through everything, forever now."
His voice was cold and unconvincing. When I'd told him my news his face fell, and had I not known better I would've stooped
to catch it before it fell to the ground.
I shake my head against his chest.
He hushes me but it's a failed attempt.
"Quiet, Bella. You'll wake everyone." he jokes, a smirk clearly sounding in his voice.
"Not funny! I don't want Jake's baby! I don't want anything to do with him!" I shout.
"Bella, seriously, calm down, and quiet down, we're all irritable as it is, with the new one and all. They'll have a coniption
if you're yelling like this all night." He sternly states, and pulls my head up to look at him.
"Shh. It's okay."
He picks me and lays me in the beautiful bed he bought just for nights when I stayed over, nights like this, except his visions of why I'd
be there were much different, I'm sure.

Alice woke me with a start. I sprang up, frightened and a low, rumble shook the bed as I stared right into Alice's eyes.
The rumble had been Edward's most protective growl and I knew whatever Alice was here for wasn't good, and I had an idea I knew what it was.
"Why didn't you tell me, Bella? I thought we were best friends." Her eyes were colder than normal and completely let down.
"I figure you already knew. That you were just keeping quiet because you didn't want to upset me."
She burst into a sarcastic and cynical round of laughter.
"Oh, you were serious? HA! Bella, had I known THIS would happen, you'd be chained to this bed until you were changed." she cried.
I looked down, more dissapointed in myself than I had been yet. I knew I should've told her first. Her feelings were hurt too easily.
"Can I...abort it?" I asked, low and under my breath.
"BELLA!" Alice screams.
"No, no, no. Alice, this might be a good idea, what would we do with...IT when she's...when she's one of us?" Edward's point only makes the feeling
in my gut to go through with it sound better and I'm set on it.
A brief silence and then Alice's voice breaks in.
"I can't argue. Bella's made up her mind. She's going through with it."
My stomach turned and fell and I knew I'd be sick. I slipped off the bed but I was already in Edward's arms and we were two steps from the bathroom.
Sometimes I swear his not being able to read my mind is all a bluff.

Edward's holding my hair and I finish getting rid of the only thing in my stomach...besides...besides IT.
I can't help but be forced to think of the night this was cursed into my life.

The night was warm and lonely. Edward had been gone for two weeks and I hadn't moved from my bed much since he'd left.
My phone rang beside me and I quickly answered, expecting a Cullen on the other line.
"Hello?" I answer.
"Bella..." a deep and familiar voice breathed.
"JACOB?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" I screeched.
"I'm back."
I jumped from my bed, with more energy than I'd had for a fortnight.
"Can I come over? I'm coming over!" my head was light from the sudden and drastic change but I was holding the phone with my shoulder
while I searched for pants to put on.
"Absolutely. I'd love to see you. But...I'm afraid I'm not home at the moment." he giggles.
"What?! Jake where are you?"
The phone cut off and I knock on my window sent chills down my spine.
I turned to look and Jacob was grinning at me.
I slid over to the window and opened it, pulling him inside in my embrace.
"Hey." he laughed.
"How long have you been there?" I whispered, still not letting go.
"A few minutes." He said, stroking my hair with one hand while the other laid on the small of my back.
I couldn't speak for a few minutes but I realized all I had on was a purple cami and purple and blue striped boy shorts underwear.
"Well...I'm embarrassed." I grin as I pull back and grab my comfort to wrap myself in.
"I like this look." he states, serious and looking at me with a strange intent written in his eyes.
He edged toward me and slipped the comforter from my hands and lifted me into his arms.
Instinct made me wrap my legs around his waist and he kissed me.
He pushed me against my wall and this progressed.
My mind wouldn't let me go any further into detail and I was glad.
The falling out we'd had a few days after about how my plans for my future still remained had made me question what I ever saw in Jacob
in the first place. I'd been doing well in not wanting him around and not thinking about him, but this was making it hard.