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Edward and the Cullens attend a preporatory in Seattle... and so do the Quileute werewolves! How will the new girl, Bella, cope with the strange prejudices the two groups of people have against each other? Love, rumours and problems abound... EXB

Okay, this story is about a boarding school, and takes place in modern day… in Seattle… Edward is a vampire, Bella is a human, and Jake is a werewolf… JACOB POV:

1. The New Girl

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“Jacob Black, please report to the headmaster’s office immediately,” a dull, lifeless voice resonated throughout the halls of ­­­­­­­Braxwell Preparatory- the voice of Sue, the receptionist. It might not have sounded like it, but I knew she was most likely pissed at having to reach the two feet across her desk to the microphone. I’d been in there so many times that there was no doubt in my mind she had been watching funny cat videos on YouTube before having to page me.

“Jacob, you’d better go,” one of the more kind teachers in this institution, Mrs. Clearwater, instructed me.

“Sure, sure,” I replied with a wave of my hand, and stood up.

“What’d you do this time, Jake?” Quil yelled from across the room as I walked towards the door.

“Shut it, sugar,” I muttered, slamming the door before he could ask me anymore. Becoming a werewolf was making Quil annoyingly overconfident. He hadn’t seen me fight yet; that would stop his remarks in an instant.

The hell with walking, I thought as I strolled down the corridor to the office, I don’t make noise anyways, no one will catch me.

And with that, I started running… Not because I was eager to get to the headmaster – truth be told, I had no idea what I’d done, if anything – but because I simply liked to run. It made me feel – and it sounds extremely cheesy, I know – free. It felt like I wasn’t even in this cursed school; like I was in my wolf form, free in the forest.

I was running so fast that it took me a moment to register the soft footfalls behind me. When I finally did, it was only because I could smell who it was.

“Cullen,” I growled without looking back.

“Good afternoon, pup,” he greeted me with his usual retarded polite disposition as he caught up beside me. “Are we a little excited to see our headmaster?”

Yeah, ’cause he just turns me right on, I thought sarcastically, hoping it would shock him.

Instead he answered mockingly, “I wasn’t aware of your…odd physical attraction towards him, Jacob.”

“Oh shut up, leech, you know I was joking,” his annoying tendency to rarely get angry at me – outwardly at least – was really starting to get on my nerves, and I quickened my pace in hopes of leaving him behind.

He easily matched my speed and I asked, “What made you follow me anyways, Edward?” I sneered his name contemptuously, hoping to provoke him, but I had no such luck.

“I was merely hoping to enforce school rules Jacob,” he smiled at me while directing me up the stairs with one hand – like I didn’t know what way to go! “No running in the halls, regardless of whether or not you make noise whilst doing so.”

“Well if someone wasn’t able to read minds no one ever would have caught me,” I replied back just as politely, though it was hard to match his smile.

“I can’t talk with you anymore Jacob, Mr. Varner is wondering where I’ve gone,” he informed me, and left me two doors down from the headmaster’s office alone.

“So long Cullen,” I muttered as I walked on. Geez, I wish he’d give in and bite someone. I’d love to have an excuse to have a go at him.

I would have had license to do so too, as we werewolves were the ‘protectors of the school,’ which was more or less self-dubbed. If any vampire bit any human on any part of the school grounds, the werewolves stepped in and took the necessary means to control the situation. Unfortunately, nothing of the sort had ever happened, and Head Boy Edward Cullen had promised it never would…

“Hey-o Daddy-o!” I greeted the headmaster and my father, Billy Black, as I stepped into his office – I’d managed to sneak pass Sue, which was not a very difficult feat to accomplish, “What’d I do this time?”

He sighed as I flopped down onto the chair across from him with a thump. We were separated only by his expensive desk. “Well son,” he began wearily, “You didn’t actually do anything this time. I would like to…make use of your services.”

“Are you saying I finally get to kick some vampire ass?”

Dad coughed and inclined his head to my left, and I followed his gaze to a slender girl sitting in one of the hard plastic chairs lined up in front of the window.

She was looking down at her hands, which were folded in her lap, and I wasn’t surprised I’d missed her presence before. Her long, mahogany hair was fully covering her face, exempt of her mouth and chin.

“Miss Swan?” Billy smiled at her and she raised her head slowly, as if hoping not to meet his eyes.

Swan? Where had I heard that name before?

“Jacob,” he turned his attention back to me, “This is Isabella Swan, Charlie Swan’s daughter.”

Of course, Dad’s old friend Charlie… That’s where I’d heard the name.

“Hey,” I said, flashing a smile her way. She meekly returned it.

Now that I could see the rest of her face, I could tell she was cute. Her eyes were a chocolate brown color, but…alive somehow, regardless of her shy nature. She had a heart-shaped face, and the blush currently resting on her cheeks was more pronounced than the average person’s due to her pallid complexion. Her full lips formed an attractive smile, however meek it may have been. I don’t know how long I had taken to look at her, but my appraisal was interrupted by the opening of the door and the scent of vampire stinging my nostrils.

“Mr. Varner told me I was needed in the office sir,” Cullen came with the scent, and I struggled to maintain my control.

Get out of here Eddie; you’re scaring the poor human! I knew he’d just as soon as drink her blood than listen to me, but it was fun to tease.

My father, oblivious to all of this, wheeled forward to shake hands with the Cold One. “Ah, yes, I did need you Mr. Cullen. This is Miss Isabella Swan, our new student.”

“How do you do?” Isabella had dropped her gaze to her feet, and she gasped when Edward crossed the room to lean towards her and shake her hand. No doubt she’d seen his strange yellow eye color when she looked up into his face, and worse, felt his freezing cold hand grip her own.

I was certain they would remain transfixed in that position for a while, judging by the intense way she was staring at him when my father turned the heat up in the room from his desk – a feature an old man like him insisted on having. It did look chilly for September in Seattle, but I sweat in my damn uniform no matter what the weather.

Once the heater kicked in, the hot air blew full blast in Cullen’s face and brought Isabella’s long hair with it, and he looked as if he’d been shot.

Suddenly he stood up, probably faster than he should have, and managed to exclaim, “I’m very sorry Mr. Black, I must return to class now,” before running out the door.

Scared of the girl Eddie boy? I taunted, but I was just as perplexed as everyone else about his attitude.

“I’m terribly sorry Isabella,” Dad began, “he isn’t usually like that… He was supposed to show you to your room, as is standard policy here, but I think Jacob can help you find it before he escorts you on a tour.”

So that’s why he needed me… ‘My talents’ – that was one way of putting it. Aside from Sam, I knew that layout of the school like no other. It was soldered into my brain from years of exploring and troublemaking.

“I’d be glad to,” I replied, then walked to the door and held it open for the girl. “Isabella?” I asked after a second of standing there. She had been looking down again.

“Oh!” She looked up and flushed as all attention in the now too warm office turned to her. She hurried to stand and nearly fell on her face before she’d even gotten anywhere near the door. When she reached me, I grabbed hold of her elbow. She would need the help…

“Thanks,” she muttered as I closed the door.

“No problem Isabella,” I smiled at her and she sneaked a sideways glance at me.

“Call me Bella.”

“Sure, sure Bells, I’m Jacob,” I stopped walking and held out my hand for her to shake, and her eyes widened in surprise at how hot I was.

“You should be dead,” she whispered as if it would offend me. “You and that Cullen boy,” she went on, her voice rising in volume. “Does everyone here have abnormal body temperatures?”

“You’d be surprised,” I laughed, and led her on through the hallway.