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Edward and the Cullens attend a preporatory in Seattle... and so do the Quileute werewolves! How will the new girl, Bella, cope with the strange prejudices the two groups of people have against each other? Love, rumours and problems abound... EXB

Okay, this story is about a boarding school, and takes place in modern day… in Seattle… Edward is a vampire, Bella is a human, and Jake is a werewolf… JACOB POV:

2. Quite the Predicament

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I crossed the room in one step and bent down to her eye level. Her head was down, so I stuck my pale, thin hand out, hoping she would see it and look up to find its owner.

“How do you do?” I asked, putting on an air of pleasantry to accompany my smile. She took my hand before looking up and gasped at the uncomfortable temperature – to her body – that my hand was, which caused her to look up more suddenly than she’d wished. I kept on smiling and she stared straight into my eyes. I knew they were the lovely butterscotch color so favored by my sisters, Tanya and my many admirers, as I had just went hunting the night previous.

Isabella appeared entranced by them, and I found myself staring into her own eyes with just the same intensity, albeit for a different reason. She fascinated me, this ordinary human girl with oddly vivid and alive brown eyes, not because she was pretty – which I do admit she was, what with her eyes and petite features – but because I couldn’t hear her mind. No, no matter how hard I tried to reach her thoughts, I could not. This utterly perplexed me, and I kept staring straight into those brown eyes of hers, as if they would somehow show me the way to her mind.

I had been downwind of her until a sudden burst of hot air blasted into my face. It came from behind her chair, from a little heating unit on the wall, and brought bunches of her hair along with it, which gently lapped against my cheek. I made the silly mistake of inhaling before pulling away. This error caused me to smell the most ridiculously desirable scent I’d ever smelled. I wanted it instantaneously, and it took literally every ounce of control I had built up over the years to be able to resist the temptation.

I straightened my posture quicker than I ought in a human’s presence, but it was either that or her life. And most likely Jacob’s too, since I knew he would attack if given the chance.

With my last breath I exclaimed hastily, “I’m very sorry Mr. Black; I must return to class now,” before running out the door. I flew past Sue so fast she hardly saw me.

What was that? She wondered as I streamed past, but I could have cared less. I ran all the way to my private dorm, some part of my subconscious feeling thankful that classes were still in session. I was fleeing to my private dorm, a room I hardly used – I had all my clothing in Esme and Carlisle’s house on the grounds, and spent most of my free time there.

As I ran through the uniform stone hallways with dark, full sized lockers, the breeze I created calmed my frantic thoughts, and I realized something. Billy had wanted me to show her to her dorm… We would have been very much alone there, and it would have been foolishly simple to end her life with hardly sound or effort.

But the wolves would have smelled the blood, and the peace would have been over… Besides Edward, I reasoned with myself as I tore through the drenched courtyard. Few windows in the school would be open now; the weather was terrible. Even if you did manage to evade the wolves and get off the school grounds with her, she would most likely have screamed before then… And think of what it would do to Carlisle, and Esme!

I flung open the door to west tower, raced up the stairs, past all the prefects’ dorms, and finally ended up at the door to my room. I flung that open as well, being careful not to break it even in my preoccupied state of mind, and ran straight to the bed, which I sank down onto and held my head in my hands for quite some time, occasionally running my hands through my hair, not sure what to do.

“Edward?” I didn’t look up at first; I knew it was Alice. I released my head, ran my hand through my already mussed hair once more and glanced toward the door, but she was already sitting right beside me.

“Why do I keep seeing you biting into some poor new girl’s neck?” She asked, hugging me with her tiny arms as she did, despite the nature of her question.

“Don’t word it like that!” I hissed, but I softened my voice as I explained, “Her scent is… it makes me ravenous with thirst. It’s unbelievable Alice, you have no idea. I want her blood so badly, yet at the same time I know that if I drain her of it, I’ll never be able to have that wonderful scent flood my nostrils again. It’s completely intoxicating, and partially annoying.”

“That sounds like…quite an interesting predicament brother,” Alice remarked, “What do you plan on doing? I hope it doesn’t involve what I have foreseen, you’d best change your mind…”

“Alice!” I growled, and I could tell as well as she could I was becoming irritable. “I’m sorry,” I whispered as she recoiled her arms away from me. “I don’t know what to do right now, to be perfectly honest. I hope my control will enable me to resist her, or else I have no other choice: I’ll have to leave.”

“Ed, you’re Head Boy, you can’t just leave,” Alice reminded me softly, catching my gaze with her own and holding it. “And remember why we’re here in the first place.”

I sighed and replied, “I know, I know, the werewolves confuse our scent.”

And they make me blind,” she pouted, looking down and crossing her arms. That was one – okay, the only unsafe one – disadvantage to us attending school here in Seattle. If we didn’t have the wolves to confuse our scent though, the Volturi and a number of other vampires would be on us Cullens – and Tanya’s coven, for that matter - in a heartbeat. They hated us, though the Volturi had been respectful up until about five years ago. It was a bothersome long story… We’d have to leave this place eventually, however, and none of us knew quite what to do then. I didn’t want to have to think about it until the time came…

“Hey Ed,” Alice poked my arm, and it took me a minute to register the teasing expression on her face, “trying to fall asleep?”

“Very funny Al,” she knew how I disliked being called Ed, so I’d dubbed her Al earlier on, and it got on her nerves too. It was only fair…

“Hey, no fair, at least Ed’s still a guy’s name!” She retorted, crossing her arms and huffing. She deliberately turned her body away from me, most literally giving me the ‘cold shoulder.’ She started to giggle after a few seconds of this. Then she grabbed me by the hand and towed me easily off the bed and out the still-open door.

“Where are we going?” I asked skeptically as I allowed myself to be pulled down the stairs and through the courtyard. I supposed I could look, but I let her have her fun. With Alice, you never knew where you’d end up. One night she’d dragged Jasper all the way down to the kitchens at the south end of campus to have an ‘eating contest’ – the one to cough up the food first lost. Of course, she’d already foreseen herself winning, but she’d only won because Jasper could feel her disgust at the pizza as well as his own.

“To see Carlisle,” she replied, and it took me a second to understand what she was talking about, and once I did, I visibly relaxed my body – which was still being towed towards the infirmary. Braxwell was composed of many outbuildings, with a main building for all academic classes and lectures. The grounds were vast, spanning over 100 acres just to the west of Seattle, on hills overlooking Puget Sound. The infirmary was one of the closest buildings to the dorms, but it was on the other side, so we had to loop around the building in order to reach it.

Carlisle was Braxwell’s doctor, and he and Esme lived in their own quarters on the grounds, adjacent to the infirmary. It was a good thing he was doctor, or else any time a werewolf or a vampire – not that we often came into the infirmary; usually only the reckless wolves and a few humans did – came into the infirmary they’d be pronounced legally dead or something of the sort.

That was also the reason I was Head Boy: because I knew the truth. Billy could have easily placed Sam Uley in my position, but he had enough on his hands with his wolf pack. Aside from my family, I had no one – I had no mate, though Tanya showed enough interest for her to be able to be; I really didn’t have any friends, though I had many female admirers and some male ones as well. Humans were ridiculous and relentless in their pursuit of fruitful objects… If only they knew what a danger I was to their existence! I’d had to endure some pretty rough moments, and thus so did Jasper – double-fold in fact, as he had his own admirers as well - as the teenage girls sent out the lust and…more than enough visual in their thoughts.

I shuddered just as we reached the infirmary’s door and Alice asked, “What? Afraid of seeing Big Ol’ Daddy?”

“No,” I shrugged and pulled my soaking hand out of hers to knock on the sopping wet door. She was forever giving out nicknames to people…

Who could that be? Mike Newton’s thoughts were curious and oddly hopeful and I very nearly laughed out loud. Of course Mike would have gotten the worst of it… He’d fought – or really, tried to fight – Paul, one of the more experienced wolves, last night. Paul must have been holding back, or Mike would be dead. I didn’t expect Paul to hold that much control, but I supposed Jessica wasn’t a good enough prize for killing Mike.

If it’s that Jessica girl again…” Carlisle’s thoughts were uncharacteristically violent as he approached the door, and this time I did allow a laugh to escape my lips.

“What did Jessica do last time she was in here?” I whispered as soon as my father opened the door to find me and Alice, both soaked to the bone and dripping wet.

He beckoned us to follow him up the middle of the lines of beds, visibly releasing himself from worry as he replied so fast I knew Mike wouldn’t be able to catch it. His was the only bed occupied. “She came in here last night to console Mike because he lost… Then she tried to take his pants off, and he was only… half-protesting. Thank God I was still in the office…

“Euch,” Alice commented from behind me. Trying to have sex in a public place? She added silently, What is the world coming to?

She shut the door to Carlisle’s office as we all filed in and I supplied, “Perhaps the world is taking a leaf out of Rosalie and Emmett’s book.”

Carlisle had missed the first half of our conversation, but he could surmise as to what the subject was well enough. “Okay, enough guys. Now what did you come to see me for, hmm? Because I know – well, I hope – it wasn’t to talk about your siblings’…deviant sexual practices.”

“Really?” Alice asked sarcastically as she flopped down into a chair, “I thought it was…”

“I have a problem,” I confessed, sitting down in one of the cushy standard visitor chairs any office held – except Billy’s, his were hard plastic. I didn’t want Alice to go on about Rose and Em, though she probably could…

“Really, Edward, I’m the doctor, not the counselor, perhaps you should speak to her…” He sat down in his everyday grey office chair and sighed, and I took his momentary silence as license to explain further, before he could page the counselor.

“What would she say if I told her I wanted to drink the new girl’s blood?”

“Oh my, I didn’t realize it was that sort of problem! Alice, you brought him here, why didn’t you tell me this before? I was just about to call the counselor too, how awkward that would be if I had!” Carlisle leaned forward on his mahogany desk – the color of Bella’s hair, my subconscious reminded me – and spoke quieter. “So what new girl is this, and why do you want to drink her blood more so than that of other humans? You’ve managed to evade the thirst with no slip-ups for a while now.”

I snorted and replied, “Yeah Dad, in case you hadn’t noticed, Mike Newton and these wolves do not smell all that appetizing.”

“And this new girl…”

“Has the most enticing scent I have ever smelled in my entire life, and I want so badly to drink all her blood and leave her dry. Yet I fear that if I sate my thirst, I won’t be able to live without the scent – or with myself, for that matter.”

I sighed and Carlisle propped his pale face on his hands, made even more pallid by the fluorescent lighting in his office. He appeared to be deep in thought, as he’d drawn his purple lids down over his tawny colored eyes.

Indeed he was. Well, this surely is…unusual. Aro did tell me something like this could happen to a vampire, a calling to the senses, he called it, making the bloodlust and desire nearly insatiable…

“So how do I solve this, dear Father?” I asked, breaking his concentration and making his eyes snap open sharply.

“We thought you could help,” Alice commented quietly, taking the situation seriously for once.

“Really all I can tell you is to try and stay away from her, and most importantly, don’t give in. There’s nothing really I can physically do, but you should probably hunt more often. That will help ease your thirst, making it easier to resist.”

“Thanks Dad,” I muttered, staring dejectedly at my still-wet hands. At this rate, I was going to have to move to Greenland or something. It was a shame Tanya didn’t live in Alaska anymore…

“Just try son,” he leaned forward and squeezed my shoulder in reassurance, and my collared shirt made a terrible wet squelching noise. “Now, you to are soaking, you ought to hurry and grab a change of clothes before next class.”

Just as he said this the bell rang, and Alice giggled at the irony.

“Better get going to Biology brother,” Alice waved a finger at me as she stood up. Did she know something I didn’t? Probably.

She ran out the door behind Carlisle’s desk that led to a path joining the infirmary and the ‘Cullen residence,’ but I could still catch her thoughts. I pray that girl comes out alive, she was thinking. Oh please Edward, abstain…and Paul and Jared are in that class too… Oh no!

“Alice!” I hissed as I sped after her – I knew she would hear me. “I’m going to class, and I’ll be fine. If it gets to be too bad, I’ll excuse myself. Besides, I need to see how good my control is.”

Fine… Her thoughts trailed off, and she wasn’t in the house when I got there. I could tell she was still worried, but obviously not enough to stick around and lecture me. See ya, Ed! She yelled at me silently, and then she was gone. She was done with her persuasions, and I assumed I wouldn’t be hearing anymore from her today.

I hurried faster than I normally would have as I changed, shrugged on a coat and headed to my locker, then slowed my pace considerably as I neared the Biology classroom.

Her scent was evident even twenty yards away from the classroom, where I now stood frozen in place. She must have shaken her head or something here…

I tried to listen for her thoughts, opening my mind to the area around me, but, like before, I heard nothing – from her at least.

Eric Yorkie and Mike Newton – the nurse had let him go because he was moaning for no reason – were picturing lustful images of them with Isabella, yet why I wasn’t sure. Sure, she was pretty, but average for a human, nothing especially attractive in her features, except maybe her eyes. But to me, she was irresistible. Her scent also held an awful lustful quality which was at the moment annoying, perplexing, and wondering me.

“I’ll be polite and try not to anyone, though I might have to hit Mike or Eric over the head.”

People stared as I tried to assuage myself, but I didn’t care. By the end of the week people would be lining up at the asylum to commit me.

“Coming to class, Mr. Cullen?” Mr. Banner had come out into the hallway to close his door before the bell, and had spotted me.

“Uh, um what? Ah yes, of course, of course.” My reply was detached and nearly incoherent as I passed him with my books.

Oh shit, I thought in dread as I realized where she was sitting. Why hadn’t I realized it before? It was the only seat left.

Mike had taken Mr. Banner’s quick absence as a chance to talk to Isabella – apparently Jessica had been forgotten – and he was in my seat.

“…can come to the movies with me and my friends sometime? Sound good?”

She was slow to reply, which I could understand, so I stepped in.

“Excuse me, Newton, but I believe your seat is anywhere but here.”