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The Value Of A Dollar

What happens when Esme and Carlisle want the kids to learn the value of a dollar?

This just came into my head.

1. Say What Now!?

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"Kids please come down here!"Carlisle called when he walked threw the door,home from a day at work.

Rosalie,Emmett,Edward,Alice and Jasper all appeared like they had been there the whole time.

"Yes Carlisle?"Alice smiled.

"We are having a family meeting,please go wait in the living room."He said.

A family meeting was not something they usually did because of the pure fact that Alice see's everything that would happen and the outcomes.But not even Alice's visions could see this coming.

"Well I must say to all of you that I'm disappointed."Carlisle sighed.

"What did we do?"Emmett asked.

"Have any of you seen this credit card bill?"He asked pulling a paper from his pocket and throwing it on the table.

"Um no because you had it."Jasper whispered.

"This is the final straw all of you."He snapped."You keep using money like it is something that we have endless suppliers of it."

"Well we kind of do Carlisle."Rosalie pointed out.

"Yes I am aware of that Rose but I'm sick of you all just buying what ever you want because you can.If you have not noticed this is Esme and I's money.And so to teach you all the Value of a dollar,we have come to a desision."Carlisle stopped and looked at Esme,she nodded and he continued."We are stopping your credit cards."

"What!?"They all yelled in unison.

"Carlisle why punish all of us?"Rosalie asked."It's Alice that uses it all the time."

"Oh please Rosalie you use it as much as I do,if not more."Alice snapped."Maybe if we get rid of you than we wouldn't have to ever have this conversation again!"

"Girls stop it."Esme snapped,they stopped and gave each other a death stare."Now this is to teach you all what it is like to have to work for your money,which is why we also have a request.Each of you are to get a job,of you want your cards turned back on."

"Esme,be serious all of us get a job?"Edward snickered.

"Oh Edward I am dead serious."Esme glared."This is for your own good."

Carlisle stood next to Esme with a something in his hands.

"Alice,Jasper,Rosalie,Emmett,Edward I have already taken the liberty of getting each of you a job."He smiled."These cards have all the information you need on it.Each of you start tomorrow."

With another look at Esme,Carlisle took her hand and they walked to his study.While the kids sat their with shock on their faces.

"I can't believe this!"Edward said rubbing his head.

"Aw come on it can't be that bad."Emmett grinned."Let's see what we have to do."

Each of them picked up the card assigned to them.

"Carlisle signed me to work at the retirement center!"Rosalie was shocked."He can not be serious!"

"Relax Rose yours is better than mine."Jasper said."I'm working at the dump."

Rosalie and the others laughed for a moment."Alice what did you get?"Rosalie asked.

"Carlisle signed me to work as a telemarketing."She sighed."I can already see that I'm going to get hanged up on thousands of times.What about you Edward?"

"The car wash."He said grimly."The car wash."

"Hm,well it looks like I got door sales men."Emmett said discussed."I didn't even think we had these anymore!"

"I'm so mad."Rosalie scowled."What did we do to deserve this!?"

"Ah come on Rose I'm sure that it will all be fine tomorrow."Emmett said squeezing her close to him."It could be alot worse."

"Really?How?"Rosalie asked raising her perfect eye brow.

"We could be working at the dump."Emmett laughed.

Japer glared at Emmett and even himself started to chuckle.