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The Value Of A Dollar

What happens when Esme and Carlisle want the kids to learn the value of a dollar?

This just came into my head.

2. A Cloud And A Rainbow And An Edward

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I was still confused.Why on earth had Carlisle and Esme done this? I really do not understand the whole point of this,but there is no absolute way to get out of it.believe me I read Carlisle's mind ans he is serious.

Edward stood in his room wearing his new uniform.It was a white tank top with large blue pants that looked like it could absorb water.And if that wasn't bad,he had to wear the hat...the stupid,stupid hat. It was a a huge hat that had a rain cloud and a smiling face that read "Mr.Sudsies all around car wash". Oh how Edward hated himself right now! He looked at his watch and sighed,it was time to leave.


Arriving in the normal human speed like anyone else,Edward stepped out and almost slipped on the water and soap on the floor. He snarled under his breath and looked around. It was an old what looked like a use to be garage,that was now converted into a car wash where the workers washed cars-just great. Edward heard a noise and saw a man with a huge round stomach and a big bushy mustache marching at him.His eyes where a light pale blue and his teeth where stained yellow.

"You must be the Cullen boy,the one of the doctor's."He said,it was not a question."I'm Mr.Migfhunt

"Actually one of the boys."Edward tried his hardest to politely correct him,how was he to even pronounce that name?."Edward."

"yeah yeah."He said impatiently,looking at his clip bored."So Edward is the name,well Edward we got a few rules around here.No matter what please the costumer,even if you have to fetch him flying baboons from the low eastern jungle of Timbuktu and walk back on your hands,please the costumer.Next,the costumer is always right,if they say there is a speck of dirt you missed,and you know you didn't you clean it anyway. The last one is that you make me and my business look good at all times and at all costs.Got it sonny boy?"

Trying so hard not to break this man in half Edward calmed himself long enough to say"Yes sir."

"Good."He snared."Now wait here while I get your clothes."

"Um Mr...Mighasboss..Sir what clothes? I'm already wearing them."Edward was now confused.

"Oh those clothes are for when and if you get promoted.Now for now you get to wear this."He smirked.

Mr.Migfhunt held up a rain cloud with a smiling face and a rainbow over it."This is what you will be wearing for now.Until I promote you."

Edward let his mouth drop with udder disgust.

"Oh and here is your sign."Mr Migfhunt gave him a big arrow that said"The rainbow is never far from the rain,so follow it to Mr.Suddsies where it will rain until your car is smiling like the cloud."

"Now Mr.Cullen I expected you changed and out by the corner in ten minutes."He laughed loudly,and went into his office."Oh and Edward...Remember my speech."

He closed his door,but Edward could still hear him laughing. Edward looked at his new uniform and the sign...please please let this be a slow day! Edward prayed as he stepped out to go get changed.

Ten minutes later Edward was standing out by the corner with his costume and sign,trying to find the strength not to kill his stupid boss.Oh and sure the car wash had to be on the busiest street in Forks and so Of course everyone saw him and made sure he knew. But the worst came when no other than Mike Newton saw him.

"Edward Cullen."Mike fell into laughter."I-I C-can't b-b-believe it!"

"Hello Mike."Edward rolled his eyes.

Mike was still laughing his head off and it sounded like he was never going to stop,tears rolled down his face.

"Oh Cullen this is perfect.If only Bella was here to see this!"He laughed again."Say the slogan Edward."

"Sorry Mike that is not my job."Edward snapped.

"Aw Cullen did you forget the rule? Always make sure the costumer is pleased?"Mike smirked.

"It's with pure rain water and love that we make your car smile,with a smile that matches ours."Edward stiffened.

"Pure classic Edward."Mike laughed as he rolled away in his car.

That was another person Edward would have to try not to break in half.


By the time lunch rolled around Mr.Migfhunt came out and told Edward to come it.

"Well it looks like you did a good job."He sounded a bit upset at that."I've never seen this place so packed.it looks like I have to promote you."

"Thank you."Edward was never more happy.

"Glad your so happy."He smirked."Cause I got your first costumer over there."

He pointed to a kid with blond spiky hair...oh gosh Mike Newton.

"Remember make him happy."He sneered once again than disappeared.

Edward rolled his eyes and reluctantly went over to Mike.

"Good Afternoon Mike."Edward said toneless."What can I do for you?"

"Nice hat Cullen."He laughed again."I need my car washed throughly.Remember I want it to smile like the cloud."

Edward touched the hat he was now wearing and than thought of an idea.

"Yes of course Mike.That is our Motto after all,rest assured that you can trust your car with me."Edward smiled.

"I expected it Cullen."Mike said than stalked off to the waiting room.

Edward smiled."Best not waist time."

Than he went to work.


Thirty minutes later Edward was done. He smiled at his work and went to get Mike.

"Well Mike your car is finished and im pretty sure you will be shocked."Edward said leading Mike to his car.

"Uh Edward my car looks...well it looks....good."Mike managed to say.

"Thats my job."Edward smirked."Thank you for coming."

Edward watched for another second than walked off as he heard Mike open the door to his car.

"CULLEN!"Mike Yelled.

Edward just smiled and continued to walk.After all Mike only wanted the outside to look good,he never mentioned the inside.