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Fate Has a Cruel Sense of Humor

Abby is a cousin of the Fae heir - there's his wedding to attend but she cant' get back through the portal without finding 'the one' for her. Walker is an overworked, overstressed 25-year-old werewolf with serious issues. He hates anything to do with the Fae and Fate has just picked a mate for him. Abby.


1. 1. Abby

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Abby stood quietly ont he ferry that was traveling to the mainland. Back home.

She pulled her duster tighter around her trim body to deflect the biting wind that was throwing her hair for a loop. Even though it was still tightly braided down her back.

Gazing out on the water, she saw the tall skyscrapers that announcedtheir destination was soon to be seen. Abby grimaced as she remembered why she was in such a cold place in the first place.

Her stupid cousin had forced all of his close - as in maternal - family that was eligible, into the human world to find their soulmates. He'd sworn that the gate wouldn't let them back in if they didn't. There had been originally 30 of them. Now there was only one - Abby - and she was getting pretty pissed about it.

Abby walked onto the dock and started heading for the bar that was down the street. She walked to the edge of the sidewalk - stared blankly at the street profoundly empty of cars and loped across the street that was covered in leaves from the trees above.

The bell rang overhead and added to her pounding headache. She sat down in the corner near the bar and ordered "the usual".

"The usual" consisted of hot chocolate - the chocolate being dark, a little bit of whole milk and four and a half ounces of mik to add on as needed. "Thanks Arty. You wouldn't believe how cold it is outside," she murmered.

"Actually - I would. Feel like zero?"


Arty chuckled heartily, "It's only 20 degrees outside, sweetheart."

Abby scowled, "I don't believe you. It's damn cold outside. I think your stupid thermometer is broken. You should get a new one that isn't."

"Whatever you say, hon. Want to know somethin'?"

"Depends on what it is. You didn't kick nobody's ass did you?" she asked accusingly.

He grimaced, "Now why would I do that?"

"You tell me," she grumbed.

"No. I didn't. A new guy moved in town while you were gone." he smirked.

Abby scowled at Arty. Then she asked quietly, "Did you get a picture of him?"

"Of course I got a picture!" he chuckled and pulled a picture out of his chest pocket.

"Do you want to look?" he asked as he held it arms-length away.

"Arty!" whined Abby," Let me see!"

"All right. Here. What do you think?"

She looked at the picture. "Is he - where's he from?"

"He's from Canada. Or...at least that's where he moved here from," said Arty.

"Can I have this?" she asked - all ready pocketing it.

"Yeah. Go on home. The sun is close to setting. Go on! Git!" he shooed her our of the bar.

Abby walked the mile and a half to her little cottage that was just oustide of town. It was near the creek that bordered the small town.

She only had one neighbor and they were never home. Until now - smoke billowed out of the small chimney in the cottage 1/4 of a mile away from hers. Odd. They usually came home during the summer and left before fall. They must've decided to stay until spring this year. Abby shrugged,"Whatever. Not my business."

Her cottage was small. Made for only two or three people - currently only housing one. It carried only one bathroom and shower and it was cozy enough for her.

Abby had a sandwich before turning on the heater to sixty eight degrees, then heading down the hall to her bedroom for bed.

She stripped down and just as quickly pulled on a silky chemise and shorts before turning on her miniature waterfall, that made all the sounds of nature, before climbing into her over-large king-sized bed.

The heater kicked on and that combined with the soothing sounds of nature - helped put Abigail to sleep underneath her thick black and white comforter.