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In Plain Sight

Lilah can't believe Jacob Black is thinking of missing Bella's wedding, his one chance to finally get some closure. If Lilah has anything to do with it, Jacob Black will be at that wedding. Pure Fluff...well, for me. Jacob/Lilah fluffy one shot. Enjoy.

I'm not a big Jacob Black fan, or a fluffy writer but, this one came to me so I wrote it. I've had it for around three months now but never got the time to type it. Reviews are loved :) **Emma

1. In Plain Sight

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“Please tell me you’re not thinking about missing the wedding!” I exclaimed, throwing my arms up in the air. Jacob Black can be so frustrating sometimes!

“Li, do you actually expect me to watch the girl I’m in love with marry one of my enemies?” he shot back, aimlessly flipping through the channels. I saw Sam roll his eyes from a nearby chair. I looked around the room, my eyes resting on a pitcher of ice water on the kitchen table, the small cubes of ice floating around in every direction. Glancing over at Quill, I noticed his gaze was following mine. He smiled slightly inkling his head. I stormed off, grabbing the pitcher, waling purposefully over to the couch. I took a few deep breaths before tipping the pitcher upside down, the icy water flooding over Jacob’s head. Sam placed a hand over his mouth, trying to hide his smile as Jacob jumped up, water dripping off his clothes. I tossed the pitcher aside, folding my arms across my chest as he cursed, his entire body shaking with his anger.

“What the hell was that for, Lilah?!” he exclaimed angrily, still shaking.

“Stay in control, Jacob,” Sam ordered. It took several minutes for his shaking to stop.

“Grow up Jacob Black! She didn’t pick you; so what? Get over it!” I exclaimed, my hands balling into fists.

“Wha…” Jacob stuttered looking towards his brothers for help. If any of them knew what was good for them, they would keep their mouths shut. I glared at each one of them in turn, satisfied as their heads turned toward the television as if they were suddenly engrossed in their favorite program.

“I am not going to the wedding,” he stated, a determined edge in his voice.

“Then you are an idiot who will be pining after a girl he never even dated for the rest of his life! Have fun being miserable!” I retorted storming off, jerking my jacket from the coat rack before slamming the front door behind me.

“Lilah, where are you going?” Jacob asked easily falling into step beside me as I angrily zipped my jacket, pulling my hood up to protect my hair from the light rain. I ignored him, forcefully ripping open my car door; he caught it before I had a chance to slam it shut. I sighed, jamming my key into the ignition before flicking it forward, the engine roaring to life beneath me. I tapped my finger against the steering wheel, impatiently waiting for him to release my door.

“Let go,” I said, staring straight out the windshield. He opened his mouth to reply and I just turned up the volume dial of my stereo, the blaring guitar riffs and lead singer’s screams drowning out his reply.

“Jacob Black, I will hit you with this car if you do not release my door and move out of my way. I highly doubt hitting you would be any different than hitting that stop sign I hit last week,” I forcefully shouted over the blaring music. I scoffed as he smiled at me, leaning his head in the car.

“No, you won’t. You love me too much.” I placed my foot over the gas pedal, revving the engine.

“Really?” I questioned dangerously. He took a step back, laughing nervously.

“Ok, you love this car too much to damage it on my hard body.” I placed my foot over the break, jerking the car into drive.

“Try me,” I threatened. Jacob leaned in, jerking the lever into ‘park’ before pulling my keys out of the ignition. I growled in frustration, shoving him out of my way before stalking off towards the house. He caught my arm, just grabbing the other when I jerked it away.

“Chill, Li,” he said. I stopped fighting him and once again crossed my arms across my chest.

“What? Look, I’m pissed off, freezing, and I just want to go home. So, say whatever the hell it is you have to say and let me go,” I exclaimed. Jacob’s expression looked torn, almost as if he was fighting against what he should say. I took advantage of his weak moment and tried to pull away, unsuccessfully. His grip on my arms tightened. The next events unfolded in a blur, not possibly giving me enough time to even react. Jacob’s lips crushed against mine, his arms pulling me painfully closer. I placed my hands up against his chest, prepared to shove him away but, to my surprise, I kissed him back. He pulled back, resting his forehead against mine as we both caught our breath.

“I get it. You love me, and I can see that now. And I think I love you too,” he said quietly as he intertwined his fingers with mine.

“It’s about time you got over that Swan girl,” I muttered reveling in the warmth radiating from his massive body.

“All this time I’ve been trying to fill that empty space Bella left, and I never realized what I was searching for was in plain sight.”

“And to think, all it took was a pitcher of ice water and a death threat,” I joked. Jacob laughed, placing a kiss on my forehead as we made our way back into the house.