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Bite Me!

This is an AU for the beginning of Twilight. I always thought it would be hilarious--and ironic--for Bella to tell Edward "Bite me!" before she knew he was a vampire. So, this is what I thought could happen. Ch. 1 is in Bella's POV and Ch. 2 is in Edward's. Enjoy.


2. Chapter 1: Irritation--Bella's POV

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I was growing restless, bored out of my mind. I shouldn't have to take notes on something I already knew. I couldn't just sit here and do nothing, though. Maybe I should pretend to be sick and spend the rest of my period in my truck listening to music. I shouldn't do this; I knew that. Charlie would be mortified if he knew I was even considering this.

Nonetheless, to escape the torturous hell that was Biology and to stop myself from thinking about this Edward Cullen, I raised my hand struggling to keep it steady.

"Yes, Ms. Swan?"

God help me, I silently prayed, knowing how terrible I was at lying. "I'm not feeling too well; may I please be excused to go to the bathroom?" Why was I being so proper?

"Please do," came the response, and I scrambled to gather my things together, before scurrying out of the classroom.

I released a nervous breath of air once I reached the hall and took a moment to compose myself, before walking briskly away. I was turning the corner with so much force that I couldn't come to a stop quick enough and ran into Edward Cullen, the boy from my Biology class.

I gasped and stiffened up as his hands tightened on my arms. I hadn't even noticed him leave the classroom. I must have really been engulfed in taking notes.

He glared at me, almost angrily, hate and rage written on his beautiful features. Even with his face distorted into one of such loathing, his face was still one of ethereal, unnatural beauty.

I couldn't blink or breathe. My knees weakened and my legs began trembling beneath me. "Sorry," I managed to choke out.

His hands tightened even more on my arms and he roughly pushed me out of his way, making me slam into the lockers.

I inhaled sharply, half in pain, half in surprise at his caustic personality and utter determination to hate me.

His eyes widened, in regret, and he looked like he knew he shouldn't have done that and felt sorry for it, but felt as if there had been no other choice. But, immediately, he glared at me again; a low gutteral sound of protest issuing from the back of his throat.

It startled me, but I didn't show it. I simply stared at him, trying to decipher his hostility towards me.

He advanced slightly, but then stopped cold, and I noticed him stiffen up; his jaw tightened, and I knew he was clenching his teeth, his fists were clenched at his sides, trembling, and he seemed to have stopped breathing again.

Without warning, he spun on his heel and stalked away from me, still remaining graceful.

"Hey!" I shouted after him. Stumbling over my foot, I clumsily chased after him. He didn't appear to have noticed my words, though, because he maintained the same pace.

I caught up to him and grabbed his arm firmly, "Wait!"

He jerked his arm free of my grasp and snarled, "What do you want from me?"

I scoffed, "An explanation for one and an apology for another. Have I done something to offend you?"

He straightened up and continued glaring at me, not answering me.

"Well, have I?" His hate towards me seemed totally unjustified and I deserved an explanation for it.

He shook his head, in disbelief, as if I should know what I had done. Then, he said, in a soft velvety, yet threatening voice, "Stay away from me."

"I'm not going anywhere without an explanation." I protested.

"No." He said, through clenched teeth, "Do not come near me again. Trust me; it's for your own good."

"What are you talking about?" I demanded. He simply glared at me, again not answering me. Childish as it was, I scoffed and said, irritably, "Argh, you know what?! Bite me!"

Then, I stalked off, infuriated that he was treating me like this without any good reason. Before turning the corner, I looked back to see him gone.

I continued on, walking out to my truck, and waited there, trying to analyze his behavior until the bell rang, signaling the end of class.

I got out of my truck and walked into the school, to the gym, for the last class of the day.