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This is about Bella in her dark period when Edward was gone. This may be VERY confusing. It is an extended metaphor that I hope everyone gets.


1. Current

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 190   Review this Chapter

I was in the current
Going too fast
For me to swim away
No matter how often
I tried to cling onto something
I would always
End up in the middle
Of the gigantic body of water
With water filling up my lungs

But one day I found a rock
It didn’t seem solid at first
But I tested it out
And I was
Out of the water.
I let the spray of the water
Hit me half way
As I relished my memories
But what I didn’t know was
That I would someday be in the water again.

My rock, My safe haven
Came loose
I felt my world being tipped over
For the second time
And I was going under
Too far under to come out again.

Despite the odds
Despite anything I ever knew
I resurfaced
With my rock almost all intact
But the water wasn’t done with me
As I would find out.

After numerous times of sinking and resurfacing
I was worn out
I wanted to sink to the bottom and
Let myself finally have piece
But fate has a way of intervening
I saw a hand offer to pull me up
Pale and hard but familiar all the same
I took it and now I am out of the water
But I’m still drying out.