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Eighty years ago Edward Cullen abandoned Isabella Swan, days before their wedding. Decades later, Bella ends up in the same cramped little town of Forks, Washington with Edward. Only this time Bella has a new family. And Edward has a new friend. But theres a problem. And her name is Alexandra. The title is the Three days grace song- Pain.

Edward left Bella days before the wedding, this is not when he left her in New moon!

1. Invisible

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Bella Clarke

Today was the day. The day my life ended. Once again. Though this time it wasn’t abandonment that was the problem. It was the fact that my family and I were attending our first day of high school. Forks high school. We were staying in my old house. Charlie passed away about ten years ago and the house was left to me. I took my old room with my two sisters Lily and Miranda. My brothers, Smith and Landon took my dad’s old room. Were planning on adding in some extra room, but for now were fine. We managed to squeeze three beds in my room and two beds fit easily in the boy’s room. Lily and Smith are together and so are Miranda and Landon. I am currently forever unattached. Lily keeps telling me I’ll meet someone someday, and Miranda says that I have my family.

Lily reminds me a lot of Alice with her style and her bouncy personality. Miranda reminds me of Rosalie with her perfectly flawless looks and her head in the clouds. Smith is like Jasper, he’s relatively calm. And Landon is like Emmett, a trouble maker.

I am pretty much leader, I created everyone. You see, one night the Volturi kidnapped me. They thought I would make an excellent vampire so they changed me, intending me to be part of the guard. But my power stood in the way. I can make myself and others around me invisible. When I was human I was always so embarrassed that people with me would be embarrassed at how clumsy I was. And we would all wish we were invisible or something like that. And as a bonus I can make objects disappear. That’s how Smith explained it. And so I escaped there with no trouble. I went out on my own seep in the Amazon jungle for a while. I fed off there wildlife for a while.

While in the Amazon I found Lily. She had been on a trip to the jungle with her brother. She originally lived in Houston, Texas. Lily was being strangled by an Anaconda. I just drank the snake dry and saved Lily. The only problem was she had been suffocated; she went so long with out air. And so she would either slip into a deadly coma or I could change her. I picked change her. I was a four year old vampire so I was good to change her. Well, I was strong enough not to drain her. She has been with me the longest. Her power is daydream. It doesn’t make much sense, but she can send a person into a place where everything is good. There happy place. She says it’s probably because she was a yoga teacher.

Smith was next. Lily and I were in Paris, France when we discovered him murdered in an alley. If Lily could have cried she would have been sobbing. She was only a year old, not even very suitable to be out with humans, but she had good self control. She begged me to change him, and I just couldn’t say no to that face. She sat stroking his hair the whole three days of the transformation. When I asked why she wanted him changed so badly, she told me she knew him. When she was little, about three or four she was best friends with a little boy named Smith. When they were thirteen he moved away, but promised they would see each other again. Smith’s power is disability. He can make humans deaf, blind or handicapped. It seems mean, but he never uses that part. He uses it to disarm vampires. He can drain there power away and make it his. Smith’s not his real name, but anyone who says his real first name is just asking for death.

We all found Landon wasted in a trashcan. Smith just felt like changing him. He wanted another guy and obviously Landon wasn’t doing anything important with his life. Landon’s power is

Last, Miranda. We were passing through Italy on our way to London, when we found Miranda. She had been ‘violated’ as she puts it. Any idiot knows what that means. She’s sensitive about the actual word, so were not aloud to say it. Much like Rosalie, she was left bleeding in the street and Landon made me change her. Miranda’s power is to change the physical appearances of those around her. As a human, she was a very talented beautician. She could do just about anything to make a person look better. But Miranda was already blessed with good looks. And she could change a person’s scent. Were not really sure why that is, but her mother made perfume so she just assumes that’s why.

We were all in the kitchen, getting our stuff together. Lily made me wear this ridiculous outfit. Black skinny jeans and a blue sweater with black lace outlining every inch. I all but killed her for suggesting I wear that. But it’s Lily and I can’t say no to her. And Miranda was wearing green plaid booty shorts with a white camisole. I told her Forks was freezing, but she was already thirty degrees below zero, so it didn’t matter. And Lily wore light jean Capri’s with a tight purple T-shirt. She had Smith’s Red sweatshirt and Miranda had Landon’s black leather jacket.

“Were going to be late if we don’t leave soon.” Smith warned us. Miranda rolled her eyes.

“We haven’t been late in thirty years, I think we’ll be okay.” She muttered to me. I snickered and Smith glared. I mouthed a ‘sorry’ at him and went back to putting stuff in my bag.

I remember the first day I came here. That was the day dad gave me the Chevy.

I still have that truck, but I had a 2008 BMW 1 series 128i convertible, too.

Smith had a 2008 Mercedes- Benz E-class.

Landon and Lily both had 2008 Chevrolet Truck Silverado 1500 crew cab 4WD.

Miranda had some 2008 BMW 3 series convertible 328i.

Landon is a bit on the obsessed with cars side, so he taught us a bunch of stuff.

We took Miranda’s car to school. I Miranda drove, I sat up front with her while Lily sat on Smith’s lap in the back and Landon sat next to them.

We arrived at the school and headed to the main office. Only for me to be hit with that all too familiar scent. As soon the scent hit my nose I fled out of the building until I was in Miranda’s car. I saw Smith coming after me. I could feel myself going invisible.