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Eighty years ago Edward Cullen abandoned Isabella Swan, days before their wedding. Decades later, Bella ends up in the same cramped little town of Forks, Washington with Edward. Only this time Bella has a new family. And Edward has a new friend. But theres a problem. And her name is Alexandra. The title is the Three days grace song- Pain.

Edward left Bella days before the wedding, this is not when he left her in New moon!

3. Anticipation

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Bella Clarke

“Were home!” Lily called, coming through the front door. I was sitting in our room reading some of the classic- Wuthering heights, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice.

“Bells?” Lily chirped, coming in the room. Miranda was right behind her.

“Yeah?” I mumbled, pretending to still be reading.

“Why’d you ditch school?” she asked.

“I just needed another day, you know, by myself.” I lied. Miranda narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Smith was here.” She accused.

“But not with me.” I laughed, nervously. She rolled her eyes and Lily plopped down on my bed next to me.

“Well, I’m sure you smelled those vampires today.” She said. “I talked to them and we’re meeting them at their house tonight. Get ready.”

“What?” I whispered. Miranda’s suspicious look eased at my pain.

“We’re going to their house.” Lily repeated. I turned invisible as fast as I could and dashed off to the boy’s room. Smith was lounging on his bed and Landon was playing X- box in the corner.

I sat on the bed next to Smith and hugged him. That’s when he noticed I was there.

“Hey, Bella.” He said as if I were visible. “Hey, Bells!” Landon called from the corner.

“Hi, guys.” I mumbled. “Smith- I need you to convince Lily not to make me go to that thing with the…others.”

“Now, you know I won’t be able to do that.” He sighed. “But I bet she wouldn’t mind if you went invisible.”

“That’s probably the best I can do.” I muttered. I was still invisible, but the family has gotten good at following the sound of my voice.

Esme Cullen

“You’ll never believe it, Esme!” Alice shrieked running out to the garden where I was fixing up the old rose bushes.

“What, dear?” I laughed at her bouncing up and down. She screamed in excitement and started talking so fast even a vampire couldn’t understand.


“Slow down, Alice.” I chuckled. She was smiling so big I thought her lips might split.

“Bella’s back!” she screamed.

“Bella….Swan?” I gasped. She nodded and clapped in excitement.

“Isn’t it fantastic?!” she squealed. I nodded still processing. Isabella Swan is back? In Forks? Or did she ever leave?

“I talked to her.” She said her smiling fading into a mask of sadness.

“What happened?” I worried.

“She just said something like ‘Days before the wedding, Alice’. I felt so bad and then her brother was, like, yelling at me!” she said. Her little eyes looked so sad I thought she would be crying if she could.

“Oh, dear. That’s awful. I wonder how she’s taken the whole…wedding, fiasco?” I sighed, sitting down on the freshly watered grass. Alice plopped down next to me and put her arm around my shoulder.

“Pretty badly, I’d imagine.” She mumbled. “She has a new family, though. She’s a vampire.”

“Really? That’s incredible. We really should have them over.” I told her. I was about to tell her to invite them over tomorrow, but she stopped me.

“I already invited them over tonight.” She smiled.

“Excellent. I’ll get right on the cleaning.” I said, getting up to dust the living room.