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Eighty years ago Edward Cullen abandoned Isabella Swan, days before their wedding. Decades later, Bella ends up in the same cramped little town of Forks, Washington with Edward. Only this time Bella has a new family. And Edward has a new friend. But theres a problem. And her name is Alexandra. The title is the Three days grace song- Pain.

Edward left Bella days before the wedding, this is not when he left her in New moon!

4. "You're invisible, how the hell am I supposed to know?"

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Bella Clarke

Later that night, Lily was dressed in a pair of light blue jeans and a white sweater while Miranda was dressed up in a black mini skirt with a black camisole and Landon’s leather jacket. I had on a pair of old gray sweat pants and a black tank top.

“Bells, you here?” Lily whispered when we were in the car. I threw dollar bill that was in Smith’s pocket, at her. She nodded and started the car. We were driving her blue truck tonight so she insisted on driving. Landon sat up front with her, while I sat next to Miranda and Smith in the back.

“Okay, now Bella, do you promise if they ask about you, you’ll appear?” Lily questioned. I reached in front of me and tugged on her hair. “Kay. Ow, by the way.”

I sat invisible, because I knew if I turned visible, Landon wouldn’t let me go back to invisibility. He would hold on to me the entire night so that I couldn’t go anywhere.

“Were here.” I whispered as we drove down the long Cullen driveway.

Smith scrambled to find my hand in the air. I gave it to him and he squeezed it in support. I had promised them that every fifteen minutes, I would give some indication that I was still their. Randi threatened to turn my hair purple if I didn’t.

“Still here?” Landon whispered as we walked up the porch. I kicked the back of his leg and he jumped.

"Of course I'm still here." I hissed in the darkness.

"You're invisible, how the hell am I supposed to know?" he growled.

Lily gave him a look and bounced forward and rang the bell just as Alice opened the door. Figures she would see us coming.

“Where’s Bella?” she asked. That was the deal. If they asked about me I had to appear. I turned visible for a second and gave her the quiet sign with my index finger. She smiled slightly and nodded as I turned back to my usual shade of clear.

“Come on in, guys.” She chirped. Lily hugged her lightly and Miranda smiled at her. Landon punched her shoulder playfully and smith shook her hand. I touched her shoulder on my way in through the door.

“Bella?” she whispered so only I could here.

“Yeah?” I answered in the same hushed tone.

“I’m sorry.” She whimpered.

“S’okay.” I assured her, hugging her. She seemed to estimate where my back was and hugged me back.

“Why, hello!” Carlisle greeted us when we were all in the house.

“Hello…Carlisle, right?” Lily said. It was decided that when I wasn’t available, Lily would assume the position of leader.

“Yes, yes. It’s so good to have you here. Please, meet my family.” He smiled standing next to Esme. “This is my wife Esme and our children Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward and Alexandra.” He said, gesturing around to the family.

Wait a minute. Who the hell was Alexandra? I looked over and there was a girl with curly blond hair standing next to him. She had on hot pink booty shorts like Randi did earlier, and a light pink camisole. Not to mention she had on a huge set of boobs.

“Well, this is my husband Smith, my sister Miranda and her husband and my brother, Landon.” Lily chirped. “And I’m Lily. Were the Clarke’s.”

“Wonderful.” Carlisle sighed.

“Excuse me, dear. But Alice told us that you had another member of your family. Where’s Bella?” Esme asked, softly.

Well this was the deal. I turned visible for Esme and the others. I heard gasps go about the room.

“She’s right here.” I whispered, glaring at him.

“Bella!” Esme cried, running over to me. She threw her arms around me. I hugged her back and smiled to myself remembering the last time being with this family.

“Hello, Esme.” I smiled at the loving woman. She let go and let Carlisle come up.

“Bella. It’s so good to see you, again.” He smiled hugely and hugged me lightly. I smiled at him and lightly hugged him back

“Hi, Carlisle. It’s good to see you again, too.” I chuckled. He hugged ne again and let Alice take over.

“It’s been so long.” She laughed, joking about seeing me earlier that day. She threw her arms around me and I threw mine back.

“Too, too long.” I laughed with her. She grinned, knowingly at me and let Emmett come and pick me up.

“Bella!” he boomed. “I have my little sister back, I have my little sister back!” he sang, swinging me around in his big muscled arms. I laughed at his excitement. It was only me, after all.

“Hey, Emmett!” I tried to sound as thrilled as him with no such luck.

“Emmett, put the poor girl down.” Rosalie smiled, coming up to take me out of Emmett’s arms and set me down. She hugged me with one arm, awkwardly and said “Glad to see you’ve kept your brave face.” She said pointing at Emmett. I laughed at her joking and hugged her back with my one of my arms as she did.

“Hello, Bella.” Jasper smiled from across the room. I rolled my eyes.

“You know you can come near me now, Jasper. I have no blood to drink.” I grinned as he then swooshed over and picked me up as Emmett had.

“Glad to see you, Bella.” He chuckled.

“Same here, Jazz.” I laughed. He set me down and went to sit with Alice on the couch. I looked over at him and he just stared in disbelief at me. I stared back, straight into his butterscotch eyes. That little whore, Alexandra, stuck to his arm like a leech.