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I know, not an original title, but this was my thoughts before I read Twilight, and only watched Buffy The vampire Slayer (please don't laugh, without that show, I would have never gotten into vampires and discovered the wondrous Twilight)


1. Chapter 1

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Stalking beneath the shadows
Gazing into the eyes
Of the strays on the streets
Walking along in a world
They can only see
In its real color

God wants them
To share a message
Yet nobody knows
That nothing will
Save you
When they grab your hand
And lead you,
Into the darkness
of their world

As you embrace

Their fangs
Into your neck
The power that
Holds you to the floor
Lightens and you become

The night
Becomes your day
And the day
Becomes your
The smile
You once had
Is a grimace
Your eyes become
As black as the cat
And your hair becomes
As white as an angels blood

Then as you scream
The pain of your soul
Leaving your body
And you wake
Dripping off your head
You hold your chest
For this pain
To end