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The Animal Within

Jacob Black was not a man of many words, instead he filled his world with thoughts. Thoughts of Bella Swan who was soon to become a vampire. Little did he know that he still featured in her mind although her heart was the possession of another man. Will he ever free himself from the curse of loving Bella Swan, and if so: at what price?

Edward Cullen was an articulate man whose world revolved around Bella Swan. She filled his senses and completed him after years of roaming the world half-empty. He knew she loved another but held tightly onto the promise that she loved him more. Will his stars be re-aligned?

Inside us all is an animal raging to be free but you only know too late when it’s been set loose... And once it has, is there any chance of caging the beast?


2. Chapter 2: The Last Supper

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The day of my change had come and as if it were anticipated the earth had granted me one final sunny day to soak up its’ warmth in public. I could feel the heat on my eyelids as I lay in Edward’s arms.

“Morning Bella.”

I smiled to myself and snuggled closer, “Morning” I whispered into his ear, lightly kissing his jaw, then his lips. “What’s the time?”

“Eight, exactly.”

I screamed, “GET UP!” and I ran about his room finding clothes and pulling them on. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett were all standing in the doorway but I ignored them until I was fully clothed and my breathing had calmed. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Emmett shook his head, a confused smile slowly creeping over his face. Rosalie had already lost interest and walked away, remaining were only Alice and Jasper who looked at me wide-eyed. I sighed, “Sorry. But I only have one day left of being able to taste lasagne, cereal… Oh my god! Chocolate! We better get going, today I plan on eating my body weight in food, - all before lunch time!”

Alice giggled, Jasper just starred and both Edward and Emmett were on the floor laughing.

“It’s not funny you know! I thought about it last night… Hey! Stop laughing, I need this.” I kicked him softly and walked out the room.

Alice caught up in two small strides and slid her arm around my waist, “I’m coming. I want to see you inflate.”

The day hadn’t gone quite as planned: we’d gone into Seattle and eaten breakfast then gone shopping as I munched on three different chocolate bars and finally went to a movie where I’d ordered both salty and sweet popcorn only to find I didn’t like either. By that time I was completely full and feeling rather tired.

Edward smiled down at me, “Let’s go home.”

“I can’t move,” I groaned.

He chuckled as he lifted me into his arms and carried me to the Volvo. Any other day I would have been embarrassed, but what the heck. I wouldn’t see these people again so I slung my arms around his neck and gently kissed his shoulders, “I love you Edward Cullen.”

“I love you too.”

We’d gone past Charlie’s house on the way home and said our goodbyes, telling him we’d be on our way to Alaska in a few days and promising to write letters. He’d cried and I’d cried whilst Edward waited with Alice in the car.

Now as we turned the corner I waved frantically as I leant out the window, then he was gone. I sighed as we sped off towards the Cullen house, my house… He’d be okay…

I sat watching the forest speed past wishing I’d been able to say goodbye to Jacob, but he hadn’t answered any of my calls and Billy said he had left home. Sighing, I found Edward’s free hand and squeezed it as I listened to Alice chatting about the movie.

I wasn’t paying attention; my eyes were fixed on the dashboard where the clock was on display. With every passing second we were nearing the end of my life, and the start of a new, very different one.

Author’s Note: So, I know not much happens in this chapter, I apologise. I just liked the idea of a last supper and thought I might as well edge some humour into the story. Stay tuned for the next chapter – the day of Bella’s change! R&R, tell me what you think. – Chrys.