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Esme discovers Edward composing Bella's lullaby.

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1. Chapter 1

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Esme POV

A beautiful melody filled the silence. It was soft and sweet, enchanting me. Edward was at his piano, composing something new, something lovely. He added the lower, studier notes to the song.

I set down the leather-bound book I had been reading, Romeo and Juliet. I never got tired of that classic. I had just come to the part where Friar Lawrence had said to Romeo, "These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die. Like fire and powder, which as they kiss, consume." It was one of my favorite parts of the play.

I left Carlisle and my room, went down the stairs to find Edward at his piano. He was still playing the stunning tune. I did not wish to disturb him, so I just sat on the second-to-last step, listening.

I did not know where he had gotten his inspiration from, but whatever it was, it must have affected him greatly. It was obvious in the music. I silently thanked something that had affected him like this, in such a positive way.

I had always worried that he had been turned too early, that there was something missing from his essential makeup. He was always alone. Of course, he had us, but that wasn't what I had meant. He didn't have someone to love, someone to love him back. He didn't seem to mind in the least... most of the time. I sometimes saw him looking at one of the couples in our mismatched family with sadness. He hid it well, except for those times when it caught him unexpectedly.

But lately, I had been seeing differences with him. He wasn't as reserved as he usually was. A bit more carefree. Alice had been able to get away with giving him a hug a week yesterday, in thanks for something he had done. It made me insanely happy to see him happy, well, happier than he usually was.

He kept playing until he got it just right. It had a sweet, tinkling beginning that built up, but just as it got to it's peak, it faded. If I could cry, I would have tears in my eyes. Something had made Edward write this, but what?

I got up, and descended the rest of the stairs. I went to stand behind him just as the last note rang out in the complete silence. He sat there for a moment, looking at the beautiful instrument in front of him.

"That was beautiful, Edward," I whispered.

He turned so he faced me. "The thing that inspired it is much more beautiful."

He quirked a smile at the confused expression on my face. I smiled in response.

"I'm going hunting. I'll see you tomorrow, Esme," he got up, and strode out the door.

The music on the stand was what he had just played. It was labeled, Bella's Lullaby.

So it was a lullaby lullaby, her lullaby. Bella's lullaby.

I smiled wider. My son was in love.