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About Bella during New Moon Wow...I must be really bored if I'm posting so much...


1. Sunlight

Rating 0/5   Word Count 140   Review this Chapter

I open the shutters to my room and
I expect sun light
To stream through the window
But all I get is a dark haze that clouds my vision

I stumble for my light switch
My fingers tracing the wall
Trying to feel my way
Through the darkness
But I can’t seen to find my light

I turn around suddenly
And face the doorway
For I see a tan figure
With his finger on the light switch
Even if the light is fake
It gives me hope in my dark
Dark world

I could see
But there was still shadows lurking
In the corners
That refused to disappear

Then the light bulb burned out
And was replaced
By an even duller one
And I started to think
That I would never see sunlight again

As my hope was diminishing
The last thread of wire starting to thin
I saw a glowing figure
And my sunlight reappeared

But I couldn’t help but think
When would nighttime
Descend again?