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"Is it so wrong? These feelings I feel for her? So much stronger than those before... I'm afraid of what could come from this, not for just her, but for all of humanity."

This story is based after Breaking Dawn. Please enjoy my first and only novel based off of 'Twilight'

1. Restless

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Isabella 'Bella' Cullen ignored her daughter as she finished cleaning up their cottage. It was bigger now than when it was originally bought because Edward Cullen could not stand the small space, which was never really small.


Bella continued setting up their living room with statues that Edward had favored on their trip to Cannes. Although Bella has grown accustomed to being a vampire as if she was born one, she still wasn't used to the extravagant spending that they did with all the money the Cullen's accumulated over the years.


Bella rolled her eyes as she moved to the newly renovated kitchen. That was the one thing Bella thought was pointless since they didn't cook, but Edward thought it would be nice to have cooked food for their human guests such as Bella's parents, Jacob Black, and Angela Weber.


"Renesmee Carlie Cullen! If you say my name one more time…"

"Sorry, I just wanted to know…"

"No, it isn't five o'clock yet."


"Why don't you go finish your world history studies that Carlisle gave to you?"

"Already done."

"What about…"

"Math, English, and Biology all finished."

Bella glanced at her sullen daughter and took in everything she saw. She looked just like Edward; strong cheekbones and reddish-brown hair. But had her mother's eyes and petite figure plus her Grandpa Charlie's curly hair. She was technically only eight years old but looked like a teenager at the age of seventeen. Bella knew that she would look like that for the rest of her life and was grateful she went through the necessary changes in her body to look like a woman.

Much to Edward's dismay.

"Don't you want to go finish your latest painting?"

"No." Nessie said flatly as she continued to stare out the window.

Bella signed and looked at the calendar on the refrigerator. There will be a weekly visit from Charlie and Sue tomorrow so she had to remember to go shopping for food. One would assume that vampire's wouldn't need a refrigerator since they preferred their food 'fresh' but they always needed food for their human guest and Nessie.

Regardless of Nessie loving the taste of blood, she had random cravings for human food. This week was strawberries and their refrigerator was stock full of them plus strawberry ice cream, strawberry juice, and strawberry jam. There was also bread and milk stocked daily since Jacob loved any type of jam with bread and milk.

While Bella contemplated what to cook for her guests the next day she heard the loud roar of Emmett Cullen's giant jeep coming down the street and knew they would be in the driveway within minutes.

"Dad is home," Nessie said without one ounce of enthusiasm.

"Thank you, sweetie." Bella added the pet name to help cheer up her daughter but was not successful.

She walked to the front door and opened it to Edward already being there and pulling her into his arms. They kissed passionately as Emmett made a barfing noise and walked right past them.

"How was your day?" Edward asked giving them space to speak, though it wasn't much or needed.


"Is she sulking again?"

There was the loud laughter of Emmett and the giggle of Nessie filling the living room so Bella's face brightened up a bit.

"Leave it to Uncle Emmett," She said smiling and kissing Edward again. "Did you have fun?"

"Of course, it's always fun when we get to chase after irritated bears." Edward answered with a devilish grin and kissed her again.

"Do they ever stop?"

Bella and Edward looked up to see Emmett and Nessie standing in the hallway with faces of pretend disgust.

"No," Nessie answered. "They would just stick themselves together if they could."

Emmett laughed again and Bella was surprised his strong amusement didn't tumble any wobbly statues around the house. Edward walked up to Nessie and gave her a stern look for her smartness but she brushed it away as normal and went back to her sitting spot.

"We spoil her too much," Edward said walking into the kitchen and looking at the calendar. "Did you decide on what to cook for your dad tomorrow?"

"Not yet but I have a few ideas," Bella said. "Either some chicken or fish."

"I'll make sure to bring the others too," Emmett said happily. He loved to come over when Charlie and Sue came; it amused him.

While Charlie knew everything about Bella and the Cullens, Sue didn't know anything and it was always entertaining to see how she reacted to certain things and how Charlie tried so hard not to give anything away.

"Try not to 'burn' your hand again in front of Sue this time," Edward warned Emmett.

"Sorry, I didn't know that we were supposed to use pot holders for things humans bake in the oven."

Nessie chuckled in the background, remembering how Sue was so concerned that Emmett burned himself that she trailed behind him all night wanting to bandage it for him. He had to duck away for a moment and get Rosalie to put a bandage on it for him but then Sue questioned if it was medicated properly and disapproved of the way it was wrapped.

Emmett moved closer to Edward in a botched attempt of being discrete, "Is she waiting for that dog?"

"Jacob!" Nessie exclaimed.

"Whatever," He said speaking clearly for her to hear. "Why do you pine over that kid?"

"He's 25 years old."

"Renesmee!" Bella scolded her sharply.

"I'm sorry," She said sincerely and stepped away from the window. "I'll go to my room now."

Emmett held his hand out to her retreating figure but Edward shook his head no. They waited until she shut her door and put on a CD that would blast any human's ear drum out.

"I didn't mean to upset her." Emmett said sadly.

"She'll be fine," Edward said. "It does truly worry us how attached she's become to him."

"At least it's mutual." Bella said trying to make light of it.

"They cannot become more than friends, Bella." Emmett said seriously.

"They are already 'more than friends'," She countered. "And there isn't anything we can do about it. Jacob's imprinted on her and she is very fond of him."

"They've been platonic all this time Emmett," Edward said. "Let's just leave them alone until we see something amiss."

"By that time it may be too late."

"Either way let's talk about this later," Bella said walking to the front door. "We have company."

Jacob grinned widely as he saw Bella at the front door before he even knocked, "You always know when I'm here."

"You're always on time." She said warmly as she gave him a hug and let him in.

"Hey Edward, Emmett."

Edward smiled sincerely as Emmett only nodded. He didn't make it unknown that he didn't approve of Jacob's and Nessie's friendship.

"Is Nessie in her room?"

"Yes, help yourself." Bella said.

As Jacob walked down the hallway Emmett muttered, "Not literally."