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A New Battle

When then Cullen Clan is discussing about help on fighting the newborns. when Carlisle remembers and old freind that haves everything they mey be looking for. but the thing is that she is no ordinary vampire . . . but a mix of the two mythical creatures known . . .


1. Chapter 2: Finally

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"What can we do?" Carlisle said.

"If we want to avoid the Voltori's involvement, we will have to destroy the newborns, and we will have to do it very soon." Jasper's face was hard. Knowing his story now, I could guess this evaluation must disturb him. "I can teach you how. It won't be easy in the city. The young ones aren't concerned about secrecy, but we will have to be. It will limit us in ways that are not. Maybe we can lure them out."

"Maybe we won't have to" Edward's voice was bleak. Does it occur to you that the only possible threat in the area is . . . us?"

Jasper's eyes narrowed; Carlisle's widened, shocked.

"Tanya's family is also near," Esme said slowly, unwillingly to accept Edward's words.

"The newborns aren't ravaging Anchorage, Esme. I think we have to consider we are the targets."

"They're not coming after us," Alice insisted, and then paused. "Or . . . they don't know they are. Not yet."

"What is that?" Edward asked curios and tense. "What are you remembering?"

"Flickers," Alice said. "I can't see a clear picture when I try to see what's going, nothing concrete. But I've been getting these strange flashes. Not enough to make sense of. It's as if someone's changing their mind, moving from one course of action to another so quickly that I can't get a good view . . . ."

"Indescion?" Jasper asked in disbelief.

"I don't know . . ."

"Not indescion," Edward growled. "Knowledge. Someone who knows you can't see anything until the decision is made. Someone who is hiding from us. Playing with the holes in your vision."

"Who would know that?" Alice whispered.

Edward's eyes were hard as ice. "Aro knows you as well as you know yourself."

"But I would see if they decided to come . . . ."

"Unless they didn't want to get there hands dirty."

"A favor," Rosalie suggested, speaking for the first time. Someone in the South . . . someone who already had trouble with the rules. Someone who should been have been destroyed is offered a second chance --- if they take care of this one small problem . . . . That would explain the Volturi's sluggish response."

"Why?" Carlisle asked, still shocked. "There's no reason for the Volturi ---"

"It was there," Edward disagreed quietly. "I'm surprised it's come to this so soon, because the other thoughts were stronger. In Aro's head he saw me at this one side and Alice at his other. The present and the future, virtual omniscience. The power of the idea intoxicated him. I would have thought it would take him much longer to up on that plan --- he wanted it too much. But there was also the thought of you, Carlisle, of our family, growing stronger and larger. The jealousy and the fear: you having . . . not more than he had, but still, things that he wanted. He tried not to think about it, but he couldn't hide it completely. The idea of rooting out the competition was there; besides their own, ours is the largest coven they ever found . . . ."

I stared at his face in horror. He'd never told me this, but I guessed I knew why. I could see it in my head now, Aro's dream. Edward and Alice in black, flowing robes, drifting along at Aro's side with their eyes cold and blood red . . . .

Carlisle interrupting my waking nightmare. "They're too committed to their mission. They would never break the rules themselves. It goes against everything they've worked for."

"They'll clean it up afterward. A double betrayal," Edward said in a grim voice. "No harm done."

Jasper leaned forward, shaking his head. "No, Carlisle is right. The Voltori do not break the rules. Besides, it's much too sloppy. This . . . person, this threat --- they have no idea what they're doing. A first-timer, I'd swear to it. I cannot believe the Voltori are involved. But they will be."

They all stared at each other, frozen with stress.

"Then let's go," Emmet almost roared. "What are we waiting for?"

Carlisle and Edward exchanged a long glance. Edward nodded once.

"We'll need you to each, Jasper," Carlisle finally said. "How to destroy them." Carlisle's jaw was hard, but I could see the pain in his eyes as he said the words. No one hated violence more than Carlisle.

There was something bothering me, and I couldn't put my finger on it. I was numb, horrified, deathly afraid: And yet, under that, I could feel that I missing something important. Something that would make some sense out of the chaos. That would explain it.

"We're going to need help," Jasper said. "Do you think Tanya's family would be willing . . . ? Another five mature vampires would make an enormous difference. And then Kate and Eleazar would be especially advantageous on our side. It would be almost easy, with their aid."

"We'll ask," Carlisle answered.

Jasper held out a cell phone. "We need to hurry."

I'd never seen Carlisle's innate calm so shaken. He took the phone, and paced toward the windows. He dialed a number, held the phone to his ear, and laid the other hand against the glass. He stared out into the foggy morning with a pained and ambivalent expression.

Edward took my hand and pulled me to the white loveseat. I sat beside him, staring at his face while he stared at Carlisle.

Carlisle's voice was low and quick, difficult to hear. I heard him greet Tayna, and then he raced through the situation too fast for me to understand much, though I could tell that the Alaskan vampires were not ignorant of what was going on in Seattle.

Then something changed in Carlisle's voice.

"Oh," he said, his voice sharper in surprise. "We didn't realize . . . that Irana felt that way."

Edward groaned at my side and closed hid eyes. "Damn it. Damn Laurent to the deepest pit in hell where he belongs."

"Laurent?" I whisper, the blood emptying from my face, but Edward didn't respond, focused on Carlisle's thoughts.

My short encounter with Laurent early this spring was not something that had faded or dimmed in my mind. I still remembered every word he'd said before Jacob and his pack had interrupted.

I actually came here as a favor to her. . . .

Victoria. Laurent had been her first maneuver --- she'd sent him to observe, to see how hard it might be to get to me. He hadn't survived the wolves to report back.

Though he'd kept up his old ties with Victoria after Jame's death, he'd also formed new ties with new relation. He'd gone to live with Tanya's family in Alaska --- Tanya the strawberry blonde --- the closest friends the Cullens had in vampires world, practically extended family. Laurent had been with them for almost a year previous to his death.

Carlisle was still talking, his voice not quite pleading. Persuasive, but with an edge. Then the edge abruptly was out over the persuasion.

"There's no question of that," Carlisle said in a stern voice. "We have a truce. They haven't broken it, and neither will we. I'm sorry to hear that . . . . Of course. We'll just have to do our best alone."

Carlisle shut the phone without waiting for an answer. He continued to state out into the fog.

"What's the problem?" Emmet murmured to Edward.

"Irana was more involved with our friend Laurent than we knew. She's holding a grudge against the wolves for destroying him to save Bella. She wants ---"He paused , looking down at me.

"Go on," I said as evenly as I could.

His eyes tightened. "She wants revenge. To take down the pack. They would trade their help for our permission."

"No!" I gasped.

"Don't worry," he told me in a flat voice. "Carlisle would never agree to it." He hesitated, then sighed. "Not would I. Laurent had it coming" --- this was almost a growl --- "and I still owe the wolves for that."

"Hey, what about that girl in Arkansas?" Emmet said in an excited voice, as everybody turned to him with shocked faces, and Alice and Jasper who had troubled looks on theirs. From Edward I could hear a low growl. Apparently it must another one of those ‘old friends' Alice and Jasper never met, but they are the newest members to the Cullen family.

"I don't think she would be willing, besides I don't want her near Bella!" Edward said in a shouting voice.

"Hmm, your right, but on the other hand we really need her help." Carlisle explained. "If you want Bella to have a better chance, we need her to come here, Edward." Emmet said in a casual voice which was not like him.

Edward took a deep breath and looked at me with one of those ‘i can't believe I'm doing this, but it's for your safety' expressions and then finally took a deep breath again, and nodded to his, or our, family.

"Carlisle, remember you don't need a phone for her communication." Edward explained as Carlisle looked at him and sat the phone down to the nearest table and walked into the kitchen. "How is that?" I questioned. "I'll explain it to you sometime," Edward promised without even glancing at me, again concentrating on Carlisle's thoughts.

After five minutes of complete silence thinking of how Carlisle can talk without using a phone when his contact is thousands of miles away, and who this girl is. Edward calmly takes another the deep breath as Carlisle walks out of the kitchen door. Every eye on him or Edward to hear her answer.

"She will be here in a couple days and ready to fight when neaded," Carlisle explained.

"This isn't good," Jasper said. "It'd too even of a fight. Even with Megan on our side, we'd have the upper hand skill, but not in numbers. We'd win, but at what price?" His tensed eyes flashed to Alice's face and away.

I wanted to scream out loud as I grasped what Jasper meant.

We would win, but we would lose. Some wouldn't survive.

I looked around the room at their faces --- Jasper, Alice, Emmet, Rose, Esme, Carlisle, . . . Edward --- the faces of my family.